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WordHero Vs Rytr 2023: Which One Should You Go For?

By Aquif Shaikh

Jan 13, 2023

WordHero and Rytr are two of the most popular emerging AI Writers. However, the question is which one of them is better?

If you have the same question on your mind, you are in the right place. In this blog post, we will compare WordHero Vs Rytr for several factors and also let you know which one of them is better for you.

TL,DR Summary For Rytr Vs WordHero

Both WordHero and Rytr are decent tools. And quality-wise, it's difficult to pick a winner from them. However, out of the two, WordHero is aggressively pushing new content templates and features which makes me believe that it might be turn out to be a better tool in the future.

And since WordHero is currently offering a lifetime deal on AppSumo for $89, backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, I see it to be no-brainer why you shouldn't choose WordHero over Rytr. You never 2 years from now, WordHero will be a premium tool available at a premium pricing.

Howere, if you're still confused, I suggest registering with Rytr's free plan and getting WordHero from AppSumo and deciding yourself which one you'd like to continue with. If you don't like WordHero, you can return the product and get a refund to original payment method without even contacting customer support.

WordHero Vs Rytr 2022: Quick Summary

Comparison Points




Company Profile (Authenticity)

WordHero does not have an About Us page. So I couldn't find any whereabout of the company except it's owner's name, Jeff. However, WordHero aggresively updates their product as compared to Rytr

Rytr does have an about us page with names of chief people working there. However, it too does not have it's address mentioned on the website. It also fails to update it's product frequently

Ease of Use

WordHero is very straightforward to use. Both it's short-form templates and long-form editor are easily accessible and easy to use.

Rytr too has a simple interface. It combines Short-form content and long-form content in a single document. It's easy to use either of them.


Number Of Content Templates

As of time of writing this article WordHero has a total of 64 Content templates that covers almost all the Use cases.

Rytr only has 38 content templates as of time of writing this article. However, they allow creating custom templates. But I am not sure how regularly people use that feature. I personally never used it.

Quality of Short-Form Content Template

WordHero's output was mediocre for the most part of my tests. However, some of its templates generate excellent content which I could not compare with Rytr as it does not have the same template

Rytr's output too was a mixed bag. At times it created great content while other times it created content that made no sense at all.

Quality of Long-Form Content Template

WordHero does struggled with long-form editor as well. It was able to generate decent outline but generated incomplete paragraphs. I'd put it as mediocre again

Rytr struggled big time with long-form content. It's outline as well as paragraphs generated made no sense to the point that I'd say it's unusable for long-form content.


WordHero has a small but active Facebook Community where users regularly share insights.

Rytr has a custom designed community that is rarely used by customers.


WordHero, as such, is costly. However, the AppSumo Lifetime Deal @ $89 makes it a steal deal. (You have to buy 2 codes to get access to Long-form editor)

Rytr has a very limited free tier. And though it's paid plans are very affordable, they cannot be compared with WordHero's Lifetime Deal.

Value For Money

Feature and quality wise there is not much of a difference between WordHero and Rytr. So, WordHero turns out to be more value for money with it's Lifetime Deal.

Rytr might be slightly better tool than WordHero, but the latter is catching up at faster pace. So Rytr loses here mainly because it lacks a lifetime deal

Final Verdict

WordHero is a decent tool and with the pace it is adding new features I am expecting it to get better in the future. And with Lifetime deal on offer, it's a no-brainer that you should invest in WordHero lifetime deal over paying monthly for Rytr

WordHero Vs Rytr 2022: Which One Is Better?

Let us compare the two popular AI writers side-by-side.

1. WordHero and Rytr Company Details

Before buying the product, it's also important to know how reliable a company is and whether or not they are going to sustain itself in the long run. So let's have a look at both Rytr and WordHero.


WordHero is a relatively new kid on the block. They got popular thanks to the WordHero Lifetime Deal on AppSumo.

Besides that, I could not find any information about Wordhero on their website. They don't even have an About Us page.

However, despite that, I find WordHero reliable as the people behind the tool keep on pushing new content templates regularly. Their Roadmap, too, looks very promising.


Rytr was founded in the year April 2021, as per their About Us page. Their founders are of Indian origin, though I am not sure if the company is based in India or elsewhere as no such information was shared on their about us page.

Rytr too tasted popularity, thanks to their AppSumo deal which they took off a while ago and I don't they will take the deal to live again.

As for the updates, Rytr is on the slower side when it comes to pushing updates. In fact, they have one of the least content templates or as they call Use Cases.

Winner: WordHero

My Verdict: Although Rytr does not have an about us page that puts a question mark on their whereabouts, Rytr is not much different. However, since WordHero actively pushes updates to their tool they are a winner in this category, although by a small margin.

