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Hostinger Coupon Code 2024 – Get Up To 12% Discount

By Aquif Shaikh

Jun 20, 2024

Looking for Hostinger Coupon Code for 2024? You won't be disappointed as I have negotiated an exclusive deal with Hostinger that will get you Up To 12% discount over and above the regular discount on annual and longer duration web hosting plans.

Hostinger Coupon Codes For January 2024

Save 10% On Any Hostinger Hosting Plans

Save 10% On Any Hostinger Hosting Plans

This is an exclusive coupon applicable on all hostinger hosting plans including local Hostinger websites.

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Get Extra 10% Off

Hostinger Cloud Professional Coupon Code: Flat 12% Off

Hostinger Cloud Professional Coupon Code: Flat 12% Off

Get Flat 12% off on the Hostinger Cloud Professional Plan only. This coupon is applicable only on annual and longer-duration plans. 

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12% Discount On Cloud Hosting Professional Plan

Get Flat 10% Off On Hostinger Shared Hosting

Get Flat 10% Off On Hostinger Shared Hosting

Get a flat 10% discount on Hostinger Shared Hosting plans of annual and longer durations. Also applicable to Hostinger.in, Hostinger.co.uk, and other local Hostinger websites

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10% Off On Shared Hosting
Doesn't expire

Save 10% On Hostinger WordPress Hosting Plans

Save 10% On Hostinger WordPress Hosting Plans

Applicable on all WordPress Hosting plans of annual and longer duration. Also applicable to regional websites.

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Extra 10% Off

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Coupon Code: Get Extra 10% Off (Exclusive)

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Coupon Code: Get Extra 10% Off (Exclusive)

Get flat 10% off on any Hostinger Cloud Hosting plans of annual and longer duration. Also applicable on Hostinger regional websites like Hostinger.in, Hostinger.co.uk, Hostinger.com.br, and more.

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Extra 10% Discount

Get Extra 10% Off On Hostinger VPS Hosting

Get Extra 10% Off On Hostinger VPS Hosting

Exclusive Hostinger VPS Coupon Code applicable on all VPS plans of annual, and longer duration.

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Extra 10% Off


Get 10% Off On Hostinger CyberPanel VPS

Get 10% Off On Hostinger CyberPanel VPS

Get flat 10% off on Hostinger CyberPanel VPS Plans of annual and longer duration

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Flat 10% Off On Hostinger CyberPanel VPS
Doesn't expire

How To Use Hostinger Coupon Code 2024

Below are the steps to get flat 10% discount on Hostinger Hosting.

Step 1: Click on the appropriate coupon from the above list or click on the below button. This action will redirect you to our Exclusive Discount Page that shows 10% discounted pricing for Premium Managed WordPress hosting along with the Hostinger Coupon Code that will be auto-applied to your Hostinger cart. For Cloud Professional plan, the discount increases up to 12%.

Special Page Reflecting Hosting Coupon Code Discount For Premium Managed WordPress Hosting


You may be redirected to a local version of Hostinger website with the local pricing. Irrespective of the region, the page will show a pricing with 10% discount on original pricing. But for Cloud Professional plan, you can use the given coupon to get Up to 12% discount.

Apart from Hosting Global or Hostinger United States website, this Hostinger coupon code is applicable on Hostinger India, Hostinger UK, Hostinger France, Hostinger Italy, Hostinger Germany, Hostinger Malaysia, Hostinger Thailand, Hostinger Indonesia, Hostinger South Korea, Hostinger Brazil, and other regional Hostinger websites.

Step 2:  Next, either scroll down to see all the WordPress Hosting plans with discounts pre-applied, or select the product of your choice from the Hosting option in the menu section. Below is the screenshot that shows Hostinger's pricing for WordPress Hosting. Click on "Add to Cart" for the plan which you intend to buy to proceed further.

Special WordPress Plans Reflecting Hostinger Coupon Discount


If you navigate to a different product page, although you will see the regular pricing, our exclusive Hostinger coupon code will still be applied.

Step 3: Next, you will be taken to your cart where you can see the pricing with a 10% discount over regular Hostinger pricing as shown below. You can replace the coupon here with Cloud Professional coupon for 12% discount. Here, you can also adjust the duration of the plan. 

