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A2 Hosting Review 2023: Is It The Fastest Hosting Company?

By Aquif Shaikh

Nov 12, 2022

A2 Hosting is one of the most popular hosting companies in the web hosting industry. They have been around in the web-hosting industry since 2001.

However, experience and popularity doesn't always mean quality. So, is A2 Hosting really a good host. Are they really 20x faster? Let's find out in this A2 Hosting Review for 2023.

A2 Hosting Review 2023

A2 Hosting Review


A2 Hosting might not be 20x fast, but their Turbo Plans are really quick even without any tweaks. Though, the same cannot be said about  their other plans that are just average.


A2 Hosting's uptime is up to the industry standards. Blogging Ocean is currently hosted on A2 Hosting's Turbo Plan and, the uptime has been great and near perfect


A2 Hosting provides chat support. However, unless you have a very basic query, you'd be better off creating a ticket. A2 Hosting is quick to resolve your issues via tickets.

Summary:  A2 Hosting is a great hosting that is available at affordable pricing. It's non-turbo plans are quick, but the difference is not much when you compare it head-on-head with other hosting companies.

However. it's their Turbo Servers that are insanely quick without a single tweak or cache plugins. The speed of their Turbo server combined with rock-solid uptime and good customer support is the reason I chose to host Blogging Ocean on A2 Hosting.

Pros Of A2 Hosting

  • Affordable Pricing: A2 Hosting plans are quite affordably priced starting at just $2.99/month.
  • Turbo Plans Are Real Quick: The Turbo plans of A2 Hosting are powered by LiteSpeed Servers and use NVMe SSDs which make them very fast.
  • Good Uptime: A2 Hosting is quite reliable when it comes to uptime.
  • Good Support: A2 Hosting offers good quality support. The response times are decent and the service executives quite knowledgable.
  • Free Website Migration: A2 Hosting offers one free migration with their shared hosting plans.

Cons of Nexcess

  • No Domain Name: Domains names are not included with any A2 Hosting plans. The cost of domain name too is very high with extra charge for Domain Privacy.
  • Average Non Turbo Plans: The normal plans of A2 Hosting are powered by standard Apache webserver and are quite average performance wise.

Overall Rating For A2 Hosting

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A2 Hosting Review 2023: Is It The Fastest Web Host?

A2 Hosting's prime focus is on server optimization and speed. So is it really fast or is it just another company claiming to be fast? Let us find out the same in this A2 Hosting Review for 2023.

A2 Hosting Review: What I Like About A2 Hosting

1. Affordably Priced Plans

A2 Hosting is not exactly cheap, but it's plans are very much affordable and rightly priced when you take into account the server resources and quality of support that you get. 

2. Turbo Servers Are Real Quick

If you are planning to get A2 Hosting's Turbo servers, there no reason for you to think twice. While they aren't 20x faster, but the LiteSpeed Webserver and NVMe storage makes sure your website loads in no time without any manual tweaks.

3. Good Decent Uptime With 99.9% Uptime SLA

I have used A2 Hosting for more than a year, and I really did not had any major downtime issues. The uptime of A2 Hosting was rock solid throughout.

However, in rare case your unscheduled uptime is more than 0.1% of total monthly time, as per A2 Hosting's SLA, for every hour of downtime, A2 Hosting will pay you 5% of the paid fee for the month.

A2 Hosting Review 2022: Uptime SLA

4. Good Customer Support

A2 Hosting has both the chat and ticket options. For some reason, A2 Hosting has made it difficult to find the chat option. However, with hosting creating a ticket isn't really a bad option as in most cases you can expect a response from A2 Hosting support team within a few minutes.

5. Datacenter Locations

A2 Hosting has a total of four datacenters that are strategically placed across three continents. Out of the four datacenters, 2 are in the US, 1 in Amsterdam and 1 in Singapore.

6. Free Website Migration

A2 Hosting offers free migration if you are moving your website from another hosting company. As per their policies page, they offer 1 free migration for all Shared Hosting plans including Startup, Drive, Turbo and Turbo Max.

For Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers, the number of migrations are up to 25. While their policy page does mention that a charge may be levied for transferring website from non-cPanel host, A2 Hosting customer support agent offered me to provide the same for free using FTP.

A2 Hosting Review: What Could Be Better 

1. No Free Domain Name

No matter what plan you choose, A2 Hosting does not offer a free domain name. The cost of a .com domain at A2 Hosting is $14.95. Domain privacy is charged extra at $9.95 per month. 

