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WordHero Vs Jasper AI (Jarvis AI): 9 Points To Help You Choose The Best Tool

By Aquif Shaikh

Nov 28, 2022

Jasper AI and WordHero are two of the best AI content Writing software. So how do these two AI Content writers stack up against each other?

Which one of the two is better and value for money? Let us find out in this WordHero vs Jasper AI head-on-head comparison.

Jasper Vs WordHero (TL,DR)

In the Jasper Vs WordHero side-by-side comparison, Jasper is way better than Wordhero. In fact, Jasper is by far the best AI content writing tool in the market.

And as expected in my quality tests, Jasper beats WordHero quite easily. So, if you are looking for AI writing tool for your current use, you can blindly go for Jasper AI.

Having said that, WordHero isn't a bad tool. What I like about WordHero is that the developers behind the tool are aggressively pushing out new features. Their roadmap too looks promising. So, I have high hopes that a year or 2 from now, WordHero will develop into a mature platform.

And since, their lifetime deal with unlimited words is on offer on AppSumo, I'd advise you to invest in the tool with future prospects in mind. Who knows, maybe two years from now, you'd buy WordHero at a premium price.

Even though I pay for Jasper AI, I've myself invested in the WordHero Lifetime Deal.

WordHero Vs Jasper AI Summary

Comparison Points


Jasper AI


Company Profile (Authenticity)

WordHero is a relative new company. They don't even have an About Us page which puts a question mark about their whereabouts

Jasper AI is an established company with a big team working behind the scenes to make their product better each day.

Jasper AI

Ease of Use

Both the short-form content template as well as long-form editor of WordHero are easy to access and use

The short-form content editor of Jasper is easy to use. However, the long-form content editor has way too many features due to which there is a slight learning curve.


Number Of Content Templates

WordHero has a total of 58 content templates as of time of writing this article. So you are most likely to find one for your use case

Jasper AI has 55 content templates as of time of writing this article. Plus the Boss Mode of Jasper AI can be used to create almost any type of content you can think of.


Quality of Short-Form Content Template

In our tests, WordHero's output was sort of mixed bag, sometimes it created exceptional content and other times mediocre content.

Jasper's quality was top notch with Short-form content templates. However, it was even better when we used Jasper Commands in the Boss Mode for creating short form content

Jasper AI

Quality of Long-Form Content Template

In our tests, WordHero struggled big time with creating long-form content often writing out of context when asked to create entire content on it's own.

Jasper's content was quite usable except for some repetitive sentences when asked to create entire content on it's own. From my experience, it writes a lot better with regular human inputs and edits.

Jasper AI


WordHero has a very small Facebook Community

Jasper AI has an active community where you can discuss your problems and also learns hacks to make most out of Jasper.

Jasper AI


WordHero is super-cheap, especially with their AppSumo Lifetime deal for unlimited words priced at $89 (2 codes of $89 for long-form editor)

Jasper AI is much on the costlier side starting at $29/month for Startup plan and $59/Month for Boss Mode Plan


Value For Money

With an unbelievable AppSumo lifetime deal, WordHero isn't just value for money but a steal deal

Despite it's higher pricing, Jasper AI is worth every penny. 


Links To Buy Tool


WordHero Vs Jasper AI: Which One Is Better For You

We will be comparing Jasper with WordHero based on several parameters so that it's easy for you to pick up the one that's suitable for you.

1. WordHero And Jasper AI Company Details

Jasper AI is one of the oldest players in the AI content writing industry that is based in Austin, US. It started off as Conversion.ai, then rebranded itself to Jarvis AI and after some trademark issues, it again rebranded itself to Jasper AI.

Jasper AI has a fairly large team that constantly works on improving the product and fixing any glitches ASAP. And of course, they are constantly hiring new people to add to their team to make sure they do not lag behind in terms of manpower.

WordHero on the other hand seems to be a small company. A one-man team probably? There is no about us page for WordHero, nor do they have a LinkedIn company page. So, it's difficult to even trace its whereabouts.

