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Hostinger Review 2023: Check 4 Pros And 3 Cons

By Aquif Shaikh

Oct 23, 2022

Hostinger is one web hosting provider that is creating a huge buzz in the industry mainly because of its affordable pricing and good fast-speed servers. So, is Hostinger worth your money? Let us find out the same in this Hostinger Review 2023

Hostinger Review 2023

Hostinger Logo


Hostinger uses Litespeed Server and has the LS Cache plugin installed. So, performance-wise, Hostinger beats most other hosting companies in the Web Hosting Industry.


Hostinger is one of the cheapest hosting companies in the market. Their pricing is especially great as even their basic plan comes with LiteSpeed Webservers

Customer Support

Support is one area where Hostinger needs to improve. Their support is slow to respond. Although, they do seem to be knowledgeable about their product.

Summary:  Hostinger offers web hosting plans at very affordable pricing. Registering with Hostinger is a breeze and they offer a beginner-friendly on-boarding.

Performance-wise too Hostinger will blow your mind as it offers Litespeed Webserver even for their basic plan. However, support is one area where Hostinger lags behind. Plus, their uptime is dicey. My test server had two downtimes lasting for 3+ hours and 6+ hours.

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Pros And Cons Of Hostinger

Top Pros Of Hostinger
  • Quick registration and flawless onboarding
  • Litespeed WebServer with even the most basic plans
  • Their customized control panel, hPanel is beginner-friendly
  • One of the fastest hosting we tested. Decent uptime.
Top Cons Of Hostinger
  • No Daily Backups
  • Long downtimes observed
  • The customer support is far from being good.

Overall Rating For Hostinger

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What I Like About Hostinger

1. Affordable Pricing

Among the large web hosting companies, Hostinger is one of the cheapest. And despite their cheap price tag in my speed tests, Hostinger was one of the fastest hosting company.

2. LiteSpeed Web Server With All Shared Hosting Plans

LiteSpeed server is faster than NGINX which is faster than Apache server. But guess what? Most shared hosting provide LiteSpeed Web Server with their high-end plans while sticking with Apache or NGINX as a reverse proxy with Apache Web Server.

However, this isn't the case with Hostinger as they provide LiteSpeed Web Server even with their base plans.

3. Quick Registration And Great Onboarding

Registering with Hostinger is a quick process when you compare it with it's direct competitors. Add to it, their onboarding for new WordPress users is near perfect. Even people with least knowledge of WordPress can create a beautiful WordPress Website that is also quick to load in a matter of minutes.

4. hPanel Is Beginner Friendly

cPanel control panel is great. However, it does come with lot's of options that most users will never need. Hostinger's hPanel on the other hand provides only those options that you need to manage your website. As a result, their control panel look more organized and clutter-free.

5. Fast Page Load Times

As discussed earlier, all Hostinger Shared Hosting Plans come with LiteSpeed Web Server. All their WordPress Installs come with LiteSpeed Cache plugin pre-installed.

The result is clearly visible in the speed tests. Of all the Web Hosting that I tested, Hostinger is one of the quickest web hosting that I ever tested when you consider out of the box results. And when you compare it with other hosting in the same price bracket, Hostinger has no competition when it comes to page load times.

6. Free Zyro Builder

If for some reason you don't want to use WordPress for your website, Hostinger has got you covered as they own Zyro Builder, which is one of the most popular website builders. So no matter what Hosting plan you choose, you can use the Zyro builder for free.

What Hostinger Could Improve

1. No Daily Backups

Hostinger as such is feature rich. However, it misses one very important feature, Daily Backups, which are only available with their Business Shared Hosting plan.

I don't know what was Hostinger thinking when they decided to leave out such a crucial feature for their two most commonly sold plans. So, if you are planning to use Hostinger, you should consider using a plugin like Updraftplus and BackWPUp to create backups of your website.

2. Slow Customer Support

Another thing that you need to keep in mind while choosing Hostinger is that their customer support is too slow. Although the customer support executives seems to be knowing their products well and have enough knowledge to troubleshoot complex issues, the slow response times ruins the experience. 

