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Wordhero Review 2022: Is This AI Writer Worth It?

By Aquif Shaikh

Nov 28, 2022

Looking for an honest and comprehensive WordHero Review in 2022? Your search ends here. I've been using WordHero for quite a long time now.

So, I not only know the positives of WordHero and how to make the most out of the tool, I also know its negatives and I am going to share both of them in this Review of WordHero.

In this review, I have also put to test WordHero's Short Form Content Templates as well as it's long-form content editor. So you can see it for yourself how WordHero performs in real life. So without any further ado, let's get started with this WordHero AI Review 2022.

WordHero Review 2022 Summary

WordHero Overall Rating


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TL;DR Review Summary

WordHero is a decent tool when it comes to short-form content. However, it struggles big time while creating long-form content. So, if you are looking for a tool to create long-form content now, Jasper AI is the only good option.

However, if you are looking to invest in WordHero from future perspective, it does seem to be a good option as the WordHero team is quite aggressive when it comes to pushing out new content templates and features. They have an interesting roadmap too.

So, I do expect WordHero to become one of the leading AI Writing tools in the coming years. That's the reason I've invested in the WordHero AppSumo Deal.

Pros Of WordHero

  • Decent Short-Form Content Generator: The short form content templates offered by WordHero are quite decent and usable. 
  • Number Of Content Templates: WordHero currently offers over 75 content templates and still counting.
  • Original And Plagiarism Free Content: Unlike a few AI content writing tools that seem to plagiarize content, WordHero seems to be able to create unique output.
  • WordHero Lifetime Deal: The WordHero Lifetime Deal is currently up for grabs on AppSumo. So you can buy this tool for future use.
  • Aggressive Development: The team behind WordHero is quite aggressive when it comes to rolling out new templates and features. Their roadmap looks interesting too which shows that they are putting in efforts to compete rather than take your money and wind-up their business.

Cons of WordHero

  • Early Development Stage: While you can't call WordHero to be a beta product, the AI industry itself is in early stages and WordHero is somewhat behind the leaders like Jasper AI. So, it might take some time and aggressive development to catch up.
  • Poor Long Form Content: When it comes to long-form content almost all AI writers fail and WordHero is no different as it often writes out of context or repeats itself. While the likes of Jasper are decent, WordHero has still a long way to go.
  • Factually Incorrect Content: Like almost all the AI writers, WordHero too struggles with creating factually correct content. To be fair to WordHero, even Jasper writes factually incorrect content.

WordHero Review 2022: Is It A Reliable AI Writing Tool?

Before we move to check out the features and quality part, let's understand more about WordHero first.

What Is WordHero?

WordHero is an AI-powered content writing tool that automatically generates unique, SEO-friendly, and high-quality articles based on user input; quickly and easily. It's a great tool for bloggers and content marketers who want to improve their writing skills.

WordHero helps you create catchy headlines, develop strong arguments, and craft powerful sentences. You can also use WordHero to create blog posts, landing pages, social media posts, and even eBooks.

How To Get WordHero Lifetime Deal

If you want to get WordHero, you can currently grab the WordHero Lifetime Deal with 20,000 words for just $89 on AppSumo. You can buy more AppSumo codes for getting more features and words. 2 codes will give you access to Long Form editor as well as 50,000 words while 3 codes will unlock unlimited usage of the tool.

You can follow the below steps to get your WordHero Lifetime Deal on AppSumo

Step 1: Visit the WordHero Lifetime Deal page on AppSumo using the below link

Step 2: You will see the below page. On the right side, click on the yellow Buy Now button

WordHero Lifetime Deal

Step 3: You will now be taken to the cart page below. Click on Proceed to Checkout

WordHero Lifetime Deal Cart

Step 4: You will now be taken to the checkout page where you can enter your billing information and click on Continue To Payment Method

WordHero Lifetime Deal Checkout

Step 5: Enter the Payment details and click on Continue To Order Review

Step 6: You will now see the final Order Review page. Click on Place Order via Secure Checkout option for getting this WordHero AppSumo Lifetime Deal

WordHero Lifetime Deal Order Review

Who Can Benefit From WordHero?

WordHero is a tool that can be used by anyone who wants to create content. It's especially useful for:

Bloggers: WordHero can help bloggers come up with new content ideas and speed up the writing process.

SEOs: WordHero can help SEO managers and consultants come up with ideas for content marketing campaigns, regular blog posts, and social

Copywriters: WordHero's AI can help copywriters create unique, engaging content that resonates with their target audience.

Marketers: Marketers can use WordHero to generate interesting data-driven articles that will help them reach their desired audience.

Businesses: Companies can use WordHero to produce high-quality, informative content for their website or blog!

Students: WordHero can help students write essays, term papers, and other academic content faster than they normally would.

Benefits of using WordHero

Below are some of the benefits of using WordHero

Faster Content Generation

With WordHero, you can generate content in minutes that would otherwise take hours or days to write. The time-saving potential of WordHero is especially beneficial for people who are writing on a deadline.