This usually isn't how growing companies work. But given that WordHero is still new in the industry, I might give it the benefit of doubt and wait for the next few months and see where it goes as a company.

Winner: Jasper AI

My Verdict: Jasper is a more established company so you can expect fixes to any issues quicker as compared to WordHero. So Jasper is a clear winner in this department.

2. Ease Of Use

Using content templates by WordHero is very straightforward, you just have to log in to your Dashboard to get the list of content templates available at WordHero.

By default, WordHero will show you all the content templates. However, you can use the category tabs to filter the content templates to make it easy for you to locate them.

WordHero Content Templates

Upon clicking any of the templates you will be asked to provide some input for the AI to be able to generate quality output. Once you enter all the details, just hit the Write For Me button and WordHero AI will write the output for you.

WordHero Content Templates Step 1

For using the Long-form editor of WordHero, you can navigate to the editor tab from the top menu of the WordHero Dashboard.

WordHero Long Form Editor

Once in the Editor, you can either manually select your title or use the Blog Headlines content template from the left-hand menu that shows all the content templates.

Once you write your headlines, you can use the Blog Intros template to write the introduction for your blog.

Next, you can use the Blog Outline button in the Top Menu to generate the outline for your blog.

The Blog Paragraphs button can be used to generate paragraphs for the title created through Blog Outline.

There's also a Write More button in the same menu if you wish to add more text to the section

Overall, it's very straightforward to use WordHero's short-form content template as well as the long-form editor. It won't take you more than 15 minutes to get hold of things.

Coming to Jasper AI, to access the short-form content templates of Jasper AI you first need to log in to your Jasper AI Dashboard and navigate to the Templates option in the left-hand side menu.

You will now see a list of all content templates available at Jasper AI. You can also filter the templates depending on their category to easily find the template or use the search bar above to search the template.

Jasper Content Template

Once you click on either of the templates, like WordHero, you will be asked to provide some inputs to the Jasper AI editor. Unlike WordHero, you can also select the number of outputs you want for each AI run.

Jasper Content Template Input

Once you have provided all the inputs, you can click on the Generate AI Content button to get your desired output.

Everything is very straightforward and it won't take you long to get hold of things.

Coming to the long-form editor or the Boss Mode of Jasper AI, you can either access the editor through the Long-form Assistant content template in the templates section or you can click the Plus sign (+) in front of Documents in the left-hand side menu to create a new document.

Jasper Boss Mode

In either case, you will now be asked to either Start From Scratch or use the Blog Post Workflow option.

Jasper Boss Mode Workflow

As the name suggests, selecting the Start From Scratch option will open a blank document. You will have to manually create the Title and Introduction of the Blog Post

As for the Blog Post Workflow option, it will ask you to provide certain inputs based on which the AI will guide you to create the Blog Post Title and Blog Introduction so that you don't start with a blank page while writing the blog post.

If you selected the Blog Post Workflow option, the details on the left-hand side like Title, Content Description, Tone of Voice, etc. will be pre-filled with your input. In any case, you can either add or edit the details on the left-hand side any time you wish.

Unlike WordHero, at Jasper, you will only find the Compose button in the default editor. Hitting on the compose button will make the AI write for you from wherever your cursor is placed.

You can also choose to reveal the short-form content templates on the left side like WordHero by switching to the Power Mode tab on the top of the editor as shown in the image below.

Jasper Focus Mode

The power mode looks like the one in image below

Jasper Power Mode

Adding the SurferSEO integration will add another tab, the SEO tab to the top. In this tab, you can manage the SEO of your Blog.

Jasper also supports Jasper Commands, which means you can write commands to instruct the AI to write the content as you want. The Jasper commands aren't specific in nature and you can use commands just like you use them to instruct your writer.

To run a Jasper command you can place the cursor at the end of the command line and press CTRL + Enter on a PC or CMD + Enter on a Mac.