3. FOMOs To Trick Users Into Making A Quick Decision

When you visit a Hostinger home page, you will se a countdown timer which says that a special offers is going to expire soon. This makes user make a quick decision to buy their hosting. But having worked with Hostinger for several years now, I know, the offer never expires.

Although Hostinger did increase their pricing in the past, it wasn't as quick as Hostinger makes it look.

4. Long Lasting Downtimes

Hostinger's uptime is usually good. But when downtime occurs, it sometimes lasts for hours. This isn't good for mission critical websites like E-commerce websites

About Hostinger

Although Hostinger has been in the buzz in the last couple of years, Hostinger is not new in the Web Hosting Business. It was founded way back in 2004 as Hosting Media. Its two subsidiary companies 000Webhost and Hosting24 were founded in the year 2007 and 2008, respectively,

In 2011, Hosting Media rebranded itself to its current name Hostinger. Apart from 000Webhost and Hosting24, Hostinger also owns an Indonesian Web Hosting Company, Niagahoster, and a Brazilian Hosting Company, Weblink, that it launched in the year 2013 and 2014 respectively.

As of 2021, Hostinger is one of the largest hosting brands in the industry.

Hostinger Plans And Pricing

Hostinger is mostly known in the industry because of its super-affordable plans. So let's check out the various Web Hosting plans at Hostinger.

Shared Hosting Plans

Hostinger offers three Shared Hosting plans, Single Shared Hosting, Business Shared Hosting, and Premium Shared Hosting. What I like about Hostinger is that they offer LiteSpeed Webserver with each of their Shared Hosting plans. Most hosting companies reserve the Litespeed server for their top-most plans.

The Single Hosting Plan is quite restricted allowing you to host just one website. Another major drawback of this plan is the weekly backups. At least daily backups are recommended so that if anything goes wrong, you can switch back to an older version of your website. But for the price, it's a fair deal.

Coming to Business Shared Hosting, it allows you to host 100 websites, which is technically unlimited as the available resources won't allow you to even reach the level of 100 websites. The disk space of 100GB is also fair. However, at least for the Business Hosting price, I expected a daily backup, which isn't the case as you still get only weekly backups.

As for the Premium Shared Hosting it ticks all the boxes and is a steal deal at $3.99/month.

Cloud Hosting Plans

Hostinger also offers Cloud Hosting plans. For technical people, the Cloud Hosting Plans offered by Hostinger does not use KVM Hypervisor. Rather they use CloudLinux to limit the server resources available to each account. So technically they are shared hosting plans using Cloud Infra.

There are three available plans, Cloud Startup, Cloud Professional, and Cloud Enterprise. The only difference between each of these plans is the number of server resources you get to use. The basic plan offers 3GB RAM and 2 CPU cores while the topmost plan offers up to 12GB RAM and 6 CPU cores.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Pricing

WordPress Hosting Plan

For WordPress Users, Hostinger offers 4 WordPress Hosting plans. Single WordPress, WordPress Starter, Business WordPress, and WordPress Pro. The first 3 plans are similar to shared hosting plans. I'd say this is just a marketing technique to sell the same product for a higher price. That's the first con for Hostinger.

As for the WordPress Pro Plan, it does offer more resources as well as Jetpack Personal license. Although I am totally against Jetpack and would uninstall it straight away, it's still there for those who like using it.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting Pricing

cPanel Hosting

For most of its hosting plans, Hostinger provides a cPanel-like control panel called hPanel that is lightweight and easy to use. However, if you are coming from a cPanel hosting, you might not like the limited options available at hPanel.

So, for cPanel lovers, Hostinger offers two cPanel hosting plans, cPanel Hosting Silver and cPanel Hosting Gold at a premium price to compensate for the extra pricing they incur to get the cPanel license. Notably, both these plans come with a free domain name.

Hostinger cPanel Hosting Pricing

VPS Hosting

Hostinger also offers Unmanaged VPS Hosting plans starting at an unbelievable price-point of $3.95 per month for a 1GB RAM Server. However, scalabality might be issue with Hostinger as they offer VPS plans with up to 16GB RAM only.