This is significantly high compared to Namecheap, who usually offers domain name under $10. Domain privacy is free. The renewal cost too is cheaper at $13.98/month including free domain privacy.

2. Chat Support Is Not Easily Accessible

As stated earlier, for some reason, A2 hosting has made it extremely difficult to reach to their chat option. Maybe they want users to create just the tickets? In any case, you can reach the chat support by Googling for the same.

3. Non-Turbo Plans Are Not As Quick

While A2 Hosting's Turbo Servers can make your website load in time, their non-turbo servers aren't as quick. Not that they are too slow. But their performance is just about average.

About A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the oldest hosting company that started it's operation way back in 2001. It was founded by Bryan Muthig and is headquarted in Ann Arbor, United States. 

However, the company has gone more recently in the year 2015. And ever since then it has grown exponentially to become one of the largest hosting company in the industry. 

A2 Hosting's primary focus is to provide servers optimized for speed so that its users can have fast loading website.

Plans And Pricing

A2 Hosting offers several web hosting plans including Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Managed & Unmanaged VPS, Managed Dedicated Servers as well as Reseller Hosting. So let us go through the plans available at A2 Hosting.

Shared Hosting

A2 Hosting offers a total of 4 Shared Hosting plans. All the shared hosting plans are powered by cPanel, which as such has become an industry standard.

Their base plan, the Startup plan allows you to host a single website is best suited for smaller websites. The SSD storage is also limited to 100GB that as such would be sufficient for most websites.

Their Drive plan, which is their next best plan allows you to host unlimited domain names, of course, limited by your server resources. Another good thing about the Drive Plan and Higher plans is that they offer Node.JS, which usually is restricted to VPS by most hosting companies.

However, A2 Hosting's full potential is unlocked with their Turbo Boost and Turbo Max plan that uses LiteSpeed Webservers. Blogging Ocean is currently hosted on A2 Hosting's Turbo Boost plan and as you might have noticed, it loads really quickly. Most of the pages on Blogging Ocean loads in under 0.5 seconds. It's that fast.

So, if you are looking to go for A2 Hosting's Shared Hosting, I highly recommend going with their Turbo Boost or Turbo Max plan.

A2 Hosting Shared Hosting Plans

Managed WordPress Hosting

For Managed WordPress again, A2 Hosting offers 4 different plans. Unlike Shared Hosting, the Managed WordPress Hosting plans use Plesk Control Panel. Although Plesk is a very capable control panel, some cPanel lovers might be slightly disappointed here. The great thing though is that the LiteSpeed webserver is available with all the 4 plans.

The basic Get Run plan allows you to host a single website. For storage A2 Hosting uses NVMe with Raid-10 configuration which is limited to 50GB for the Get Run plan. The Get Run plans also lacks daily offsite backups, which usually is the standard for most Managed WordPress hosting. So you got to keep that in mind while choosing a plan.

The Jump Plan allows you to host up to 5 websites and also offers daily Jetpack offsite backups. Although, I personally don't like the Jetpack plugin because of it's bloat, but it's still good to have offsite backups. NVMe storage with this plan is limited to 250GB which should be sufficient for most websites. Another upgrade available with Jump Plan as compared to the Run Plan is the ability to use WordPress Multisite. 

In addition to Jetpack Offsite backups, the Fly and Sell plans also offer Jetpack Automated Malware scanning. Again, I am not sure how many people would use the Jetpack Plugin, but for those who are going to use it, that's great.

Both of these plan also offer RAM upgrades with the Fly Plan users getting up to 8 GB ram while the Sell plan users can use up to 16GB RAM. As evident from the name, the Sell plan is designed for WooCommerce users and hence optimized for WooCommerce.

A2 Hosting Managed WordPress Plans

Managed And Unmanaged VPS

A2 hosting also offers both Managed and Unmanaged VPS plans. For Unmanaged VPS, the pricing is very competitive with a 1 GB RAM VPS starting just at $4.99/month.

However, here again, the true potential of A2 Hosting is unlocked with their Supersonic plans that uses Turbo servers. The basic Supersonic plan starts at $34.99/month which is quite affordable even for an unmanaged VPS as it comes with 8GB RAM.