Jasper also uses several other commands, the list of which you can find by clicking the Purple colored (i) icon as shown in the image below and then selecting Keyboard Shortcuts from the dropdown menu.

Since Jasper is feature-rich, it isn't as straightforward to use Jasper's long-form editor as WordHero's long-form editor. There is definitely a learning curve.

However, the features you get with Jasper are worth the effort.

Winner: WordHero

My Verdict: The short-form content template is easy to use for both WordHero and Jasper. However, because of the number of features you get with Jasper AI, there is definitely a learning curve while using its Boss Mode. WordHero long-form editor, on the other hand, is very straightforward to use.

3. Number of Content Templates

As of the time of writing this article, Jasper is providing a total of 55 content templates. Name any use case and you will mostly find a template for the same at Jasper.

From Google and FB ads to popular frameworks like AIDA and PAS, Jasper has you all covered. In fact, with their boss mode, you might not even need a content template as you can literally instruct the editor to write almost any type of content you can think of.

WordHero on the other hand provides a total of 58 templates at the time of writing this article. It has some interesting templates like Startup Elevator Pitch which you cannot find in Jasper AI standard templates.

Of course, you can use the Boss Mode to create such content.

Winner: Tie

My Verdict: While WordHero features more templates and some of them really cool ones, Jasper still steals the show with their Boss Mode. However, since not everyone will go with Jasper's Boss Mode plan, I'd like to call it a tie.

4. Quality of Short-form Content Template

The quality of any content is subjective. What's quality content for me might not sound great to you. And of course, vice versa also holds true.

So, instead of passing direct verdicts on which one of the tools is better, let us do a comparison of the two tools by feeding them the same input and then comparing their output for quality.

For our first comparison example, let's use the PAS framework. Since most of you must be copywriters, let us try and create a PAS framework to sell Copywriting services.

First, I provided the input to the WordHero editor as shown in the image below.

WordHero PAS Input

Below is the output that I got from the editor.

WordHero PAS Template

As you can see, for some reason, WordHero assumed Blogging Ocean to be an AI writer instead of copywriting and content writing service provider.

This was strange since the input was very clear that Blogging Ocean is a copywriting and content writing service provider. I created more output and even slightly tweaked the input, but things were no different.

To be fair to WordHero, I decided to give it another shot and completely changed my input to the PAS tool and WordHero did a fairly decent job. I won't call it great, but it wasn't bad either.

WordHero PAS Template

I also used the AIDA framework of WordHero and provided it with the same first input. Surprisingly, WordHero did not err this time and came up with great output.

WordHero AIDA Template

So, it seems their PAS framework isn't properly optimized.

Coming to Jasper, we provided the same input as WordHero to the Jasper AI PAS tool. And as expected, the output from Jasper AI was exceptional and better than an average copywriter.

Jasper AI PAS Template

The output from the AIDA tool too was great and no complaints here too from Jasper.

Jasper AI AIDA Template

However, the real power of Jasper AI is in its Boss Mode. I used Jasper commands in the Boss Mode to instruct the AI to create the content using the PAS framework. And the results were even better than the Jasper PAS template as shown in the image below.

Jasper AI PAS Boss Mode

Winner: Jasper AI

My Verdict: Except for the first PAS framework run, WordHero wasn't exactly bad. However, Jasper greatly outperformed WordHero. The results for Jasper AI were even better with Boss Mode. That's the reason, with Jasper, I personally use and recommend using Boss Mode for creating all your short-form content.

5. Quality of Long-form Editor

To test the long-form capabilities of both tools, I wrote a sample article with each of the tools. The only data that I provided to the tools was the topic of the article and then used the tools to completely write the articles with zero additional input from my end.

To be noted, this isn't the ideal approach and most tools will fail if you completely rely on them to write the articles. A better approach is to write the article yourself and use the AI tools only when you get stuck or can't seem to find the right words for your sentence.

Nevertheless, with WordHero Long Form Editor, I first used the Blog Headlines template to generate the title for the blog post. I used "Keto Diet For Weight Loss" as the input to the tool.