Hostinger VPS Hosting Pricing

CyberPanel VPS

Their VPS is cheap, but their CyberPanel VPS is an absolute steal deal. Priced exactly same as their VPS hosting plans, they offer a lot more to you. First, their CyberPanel VPS are powered by Litespeed WebServers. Together with LS Cache, it can make your website fly.

The VPS also comes with one-click installer for WordPress and Github Integration. You can also back up and restore your content to Google Drive AWS, etc. Another highlight of their CyberPanel VPS is the support for HTTP/3 and Quic.

Registering With Hostinger

Hostinger has probably the most easiest and shortest registration process. Clicking on the below button will take you to their home page.

One thing that I want to note down here is that Hostinger's Home Page shows a countdown timer showing that the deal will expire in certain days or hours. However, that's mostly not the case. While evergreen timers are widely used across the web, I see it as misguiding the users.

Hostinger Home Page

Coming back to the registration process, you can see their shared hosting plans by just scrolling down the home page as shown below. So that essentially eliminates one click for most users looking for shared hosting. For people looking for other hosting, you can navigate to the desired page from the Hosting option in the top-right menu.

Hostinger Pricing

Whether you are on home page or product page, clicking on the Select option will straight away take you to the cart, where you can adjust your plan duration and also create an account.

What I like here is Hostinger collects no personal details. You just need to enter your email ID to create a Hostinger Account. That's really impressive and conversion optimized. Another thing worth noting is that there are absolutely no upsells. That's again impressive considering they are into the affordable hosting category where you can expect upsells all over.

Hostinger Shopping Cart

Scrolling down you can choose your payment method. Hostinger has many payment options including Credit Card, PayPal and Google Pay. Here you can also enter the coupon code. Don't forget to use our exclusive Hostinger coupon code that get's you additional 10% discount on hosting products.

Clicking on Submit Secure Payment will take you the payments page where you can make the payment to buy the hosting.

Hostinger Shopping Cart

Onboarding Experience

Very few hosting companies have customized their on-boarding and Hostinger is one of them. I've registered with them long back in 2018 and I guess 2019 too and I must say their on-boarding experience was pretty average. In fact, second time around, it was too confusing.

However, when I registered a test website for writing this review, they completely changed their on-boarding sequence. To say the least, it was spectacular. I don't think any other company comes even close to it.

First, Hostinger will ask you a series of question to customize things for you. Once you are through it, you will get an option to Install WordPress, WooCommerce + WordPress or other application of your choice. Hostinger also offers you to use their Zyro Website builder, which is quickly gaining popularity among businesses for building static websites.

Hostinger Onboarding for Hostinger Review 2022

If you choose WordPress, unlike some other hosting companies, Hostinger offers you to select your own username and password. You also get an option to migrate your existing website, However, one thing that I would like to have is the ability to select between www and non-www versions of your website. But you can anyway change it later from your WordPress Dashboard.

Hostinger Onboarding Option 2

If you don't already have a website to migrate, Hostinger also allows you to choose from several pre-built templates for your WordPress Website. Hostinger uses Pre-built websites themes from the Starter Templates plugin. The plugin will import the entire website for you to edit as per your liking. 

Hostinger Onboarding

Next, you will see an option to buy a domain name or use an existing domain name.

Hostinger Onboarding

Unlike most other hosting companies, at the very last, Hostinger asks you to choose your Data Center location. Overall the on-boarding experience was spectacular and beginner-friendly.

Hostinger Review

Hostinger Control Panel (hPanel)

Hostinger has plans for both cPanel and hPanel. However, since cPanel is very common and most users already have experience with it, I chose to go with their regular hPanel Shared Hosting plans for my test account.

The hPanel, to my suprise, looks really clean and clutter-free. Although it lacks some advanced options available in cPanel, you can find most regularly-used options in the hPanel. While advanced users might miss cPanel, for beginners, hPanel looks less complicated and hence a better option.