Original and Plagiarism-Free Content

All the content generated by WordHero is original and plagiarism-free. So you don't have to worry about duplicate content penalties

Content Templates

Jasper AI provides over 50 content templates where you can pick a template based on what kind of content you want to write and get started right away.

Semantically Correct Content

The content generated by Jasper AI is semantically correct, which means it adheres to the rules of grammar and syntax.

How To Use WordHero AI

To use WordHero, you first need to have one of their active plans. I suggest registering with the Lifetime Deal of WordHero available at AppSumo using the below button.

Once, you are registered and logged in, you will see various content templates that you can use to create short-form content as shown in the image below 

WordHero Content Templates

You can pick the content-template of your choice. For our example we'll choose the PAS framework which is a widely used copywriting technique. This will open a pop-up that looks like in the image below

WordHero Review: PAS Tool Input

As an input to the tool you have to add the product name as well as a short-description of the product and click on Write For Me button. The AI will then automatically write content for you and display it on the right side as shown in the image below.

WordHero Review: PAS Tool Output

Simple, isn't it?

The basic AppSumo deal includes all the short-form content templates. However, to get access to long-form content generator, you need to buy 2 codes worth $178. 

The below image shows the Long-form editor.

WordHero Long Form Editor

You can either use the Blog Headline generator tool to generate the title for the blog post or you can use your own title. Once you have the title, you can create the blog outline using Blog Outline button as shown in the image below.

WordHero Generate Blog Outline

You can also add a more elaborate introduction using the Blog Intro Button as shown below

WordHero Generate Blog Intro

You can then add text to the headlines or add more sentences to existing paragraphs using the Write More button as shown in the below image. While writing, the editor looks backs for the last 600 characters while giving out the output.

WordHero Generate Blog Intro

WordHero Quality Of Output?

WordHero offers short-form content templates as well as long-form content editor. In this WordHero Review, we will check the output quality from both of them.

WordHero Short Form Content Template

As mentioned earlier WordHero is a great tool when used for generating short-form content. However, it struggles big time for generating long-form, often giving out totally unrelated output.

To help you better understand the quality of output from WordHero, let us check out few of it's content templates and the output it gives out.

1. AIDA Copywriting Formula

First we will check the AIDA Copywriting formula. Below, on the left hand side you can see input to the tool and on the right hand side you can see the output from the tool

WordHero AIDA Template

As you can see the output from WordHero wasn't really great especially when you compare it to Jasper AI, but it was quite decent and usable with a few modifications.

2. PAS Copywriting Formula

Now let's check how WordHero performs for the PAS Copywriting formula. You can find input as well as output below.

WordHero PAS Template

As you can see WordHero AI again did a fairly decent job in creating the PAS output. So, overall this tool of WordHero is quite usable too.

3. HSO Copywriting Formula

Hook, story and offer (HSO) is again a very popular copywriting formula. Let's see how WordHero performs with the same.

WordHero HSO Copywriting Formula

As you can see WordHero did a good job this time. If you are using the Unlimited Words plan of WordHero, you can keep generating more outputs till you find your desired output. Overall, I am impressed with this WordHero template.

4. Amazon Product Descriptions

If you are an Amazon seller, you might be finding it really difficult to create unique and compelling product descriptions. If that's true, WordHero can help you create compelling Amazon Product descriptions for you. Let's check the quality of the output

WordHero Amazon Product Descriptions

WordHero created what seems to be 5 short outputs. However, if you read it carefully, they sound like bullet points for Amazon Product Description. And the output is actually great considering the minimal input I provided to WordHero.

5. WordHero Analogy Provider

This is one of the my favorite WordHero tools. To be honest, I've used it to create LinkedIn posts that received tons of likes. First let us check a sample output from the tool.

WordHero Analogy Provider

As you can see, WordHero did a great job in creating a perfect analogy. I've used the same input to create an Analogy that got tons of like. Below is the screenshot of the post

WordHero Analogy Provider LinkedIn

It's not easy to get so many likes on LinkedIn especially if you have a fewer number of followers, but Analogy works great on social media. So, this content template is a must-use if you are regularly posting on Social Media.

6. Bullet Point Expander

Converting your bullet points to meaningful sentences can be a pain. However, WordHero claims to take care of it. Let's see how it fares with this templates

Bullet Point Expander

As you can see, WordHero did a great job here too. It nicely combined the bullet points into a paragraph and even added a sentence on its own.

7. Listicles

Finding it difficult to create a Listicle for your next blog post, WordHero can help you with the same. But let's see if it succeeds or not.

WordHero Listicles

As you can see, WordHero was able to create a great listicle by just entering 4 words. This is WordHero AI at its best.

I could go and use more templates for quality rating, but this would stretch the article unnecessarily. These 7 quality tests should be enough for you to judge if WordHero is the right fit for you.

WordHero Long Form Editor

For creating long-firm content, I first used the Blog Headlines Content Template to generate a Title for the blog post. I entered "Benefits Of Keto Diet" as the input and below are the outputs and the one that I selected.

WordHero Long Form Content Editor Create Headlines

Next, I used the Blog Outline option in the Top Menu to create outline for the blog post as shown in the image below. Instead of 10 Benefits WordHero created an outline with just 8 of them.