Hostinger Cart Discounted Pricing

Step 4: Scroll down to see the final pricing, as well as our pre-applied Hostinger coupon. 

Final Pricing With Hostinger Coupon Applied

Step 5: Once satisfied, just complete the form and enter the payment details to complete the purchase. That is all you need to get the 10% Hostinger Discount.

Choosing the Right Hostinger Hosting Plan

Navigating the various hosting plans offered by Hostinger can be a daunting task, especially for those new to the world of web hosting. However, understanding the nuances of each plan can help you make an informed decision that aligns with your website's current and future needs.

1. Web Hosting (Shared Hosting)

Shared hosting is an excellent option for websites with low traffic, such as personal blogs or passion projects where the primary goal is to maintain an online presence at a minimal cost. Hostinger offers several shared hosting plans to cater to different user requirements.

a. Single Plan

The Single plan is Hostinger's most basic shared hosting offering. It is suitable for casual users who have a single website and do not anticipate significant growth.

Due to the limited processing power and RAM, this plan is not ideal for websites that require extensive resources or plan to expand in the future.

Additionally, the 100GB bandwidth cap may not be sufficient for hosting media-rich content like videos and high-resolution images. Hostinger does not include a free domain with this plan, but it does provide weekly data backups.

b. Premium Plan

The Premium shared hosting plan from Hostinger offers more storage, processing power, and memory, making it capable of handling a relatively higher number of website visitors.

Hostinger bundles a free domain name for one year with this plan. While the plan claims to support up to 100 websites, the practical limitations of RAM, storage, and processing power may restrict the number of sites you can effectively manage on this plan.

c. Business Plan

Hostinger's Business plan is the second-most expensive shared hosting option. This plan provides even greater processing power and RAM, making it suitable for websites with a decent number of visitors or those expecting significant growth in the future.

The Business Hosting Plan comes with a free domain name for one year and includes daily data backups. Additionally, this plan offers Object Cache, which can improve the response times for WordPress-powered websites.

d. Cloud Startup Plan

The Cloud Startup plan is the base offering from Hostinger's Cloud Hosting category, but it is included in the shared hosting section. This plan provides more server resources compared to the other shared hosting options, and it also includes a Dedicated IP and Priority support. The Cloud Startup plan is a suitable choice for websites with higher resource requirements.

When selecting the right Hostinger hosting plan, consider your current website needs, expected traffic growth, and the types of features you require. The Single plan may be sufficient for low-traffic, personal websites, while the Premium or Business plans are better suited for websites with moderate to high traffic. The Cloud Startup plan is an option for those who need more robust server resources and performance.

2. WordPress Hosting

Hostinger's WordPress Hosting is quite similar to their Shared Hosting plans. The key difference lies in the specialized optimization and features tailored for WordPress-powered websites. This includes pre-installed WordPress, automatic updates, and other WordPress-specific enhancements to ensure optimal performance for your WordPress site.

3. Cloud Hosting

If you anticipate running a high-traffic website or expect significant growth in the near future, Hostinger's Cloud Hosting plans may be the best fit. These plans come with substantially more server resources compared to the Shared Hosting options.

Hostinger utilizes CloudLinux with LVE (Lightweight Virtual Environment) containers for their Cloud Hosting plans. While this still imposes some limitations on resources like inodes, entry processes, and database size, you can generally expect better overall performance due to the dedicated RAM and CPU cores allocated to your account.

The Cloud Hosting plans also offer lower downtime, as they are built on a robust cloud infrastructure. Additionally, each plan includes enterprise-level data backups, a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, and a free domain name.The key difference between the various Cloud Hosting plans lies in the amount of server resources provided.

Hostinger claims that the higher-tier plans are also better optimized for speed. However, the feature set remains consistent across the plans, so you can choose the plan that best suits your resource requirements.It's worth noting that the Cloud Professional plan offers the maximum discount, up to 12%, when you use the appropriate Hostinger coupon code.

4. VPS Hosting

Unlike Hostinger's Cloud Hosting, which utilizes a shared environment, their VPS Hosting provides you with dedicated virtual resources, such as CPU and RAM. This means that no other account on the server will be able to use these resources, ensuring that your website's performance is not affected by the activities of other sites hosted on the same server (unless it's a DDoS attack).