And not just the hPanel, even the one-click app installer is customized. So, Softaculous lovers would be disappointed. Having said that, their custom one-click installer works as good. What's missing though is the ability to use www subdomain as your default URL. Not sure why Hostinger missed out on that one. 

Hostinger also has a Dashboard feature integrated into their hPanel that allows you to control your WordPress website without logging into your WordPress Dashboard.

From the Dashboard you can Force HTTPS, enable Maintenance mode, Activate/Deactivate as well as Flush Litespeed Cache. WordPress Updates, managing SSL Certificate as well as enabling and disabling Cloudflare can also be done from the Dashboard.

Hostinger Review 2022: Hostinger hPanel Dashboard Option

WordPress Dashboard is where you will come across Hostinger's first upsell. If you are on their Single Shared Hosting or Premium Shared Hosting Plan, you will have to pay extra for daily backups. I feel Hostinger should have included Daily backups at least with their Premium Shared Hosting plan.

Also, if you are on their Single Shared Hosting plan, you have to pay to enable Cloudflare from the dashboard. And nope, it isn't the pro version of Cloudflare. You're not going to get a $20 plan with a sub $2 hosting (Liquid Web, by the way, offers Cloudflare Pro plan with their $20 VPS that will get you 2GB RAM and a free cPanel License. Hard to believe, right?). 

Anyway, here Hostinger is making you pay to use the free plan of CloudFlare. Although, I am not sure how many people fall for this trap, it might be generating Hostinger some extra revenue with no additional cost to them.

There's also a Plugins section in the hPanel that allows to enable and disable plugins. However, you won't be able to add or delete plugins

Hostinger Review 2022: Plugins Section in hPanel

Apart from the above options, the hPanel includes all the standard options including Checking your usage history, Renewing and upgrading your plan, adding and managing email accounts, managing your domains and subdomains, Auto-installer, file manager and more.

It seems, Hostinger is also promoting Fiverr. You can find the Fiverr option in the hPanel and Hostinger seems to be using an affiliate link for the same. Strange for a web hosting company.


Hostinger is one of the fastest hosts that I have tested thus far. What's interesting is that Hostinger is quick right out-of-the-box. So, even if you are a non-technical person who understands nothing about caching, you can make your website load at lightning-fast speeds with Hostinger.

While one might argue that Hostinger is quick mainly because of the LiteSpeed Webserver and pre-installed LSCache plugin. However, to Hostinger's credit, they are one of rare hosting companies that offer LiteSpeed Webserver with their base plan and as far as I know, the only one that offers it at this price point.

While it did look quick to load with the naked eye, I thought of running a few tests to see how quick it is. For carrying out the tests, I used GTMetrix and Pingdom 

As for the website, I chose a WooCommerce Website built using a page builder. I specifically chose this set-up as it is resource-heavy and generates huge pages with a lot of requests. I carried out the tests with zero optimization efforts from my end. Cloudflare was turned off for these tests.

So, let's checkout how Hostinger handle's this website. Below are the test results from GTMetrix

As you can see below, our test website loaded in just 1.7 second. Let me remind you, we made no efforts to optimize the website and hence the average performance scores of 78% and 97%

The GTMetrix Test Result for Hosting Hosting

As you can see in the Waterfall chart, the website generated a massive 73 Requests and the page size was 1.66MB uncompressed. This clearly demonstrates how quick Hostinger Web Hosting is with zero optimization efforts.

This is a Waterfall Chart from GTMetrix recorded for Hostinger Review 2022

Next, we checked the same website with Pingdom. As you can see the website loaded in just 1.2 seconds. As per Pingdom the total size of the web page is even larger at 1.8MB and it generated 73 requests.

Hostinger Review: Pingdom Test

The above tests clearly indicate that when it comes to speed, Hostinger is one of the fastest in the industry beating some of the expensive competitors of Hostinger.

Hostinger Uptime

Uptime is another critical factor you must consider before finalizing a hosting company. However, Hostinger's uptime is a bit of a concern. While it usually fares really well, at times there are long down times which bring down it's overall uptime. 