2. Ease Of Use

Ease of use is another critical factor to consider while choosing a tool. After all, you don't want to spend hours trying to figure out how the tool works. So let's see how both the tools fare in this department.


Using WordHero is very simple. Once you register with WordHero through AppSumo or their regular plans, you can log in to your WordHero Dashboard.

WordHero has a different section for Content Templates as well as Long Form Editor. So let us see how you can use each one of them.

Content Templates

You just have to log in to your WordPress Dashboard to see the list of all content templates as shown in the image below.

WordHero Vs Rytr - WordPres Content Templates

The content templates can be sorted based on their categories. You can even search for a specific content template.

To use a content template, just click on the template of your choice. For our example, I will choose the AIDA template.

As shown in the image below WordHero is asking me to enter the Product Name and Short Description of the product as input. For other templates, it might ask for different details.

WordHero Vs Rytr - WordPres Content Templates 1

Remember, not just WordHero, for any AI Writing tool, your input can greatly influence the output. Better quality of input results in a better quality of output.

To generate the output, you have to enter the details and click on the Write For Me button. It's as simple as that.

Coming to the long-form editor, you have to buy 2 codes to get access to the same.

Long Form Editor

To access the long-form editor you have to click on the Editor Tab in top-middle of your WordHero page as shown in the image below.

WordHero Vs Rytr - WordHero Long Form Editor

This will open up the WordHero editor as shown in the image below.

WordHero Vs Rytr - WordHero Long Form Editor 1

WordHero Editor does not include the option to generate the titles as well as blog introduction.

So, you can either use your own Blog Title or use the WordHero Blog Headlines tool to generate the Title for your article.

You don't have to use Blog Introduction, as the Blog Outline tool, ads an introduction section to your article.

Once you have the Title and Introduction ready, you can use the Blog Outline Button of the WordHero editor as shown in the above image to create the outline for a blog post.

You can then use the Blog Paragraph button to expand each headline by adding content to it.

You can also use the Write More button if you wish to add more text to your paragraphs.

Overall it's very simple to use WordHero short-form content templates as well as the long-form editor.


Once you register with Rytr for one of the plans and log in, you will be taken to the Rytr home page again.

From there you can choose the Start Ryting option from any of the two places marked in the image below.

WordHero Vs Rytr - Using Rytr

Upon clicking the option, a popup will open as shown in the image below.

WordHero Vs Rytr - Using Rytr 1

On the left-hand side, you will find all the content templates, or as they call Use Cases, along with all the options required to generate the output.

Some of the fixed options include selecting a language for your output, selecting the tone of voice, and selecting the creativity level. The creativity level decides how factual the output is. Lower creativity means more factual the output is.

To generate the output, you have to select the Use Case, enter all the relevant details, and then click on Ryte For Me button. This will automatically create a new document with the output on the right-hand side.

For our example, let's create a sample output for the Interview Question template. I'll be generating the content in English (US) language with the Select Tone option set to Formal. For the creativity, I'll be using the Optimal option.

Below is the input on the left side and the output generated in a new document on the right side.

WordHero Vs Rytr - Using Rytr 3

However, if you create the output with a document already open, Rytr will write the output to the open document rather than creating a new document.

This document also acts as the long-form content editor for Rytr. Selecting a text will open a toolbar with several options as shown in the image below.

WordHero Vs Rytr - Using Rytr 4

Since all the options are self-explanatory, I won't get into details of what each one does. However, you can use the combination of these options as well as the Use Cases to create a long-form article.

Winner: Tie

My Verdict: Both WordHero and Rytr are easy to use. In the case of either of the tools, it won't take you more than 15 minutes to understand how it works. So, I'd call it a tie.

3. Number Of Content Templates

Content templates are ready-made templates for you to create specific forms of content. As the name suggests, these templates make it easy for you to create content as all you have to do is provide some inputs and they will create the output for you.


At the time of writing this article, WordHero is offering a total of 64 content templates covering almost every use case.


Rytr, on the other hand, has only 38 Use cases, which is far less than WordHero. However, if you are using a paid plan of Rytr, it does allow you to create your own template by entering sample inputs and sample outputs

This way the Rytr tool will learn what kind of output you are expecting and will content for you accordingly.

Winner: WordHero

My Verdict:  It's nice to have an option where you can create your own template. However, I am not sure how often people use this option. Talking about myself, I never used this option.

So, I'd go ahead and call WordHero a winner in this case for offering templates for almost all use cases.

4. Quality Of Short-Form Content

The quality of content is always subjective. What's quality content for me maybe average content for you and what's average for me maybe quality content for you.