As for Managed VPS, A2 Hosting offers VPS with up to 16GB RAM for their Lift VPS without Turbo Servers and up to 32 GB RAM for their Mach Plans that comes with Turbo Servers.

A2 Hosting Managed VPS Plans

Managed And Unmanaged Dedicated Server

For Managed as well as Unmanaged Dedicated Servers, A2 Hosting offers both Intel and AMD servers. Some of these plans come with Turbo Boost.

I would prefer not writing about the model and configurations of the Dedicated Servers here as the servers offered with each plan changes frequently as new servers are introduced.

A2 Hosting Managed Dedicated Server Plans

A2 Hosting Registration And Onboarding 

Registering with A2 Hosting is a quick process, though not as quick as Hostinger that allows you to checkout in a 3-4 clicks. To get started you can visit their home page of A2 Hosting using the below link

Their Home page display all their Managed plans including Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress, Managed VPS and Managed Dedicated Servers. You can check the plans included in each of this hosting type by navigating to the desired Tab as shown below. You can also navigate between the duration of plan to check the pricing per month for each of these plans.

A2 Hosting Review 2022: Plans and Pricing of A2 Hosting on Home Page

Apart from above plans, A2 Hosting also offers Unmanaged VPS, Unmanaged Dedicated Servers and Reseller Hosting. You can select these plans from Hosting Menu option at the top.

Clicking on the orange button below each plan will take you to the Domain page where you can either choose to an existing domain, Transfer your domain to A2 Hosting, buy a new domain or use temporary A2 Hosted domains.

Register a domain name to start a blog

A2 Hosting does not offer free domains with any of their plans. Also, their pricing is certainly not the cheapest. So, unless you are starter and don't want to get into any technical hassles, I recommend buying domain name from Namecheap. That's where most of my domains are including Blogging Ocean

Irrespective of what you choose, clicking on Continue will take you to the below page where you can adjust the duration of your plan if you've not done already while choosing the plan. You can also compare the final web hosting pricing you would pay for each duration so that you can choose the best plan as per your needs and budget. Though, their 36 months plan turn out to be the most cost effective and by far.

A2 Hosting Selecting Plan

And this is the page where you will also come across several upsells from A2 Hosting. The first upsell is of RapidSSL Certificate followed by one more for upgrading to immediate best plan.

Below that you can choose your hosting location. This is again followed by two more upsells, one for Dedicated IP and the next one for A2 Website Builder, if by any rare chance you aren't going to use a CMS.

A2 Hosting Review: Upsells

On the same page, A2 Hosting lets you select an application to install on your hosting. That's part of their limited user onboarding.

However, I highly recommend against selecting your app, especially if you are going to use WordPress. That's mainly because for some unknown reason A2 Hosting won't let you choose your username and password. While the password they use is a strong one, the username Admin is not-recommended for security purpose.

A2 Hosting Review

If you've selected to buy a domain name from A2 Hosting, you will now see the Domain Configuration page where you'll see one more upsell, ID protection. While some domain registrars like GoDaddy do charge for Privacy Protection, the amount charged by A2 Hosting is insane. You can get a domain name plus free ID protection often for price cheaper than A2 Hosting's ID protection price at Namecheap and even Dynadot

A2 Hosting Configure Domain Options

Next, you can review your cart items before finally making the payment on the next page.

A2 Hosting Review Plans And Checkout

A2 Hosting Control Panel (cPanel)

A2 Hosting uses a cPanel for their Shared Hosting. The cPanel software at A2 Hosting is mostly standard with only a few customizations. So, I'll quickly walk you through the cPanel options

As you can see below, the first section of A2 Hosting cPanel let's you manage your Email accounts. This is followed by the Softaculous Installer section which is slightly customized to fit in more WordPress options including WordPress A2 Optimized, WooCommerce, WP Toastmasters, WP Beginner, and WordPress + Weglot

A2 Hosting Review: A2 Hosting cPanel

The next 5 sections are standard cPanel options with no customizations. You can check the same below.

A2 Hosting cPanel 2

In the Software section you will find A2 Website Builder as an option. But not sure how many people will opt to go for it anyway. 

In the next section, you will find the Litespeed Web Cache Manager option. As the name suggests, it allows you to enable, disable as well as flush LiteSpeed Cache.