Below screenshot shows, Hostinger's uptime for last 30 days. The server response time has been rock solid as shown in the image below.

Hostinger Uptime

And here's the chart of Hostinger's downtime recorded. You can see 2 long downtime periods which is a cause of concern for me.

Hostinger Downtime

Hostinger Customer Support

Customer Support is another crucial factor to be considered before selecting a hosting company. This is one area where Hostinger has to improve considerably. 

The response times are very slow. I see their chat option to be like creating a ticket and getting a response through a chat-window. However, the good part is, you don't have to wait for the executive to respond. You get an email when an executive answers your query.

There's a plugin called Hostinger that comes pre-installed with WordPress. I was unsure what was the purpose of this plugin. So, I thought of reaching out Hostinger's Customer support to enquire about the same.

At the time of sending the message, the chat window showed that the response time then was less than 10 minutes. However, the bot message indicated that it can take up to 30 minutes for live specialist to answer your query.

I received the first reply in about 15 minutes. You can check the screenshots of the reply.

Hostinger Chat Support Test
Hostinger Chat Support Test 2
Hostinger Chat Support Test 3
Hostinger Chat Support Test Final

From the time seen in first and last screenshot you can verify that it took almost 45 minutes for Hostinger to answer this basic query. So, this is certainly not the quickest of the customer support. But for the price you are paying, you must compromise on something. In Hostinger's case you will have to deal with a slow customer support team.

Alternatives To Hostinger

No web hosting is perfect. So this Hostinger Review would be incomplete without providing alternatives to Hostinger. So let us find out what other web hosting you can consider.

1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the most popular hosting in the Web Hosting industry. Like Hostinger, it's one of the few hosting companies that's not owned by EIG or GoDaddy. 

A2 Hosting is especially for their Turbo Server plans that are lightning quick. And yes, A2 Hosting's Turbo Servers are capable of taking on Hostinger when it comes to speed. However, what gives A2 Hosting an edge over Hostinger is their awesome customer support.

So, if you are looking for a web host that won't dessert you and your website during outages, you can consider going with A2 Hosting. You can also check my A2 Hosting Review For 2022

2. Cloudways 

Hostinger offers unmanaged VPS as well as managed Cloud Hosting plans. However, unlike their unmanaged VPS, their Cloud Hosting plans does not allocate dedicated resources for your website. Rather, it uses CloudLinux to restrict all the accounts to a certain resource limit.

You can think of it as a Shared Hosting hosted on a Cloud. However, if you are looking for Managed Cloud VPS and have a tight budget, Cloudways would be way to go as they offer Managed Cloud VPS starting just $10/month. They are even offering free $20 hosting credits to Blogging Ocean Readers.

3. Liquid Web

Cloudways is a great VPS option. However, like Hostinger, they struggle with their slow support. Also, their in-house control panel is not as intuitive as cPanel. So, if you are looking for great support and cPanel and don't mind shelling out $15 a month, Liquid Web would be the best option for you. 

At Liquid Web you can get Managed VPS Solutions starting just $15/month. The price includes 5 website cPanel license. And if you go with their VPS bundle that starts at $20 a month, apart from the cPanel license, you also get a CloudFlare Pro plan. 

To remind you, most hosting companies charge $15 or higher for cPanel license and Cloudflare Pro itself will cost you $20/month. So, if you can afford $20 a month, Liquid web is an absolute steal deal.

Final Words

Hostinger provides one of the most affordable web hosting plans. However, cheap does not always mean low-quality.

In this Hostinger Review for 2023 we covered, how despite their low-pricing, Hostinger is one of the fastest hosting companies we tested. This is courtesy the Litespeed Webserver they provide even with their basic plan.

Their customer support is pretty average, which you can expect at their price point. So, if you don't mind waiting to get your queries answered, Hostinger is a no-brainer deal.

Hostinger Review 2023 + Exclusive 10% Discount Code
Hostinger Review

Check this Hostinger Review 2023 to find out if Hostinger is the best affordable hosting company and if it fits your requirements and budget.

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