It all depends on how well you can write the content yourself. So, instead of passing direct verdicts on the quality of each of the AI writers, it's better to compare their output for the same input and let you make your own decision.

So, I am going to compare a few common templates of WordHero and Rytr and see which one turns out to be better.

1. Rytr Business Idea Pitch Vs WordHero Startup Elevator Pitch

In the below image you can see the input to the WordHero Startup Elevator Pitch content template on the left-hand side and its output on the right-hand side.

WordHero Startup Elevator Pitch

The content generated by WordHero was decent though nothing exciting about it.

Now let's see how Rytr fares in this Wordhero Vs Rytr Comparison

In the below image, on the left-hand side you can see the input I provided to the Rytr tool and on the right-hand side the output I got from the tool.

Rytr Business Pitch

As you can see the output was really bland. In fact, it was worse than WordHero.

I'd probably not even use the generated content. And that's when the creativity level is set to the max which allows Rytr to create content with more freedom.

2. Rytr Vs WordHero AIDA Templates

WordHero's AIDA is one of its worst content templates as per my previous tests. So, I am not expecting much from WordHero even this time.

You can find the input and output from the WordHero AIDA tool below.

WordHero AIDA

As you can see, the word "Kitchen King" was repeated several times in both the outputs which made it sound too bad. Even that aside, the first output wasn't up to the mark while the second output was okayish.

Let's see how Rytr fares in this test. You can find the input and output below.

Rytr AIDA Medium Creativity

As you can see, like WordHero Rytr too kept on repeating the Word Kitchen king. However, the output was still better than WordHero.

I also tested Rytr output with the same settings but Max creativity.


As you can see this time, the output was more creative and sounded great. However, for some reason, the output was left incomplete. Sure, this could be fixed with the Continue Ryting option, but still, it looked strange.

3. WordHero Vs Rytr PAS Template

Lastly, we will compare the PAS output from each of the tools. You can see the output from WordHero below.

WordHero PAS

As you can see, WordHero did a much better job this time. However, it still makes you feel that the copy could have been better.

Coming to Rytr, below is the output from the tool with the medium creativity level.

Rytr PAS Medium Creativity

The output with a medium creativity level was decent this time. The only negative thing is in the Problem part, Rytr wrote about storage problems, which usually isn't the case with knives.

But even if we assume it is the case, Rytr failed to address how will using Kitchen king solve the issue. Still, overall it was a decent output.

I also tested the output with the Max creativity level. However, this time the output was factually incorrect stating that they "Sharpen the Blade" but not mentioning how. Also, the output like the previous time was incomplete.

Rytr PAS Medium Max

Winner: WordHero

My Verdict:  Both WordHero and Rytr failed to impress with their output. Though Rytr was slightly better than WordHero. I wanted to call it a No-Winner, since both the tolls failed to impress.

But since the comparison is between the two, Rytr gets an edge in this comparison.

5. Quality Of Long-Form Content

I have already discussed how the long-form editor works. But I'll brief you about how I am going to create articles for comparison.

To begin with, I will be creating an article on Best SEO Tips


First, for WordHero, I will follow the below steps

  • Use the Blog Headlines content template to generate the Blog Title
  • Use the Blog Outline feature of the editor to create an outline for the blog
  • Use the Blog Paragraphs feature to expand the headings
  • Use the Write More feature to add more to the headings.

Here is the blog outline that I created which looks okay. Some points don't make sense.

Wordhero Long For Editor Outline

And here's the final output that I got.

Wordhero Long For Editor Output 1
Wordhero Long For Editor Output 2

The output looks decent. However, when I tried to use Write More to complete the Tip 1, WordHero instead started writing for Tip 2 even though Tip 1 was incomplete.

The same thing happened when I wanted to add more content to Tip 2. This might be fixed if you add your own inputs. But overall, even though the content is not suitable for your main blog, it was a decent attempt by WordHero.


Coming to Rytr, the steps are somewhat simpler

  • Use the Blog Idea And Outline tool to create the title as well as outline
  • Select each heading along with keywords and use the Paragraphs option to write a paragraph
  • Select the generated Paragraph and select the "Continue Ryting" option to add more text.
  • Use the Write More feature to add more to the headings.

Rytr generated the below outline. Let me tell you, the outline itself was pure garbage. It did not make any sense. The headings were separate topics themselves and did not seem to belong to the article.

Rytr Long Form Editor Outline

Despite that, I went ahead and created the article as explained above. Here's the final output.