A2 Hosting Review: A2 Hosting cPanel

In the advanced section, you will also find A2 Optimized option. Clicking on it will take you to the below page

A2 Hosting Optimized Option

Clicking on the Install A New App option will take you the Softaculous installer, although with only A2 Optimized App installation options as shown below

A2 Hosting Optimized Softaculous

As I said earlier, the whole cPanel is more or less stock cPanel with a few customizations here and there. So if you are someone who doesn't like the heavily customized cPanel of Bluehost, you'd be pretty happy to use this one.

A2 Hosting Speed

A2 Hosting is one web hosting company that claims to provide fast and optimized servers. So is it really fast, we will find out with a few tests.

For the test, I used two websites, one on their Startup plan and another one on their Turbo Hosting plan. The website was created using Starter Templates plugin so both the installations were identical. 

To brief you about the website, it is a WooCommerce website that is built using a page builder. The page is approximately 1.8 MB as per Pingdom and 1.66 MB as per GTMetrix. The page on Startup plan generates 61 requests according to GTMetrix and 71 requests according to Pingdom. The corresponding values on the Turbo plan were strangely higher at 66 requests and 77 requests respectively.

I have willingly refrained from optimizing either of the websites as I wanted to test the performance of both the websites right out of the box. Both the website uses Cloudflare DNS, but with Cloudflare paused on both the accounts.

Below is the GTMetrix Result for Startup Plan. The Largest contentful paint (LCP) was 1.6 sec while the fully loaded time was 2.3 seconds.

A2 Hosting Startup GTMetrix

As you can see this page generates 61 requests with a total size of 1.66 MB.

A2 Hosting Startup GTMetrix Waterfall

Next, we checked the Startup plan with Pingdom. The page took 3.78 seconds to load. The total size of the page was 1.8 MB and total number of requests generated were 71.

A2 Hosting Startup Pingdom

Next comes the Turbo Boost Plan. This is a big test for A2 Hosting claim of being a fast host. So, let's check out how the Turbo Boost plan performs.

You can see the screenshot of the GTMetrix test. The LCP recorded was 1.3 seconds with only a slight improvement over the startup plan. However, the Fully Loaded Time saw a huge improvement from 2.3 seconds to 1.5 seconds

A2 Hosting Turbo Boost GTMetrix

You can also see that the Turbo plan generated more requests at 66 while the page size remained almost same at 1.63MB

A2 Hosting Turbo Boost GTMetrix Waterfall
Coming to Pingdom, it too saw huge drop in the total loading time of the page. The values reduced from 3.78 seconds to just 1.68 seconds. The page size was same as that of Startup plan. The number of requests, however, increased to 77.
A2 Hosting Turbo Boost Pingdom

Overall, the Startup Plan faired decently given that no optimizations was done on the website. However, it's the Turbo plan that raised the bar and reduced page load time by more than half as recorded by Pingdom.


Uptime is critical for any website. If your website gets down frequently, visitors will see an error page. This not only results in bad user-experience, it also leads to loss of Business.

However, A2 Hosting won't disappoint you with Uptime. Although, I have used A2 Hosting in the past for Blogging Ocean, I moved out to WPX Hosting. However, I switched back to A2 Hosting as I am getting similar to better speed with A2 Hosting and that too at a fraction of WPX Hosting's cost. 

During my previous stint with A2 Hosting, it was rock-solid with uptime. Even after switching back, thus far the uptime has been really good for me. You can check out Blogging Ocean's current uptime as monitored by Uptime Robot.

So, if uptime is one of your priority, you should have no reason for not choosing A2 Hosting

Customer Support

Customer Support is one crucial aspect you cannot ignore while choosing a web host. And A2 hosting makes sure you won't be disappointed with their Guru Support Team

A2 Hosting offers support through all the three channels; Ticket, Chat and Call. Talking about call, it seems their contact number for reaching their support team in India is incorrect. I was unable to reach them on the given number. 

Also, for some reason, A2 Hosting has made it difficult to reach their chat support. I don't seem to find any option within their Dashboard that took me to their chat support. Had to search for A2 Chat Support on Google to find the page with the chat option. I'll update this article if I find a way to reach directly to their chat support page.

Anyway, even though I had hands on experience interacting with A2 Hosting customer support team during my previous stint with A2 Hosting, and knew they are very much capable, I still wanted to put the Guru Support Crew through a test. 

The chat support team of most companies are usually the least experienced. They are there to address the basic queries, but fail to answer even queries that are moderately difficult. That's the reason I decided to ask their chat support team about a way to activate and enable Redis Cache with LiteSpeed Plugin.