The VPS Hosting plan is cheaper than the Cloud Hosting plan, starting at $3.95 per month. However, it is an unmanaged solution, which means you will be responsible for setting up, managing, and securing the Linux server.VPS Hosting is well-suited for websites with medium to high traffic.

If you have the necessary knowledge and expertise to manage a Linux server, this plan can be a cost-effective solution. Alternatively, if you prefer a managed VPS solution built on cloud infrastructure, you may want to consider our exclusive Cloudways deal, which offers $20 in hosting credits (almost 2 months of free cloud hosting).

5. CyberPanel VPS

Cyberpanel VPS plans of Hostinger are identical to its VPS Hosting plans except that you get a Control Panel, and the Open Source OpenLiteSpeed Webserver instead of Apache Webserver in the case of normal VPS.

Alternatives to Hostinger

Below are some of the best alternates to Hostinger

1. A2 Hosting

A2 hosting is one of the best hosting in town and the best option for shared hosting if you are willing to shell out more. A2 Hosting's plan starts at just $2.99/Month. You can check my A2 Hosting Review 2024

2. Cloudways

Cloudways is a very popular web hosting if you are looking for Managed VPS. Their plan starts at just $11/month ($0.5/Month additional for compulsory off-site backup) for digital ocean servers with 1GB RAM

For Blogging Ocean readers, Cloudways is offering free $20 credit. For more information check out Cloudways Coupon Code as well as Cloudways Review.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hostinger Coupon 2024

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Coupon Code by Hostinger.

How Do I Get My Hostinger Coupon Code 2024?

You can click on Show Code button on the coupons in the Hostinger Coupon Code 2024 section of this page to get your code for Hostinger.

How Do I Use A Coupon Code On Hostinger?

To use the Hostinger Coupon Code, first visit the Hostinger website and add the product you would like to purchase to your cart. On the right side of the cart, you will see an option to apply the coupon code.

Where Can I Find Hostinger Domain Coupon 2024?

Hostinger does not offer Coupon Code for purchasing domain names.

On which Hostinger Products Is This Hostinger Coupon Applicable? 

This Hostinger Coupon Code can be used on all Hostinger Hosting products for annual or longer duration plans.

Where can I find Hostinger 100% Off Coupon Code?

Hostinger does not offer 100% off. They are a business company who is in the field to make money like any other company. However, if you are looking 100% off, you can register with 000Webhost which is a free version of Hostinger.

Can I Use More Than One Coupon Code For Hostinger?

No, Hostinger allows you to use only one coupon code per order

How Much Discount Can I Get With Hostinger WordPress Hosting Coupon Code?

You can claim flat 10% discount on Hostinger WordPress Hosting plans with annual and longer duration.

How Much Discount Can I Get With Hostinger VPS Coupon Code?

You can get flat 10% off on VPS Hosting and CyberPanel VPS hosting with Hostinger VPS Coupon Code.

How Much Discount Can I Get With Hostinger Cloud Hosting Coupon?

For Cloud Professional Hosting, you can get up to 12% off with the coupon CLOUD12. For other plans, you can get flat 10% off with coupon BLOGGINGOCEAN. Both the coupons are applicable on Annual and longer duration plans only.

Where Can I get Hostinger India Coupon Code 2024?

All the Coupon Codes on this page are also applicable for Hostinger.in

Hostinger Coupon Codes List 2024

Hostinger Plan


Hostinger Coupon Code


All Hostinger Hosting Plans



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Hostinger Shared Hosting



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Hostinger Cloud Hosting Professional Plan



Verified Working

Hostinger Cloud Hosting



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Hostinger WordPress Hosting



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Hostinger VPS Hosting



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Hostinger CyberPanel VPS Hosting



Verified Working

Finals Thoughts

Hostinger is one of the most affordable hosting companies that offer hosting products at very cheap pricing. However, with our Hostinger Coupon Code, you can get up to 12% additional discount on all their web hosting products.

And despite the low pricing tag, Hostinger offers good solid uptime. So, if you are looking for affordable and cheap hosting, Hostinger is the right choice for you. 

About Aquif Shaikh

Aquif Shaikh is a Blogger and Web Hosting Expert from Mumbai. He loves writing, traveling, and sharing his knowledge and ideas with the world. At Blogging Ocean, he writes about blogging tips, web hosting tips, content marketing, online business, and SEO.