WordHero Long Form Content Editor Create Outline

Anyway, I next went on to use the Blog Paragraphs button just besides Blog Outline to expand the first headline. Below is the resulting output.

WordHero Long Form Content Editor Write Blog Paragraphs

Next, I used Write More button besides the Blog Outline Button as I felt the output was too short. Below is the resulting output.

WordHero Long Form Content Editor Write More

As you can see, WordHero totally strayed away from the topic and started writing irrelevant stuff

Likewise, I generated blog paragraphs for a couple of more headings and here is the final output.

WordHero Long Form Content Editor Final Output

As you can see, there is absolutely no consistency in what WordHero writes. More often than not, it writes out of context. That's the reason I don't recommend it for creating long-form content. You'd be happy if you just get their basic short-form content deal available with single code worth $89 for Lifetime.

WordHero Pricing

WordHero offers a single plan that comes with unlimited text generation and access to all writing tools. This plan costs $49/month when paid monthly. However, you get huge discounts when you pay annually as the annual plan is priced at just $29/month

WordHero Lifetime Deal

Looking for WordHero lifetime deal? You won't be disappointed as WordHero is currently offering a lifetime deal on AppSumo.

Currently the deal allows you to purchase a total of 3 codes to unlock various levels of access to WordHero. 

Single Code

With single code, you will get access to only the short-form AI content writer. The number of words are limited to 20,000 per month.

Two Codes

If you buy 2 codes, you will get access to WordHero's long-form content editor. The number of words will also increase to 50,000 words per month.

Three Codes

Three codes is the maximum number of codes you can stack for WordHero on AppSumo. With 3 codes, you get unlimited access to WordHero's short-form as well as long-form content editor.

Where Can I Get WordHero Free Trial?

WordHero does not offer free trial. However, if you are looking for WordHero Free Trial to check if it's the right fit for you, you can get the WordHero AppSumo deal. If you don't like WordHero's performance, you can get a full-refund without having to contact customer support team

WordHero Customer Support

WordHero offers support through chat. Although that seems to be on way too slow as they claim to reply within a day. I would have instead preferred to have a ticket created. But nevertheless, its better to have something than nothing.

Alternatives To WordHero

WordHero isn't the most mature product. Although, I do expect it to get better over the time, as of now, it's long-form content creator is unusable in some cases.

So, if you are looking for WordHero's more mature alternatives, below are the three options for you.

1. Jasper AI (Formerly Jarvis AI)

Jasper AI is by far the best content automation tool. Like WordHero, it provides both short-form content templates as well as long-form editor.

For short-form content it is at par or better than WordHero. However, it's the long-form content where Jasper AI takes a big leap. The long-form output of Jasper AI is by far the best for any tool in the market. 

In fact, several parts of this post were created using Jasper AI. And I am sure, you can't even make out which part was written using Jasper.

If you are interested in getting Jasper AI, do check out my Jasper Review or simply get a link to free Trial of Jasper AI at Jasper AI Free Trial 2022

2. PepperType AI

PepperType is another alternative to WordHero. Relatively it's a more mature tool. However, on the negative side they don't yet have a long-form content creator. From the latest I heard from the PepperType team, they are soon planning to launch their long-awaited long-form content tool and claiming it to be one of the best.

If that happens PepperType, a well-funded company, can be a good choice for your content requirements.

3. Rytr

Rytr is a cheaper alternative to WordHero starting at just $9/month for 50,000 character which should be good enough for generating around 10,000 words. That's great for copywriters and bloggers who create content ocassionally. 

They also have an unlimited plan which is priced at $29/month but billed monthly. You get 2 months free with the annual plan which costs $290 for a year of unlimited content. You can check out my WordHero Vs Rytr comparison post

FAQ's About WordHero

1. Is WordHero A Good AI Content Writing Tool?

WordHero is a good tool for creating short form content. However, it does struggle with long-form content creation.

2. Do I Get Unlimited Words With WordHero?

The default plan of WordHero offers 20,000 Words for $89. However, if you buy 3 codes, you can unlock unlimited words with WordHero.

3. Where Can I Get WordHero Lifetime Deal?

You can get WordHero Lifetime Deal on AppSumo

4. Where Can I Get WordHero Free Trial?

WordHero does not offer a free trial. You can, however, get WordHero Lifetime Deal on AppSumo which comes with hassle-free 60 days money-back guarantee.

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Final Words About WordHero Review

WordHero is a great tool for creating short-form content, though that's not the case with its long-form editor which struggles big time.

While WordHero might not be a perfect tool, AppSumo's lifetime deal is a steal deal considering the fact that WordHero is quickly growing into a more mature tool. So, in the future, it might just be among the best AI writing tools

However, if you are looking for a long-form tool that you can use today, then look no-further from Jasper AI. You can also check out my Jasper Vs WordHero comparison

WordHero Review 2022: Should You Invest In Lifetime Deal?
Wordhero Review

Looking for an honest WordHero AI Review? In this WordHero Review 2022, you can find all pros and cons of WordHero. Also included WordHero Lifetime Deal.

Product Brand: WordHero

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 89

Product In-Stock: InStock

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