As soon as I filled up the chat form, I saw a huge wait time of 22 minutes even though it stated that I was first in the queue.

A2 Chat Wait Time

Even though I was expecting the executive to join in lesser time, I was pleasantly surprised when the executive turned up in 2-3 minutes time. The response time from the executive wasn't the best and it was clearly visible she was multi-tasking with 2-3 more clients.

However, when she responded she accurately claimed that A2 Hosting Shared Hosting plans do not offer Redis Cache (I had no idea back then). Upon asking if I she is sure, she even provided a link to a A2 Hosting Knowledgbase Page which clearly stated that the Redis Cache is only available for Unmanaged VPS and Unmanaged Dedicated Server as claimed by the executive. That was impressive.

Overall the chat lasted for 12 odd minutes apart from the initial 2-3 minutes wait time. Full marks to A2 Hosting on that. Below is the complete chat transcript

A2 Hosting Chat Logs

Next, I decided to create a ticket asking for the Host Name and Port Number for activating Memcached. In this case, I already knew the answer. I got a reply to my ticket in about 19 minutes which I feel is great

A2 Hosting Ticket Respnse Time

More importantly, the executive came up with the correct answer for the same. Again a thumbs up to A2 Hosting Guru Crew.

A2 Hosting Ticket Response

Overall, the support time was decent, especially considering that their Black Friday Deal ended 3 days ago and so their support team might be more busy than usual. Their support team too seemed to be knowledgeable.

 I'd rate A2 Hosting support 4.5/5 with 0.5 stars deducted for providing the incorrect calling numbers.

Alternatives To A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a great option. However, if for some reason, you are looking for alternative options, below are some of them you can consider.

1. Hostinger

Hostinger is super-affordable hosting company with their plans starting at just $1.39/month. But what sets Hostinger apart from other Shared Hosting companies is the fact that Hostinger provides LiteSpeed WebServer even for their cheapest plan.

Hostinger's on-boarding too is near-perfect. So if you are just starting out, Hostinger won't just save you few bucks but also help you to get started with a beautiful website.  Find Out More About Hostinger

Exclusive Discount For Hostinger

Blogging Ocean Readers get an additional discount of 10% on Hostinger with out exclusive Hostinger Coupon Code. So, if you are looking to buy Hostinger, you can save a few bucks with our promo code.

2. WPX Hosting

A2 Hosting's WordPress Plans are slightly on the expensive side when you consider no offsite backups for their basic plan. The long-term commitment for higher discounts makes the deal look worse. Also, for offsite backups for other plans, A2 Hosting uses Jetpack that is usually frowned upon for it's bloat. 

So, if you don't want to go with WordPress because of any of the above reasons, you can try WPX Hosting. Sure, they aren't cheap. However, the deal sounds cheap when you consider that WPX Hosting allows you to host up to 5 Websites for $25 a month, that too with monthly billing.

Each of the plan at WPX Hosting come with daily backups as well as ability to create manual backups. Their customer support team is by-far the fastest and you can expect a reply from their executives in under 30 seconds.

3. Liquid Web

A2 Hosting's Managed VPS start at $39.99/month. And that's when you pay for 36 months in advance. So, your initial investment turns out to be over $1400.

So, if you'd like to cut down your initial investment, you consider going with Liquid Web. Their 2GB RAM plan will cost you just $15/month while the 4GB RAM VPS plan is priced at $25/month when paid in advance for 24 months. Each of the plan comes with 5-site cPanel License.

And if you go with their VPS Bundle plans, apart from cPanel license you will get access to CloudFlare Pro Plan, Web Protection package and 100GB Acronis backup for just $20 and $30 for 2GB and 4GB Ram server respectively.

However, if you don't like paying in advance, Cloudways is another option you can consider

Final Words On A2 Hosting Review 2023

A2 Hosting is a great option for Shared Hosting. While their non-turbo shared hosting plans are pretty average when it comes to site speed, it's their Turbo plans that will make your website fly.

Their uptime is at par with industry standards. In this A2 Hosting Review, we also tested their customer support which turned out to be excellent. So, if you are looking for a good host that comes at an affordable pricing, there's no reason you should not go with A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting
A2 Hosting Review

Is A2 Hosting the fastest hosting company? Does it have good customer support? Find it out in this A2 Hosting Review 2023.

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