Rytr Long Form Editor Output 1
Rytr Long Form Editor Output 2

Just like the outline, the output was pure garbage. First Link Building is part of Off-Page SEO Optimization and not separate. Second, the last lines of the first paragraph that I created using the Continue Ryting option, were completely senseless.

The second paragraph was no different. In fact, in the second paragraph Rytr referred to it as "This Article" . So. even Rytr considers it to be a totally different topic.

Overall, I'd say I was completely disappointed by the output from Rytr.

Winner: WordHero

My Verdict: Again, both the tools failed to create impressive content. It's again a no-winner thing. However, out of the two, WordHero was slightly better this time. So I'd go ahead and pick it as the winner.

6. Customer Support

Rytr as well Wordhero both offer support through chat. However, the response is not instant and so each of these tools collects your email when you reach out to them.

Rytr claims to respond in under 2 hours while no such claim is made by Rytr.

As I write, I am awaiting a response from the customer support teams of both Rytr and WordHero.

Winner: No Winner

My Verdict: As I haven't interacted with customer support team from either of the tools, I can't announce a winner here.

7. Community

Both WordHero and Jasper have official communities. WordHero runs a Facebook Community while Rytr runs a custom community.

Rytr's community seems very inactive with weeks between replies. As for WordHero, as of the time of writing this article, I have requested to join the community which wasn't approved. So can't say much about it.

Though with only 2.6K members, I don't expect the WordHero community to be very active too.

Winner: WordHero

My Verdict: WordHero has a more active community. So you can learn from fellow users how to use WordHero better.

8. Pricing

Pricing is one of the major factors in deciding which option to choose. So let us check the pricing of both the tools.


WordHero offers a single plan that starts at $49/month when you pay monthly and $29/month when you pay annually. The plan allows unlimited access to both short-form content templates and a long-form editor with a fair usage policy in place to avoid misuse.

WordHero Lifetime Deal

WordHero is currently running a Lifetime Deal on AppSumo. Through this deal, you can get unlimited access to WordHero Short-form content templates for just an $89 one-time fee. However, to get access to long-form editor, you have to buy 2 codes.

This offer comes with AppSumo's reliable 60-day money-back guarantee. 

WordHero offers a money-back guarantee of 60 days on this too. However, I am not sure how reliable this money-back guarantee is.


Rytr provides three different plans.

1. Free Plan: As the name suggests, the free plan is free to use with no credit cards required. It comes with 5000 characters generation per month.

2. Saver Plan: This plan of Rytr comes with 50,000 characters generation per month and is priced at just $9/month. With this plan, you can also create custom templates of your own.

3. Unlimited Plan: As the name suggests, this plan comes with unlimited content generation, although with a fair usage policy. You also get a dedicated account manager and a priority email and chat support with this plan.

Winner: WordHero

My Verdict: Wordhero is much costlier than Rytr which is quite affordable. However, WordHero still wins here because of their unbelievable lifetime deal on AppSumo.

9. Value For Money

While pricing is important, it is not the only deciding factor. The tool also needs to be good enough to justify the price. So even if a tool is expensive, it can still be a good value for money if it is good enough.


We have seen that none of these tools is exciting. Both create below-average content and it's hard to pick which one is better.

So, it all comes down to which tool offers a better deal

WordHero is quite expensive compared to Rytr. However, the WordHero AppSumo Lifetime Deal is absolutely insane.

Rytr has a free tier. However, it is quite restrictive and you will be done with the limits within a few content generations.

While their other plans are quite affordable too, they just cannot be compared to the Lifetime Deal provided by WordHero.

Winner: WordHero

My Verdict: Even though Rytr might be a slightly better tool than WordHero, it isn't growing at a good pace. Plus, its pricing is not comparable to WordHero's lifetime deal.

So, if you are looking for a few generations per month and can do with Rytr's free plan, you can go with Rytr. However, if you generate content quite frequently which is mostly the case, I highly suggest going with WordHero.

WordHero is almost as good as Rytr, but it's improving quite fast as against Rytr. And with its Lifetime Deal still available, you should definitely not miss this opportunity to get WordHero

Final Verdict

Both WordHero and Rytr are mediocre tools that cannot be relied upon much. Rytr might have an edge over WordHero when it comes to content quality, but WordHero is improving at a much faster pace than Rytr.

Plus the WordHero Lifetime Deal makes it an unbeatable offer. So, if I were to select between the two, I'd go for WordHero and expect that it becomes a much better tool in the future.

About Aquif Shaikh

Aquif Shaikh is a Blogger and Web Hosting Expert from Mumbai. He loves writing, traveling, and sharing his knowledge and ideas with the world. At Blogging Ocean, he writes about blogging tips, web hosting tips, content marketing, online business, and SEO.