Next, I used the Blog Outline tool to generate the outline for the blog post. Thereafter I used the Blog Paragraphs tool to write content under each heading. I also used the Write More tool to extend the paragraphs which were initially too short.

Below is the final output that I got from the tool. Let me tell you, I did some manual formatting and might have removed some unnecessary or repetitive data. However, I did not add any text manually to the tool.

WordHero Long-form Editor
WordHero Long-form Editor

As you can see, WordHero's output wasn't great. Most of the time it wrote out of context and was somewhat repetitive. Again, let me remind you, things might have been better if I had used some manual inputs to guide the AI tool.

But overall, WordHero failed to impress with the long-form editor.

Coming to Jasper, I used the Blog Post Workflow to first generate the title and introduction for the blog post. I provided the same input for the Blog topic as WordHero. As for the keywords, I provided "Keto Diet" as my keyword.

I then picked one of the titles suggested by Jasper AI and then used that title as a reference to generate the introduction for the blog post.

Once the introduction was generated, I used a Jasper command to instruct the writer to write an outline for the blog post.

Next, I placed the cursor at the end of each of the headlines and clicked the Compose button to add content to the headline.

Below was the output that I got from Jasper AI. As with WordHero, I did some formatting as well as removed some repetitive texts.

Jasper AI Long-form Editor
Jasper AI Long-form Editor
Jasper AI Long-form Editor

As you can see, the output isn't perfect by any means. However, Jasper AI did not write out of context. It did write extra paragraphs which somewhat did not make sense, but once removed, the article was usable.

Plus, some of the content written with Jasper was factually incorrect. For example, on Keto diet, you have to minimize carbs as much as you can and not ensure taking it as stated in the article.

However, with more inputs from the user, I am sure Jasper AI can do a much better job.

Winner: Jasper

My Verdict: WordHero wasn't pathetic with its long-form content generation. But it did stray away from the topic almost every time. Jasper too struggled to write factually incorrect answers and did write some repetitive content.

As such both the articles aren't quite usable on your main blog. However, Jasper was still ahead of WordHero in long-form content generation.

6. Customer Support

I'd be honest, I haven't interacted with WordHero customer support yet. So, I can't really comment on the promptness or knowledge of their support team.

As for Jasper, I did ask Jasper at least a couple of questions. The first time I received the reply on the same day itself. The second time around I received a reply the next day, most likely because it was a Sunday when I contacted them.

Winner: No Winner

My Verdict: Since I haven't interacted enough with either of the customer support team, it will be wrong to pass a verdict based on this. But nevertheless, I don't see any problem even with slower response times as I can't think of a scenario where you might need urgent help.

7. Community

Jasper has an active Jasper Facebook community and I must say it is very active. You can ask your questions or seek advice from fellow Jasper users. Support-related topics though aren't permitted in the group.

As for WordHero, it too has a WordHero Facebook community. However, the number of members are way less than Jasper. And this is understandable given that WordHero is a relatively new tool.

Winner: Jasper

My Verdict: It's always good to see how fellow users are using the tool. You can understand what you are doing wrong as well as get ideas to better utilize the tool. Needless to say, Jasper doesn't disappoint you here as well.

8. Pricing

WordHero has a flat pricing system. They just have one plan that comes with unlimited words.

The plan is priced at $29/month when paid in advance for a year and $49/month when paid monthly. All the features are included whether you go for the monthly plan or the annual plan.

Apart from this, currently WordHero is running a Lifetime deal on AppSumo. Through this deal, you can grab lifetime access to WordHero for just a $89 one time payment for short form content templates. For long form content generator, you need to buy two codes.

This is insane considering the fact that the pricing is less than 4 months of WordHero's premium monthly subscription.

Jasper has a more complex pricing system. They have two plans

a. Startup Plan

The startup plan is suitable for copywriters and social media marketers who just want to create short-form content. It isn't for bloggers and content writers as it lacks a long-form editor.

The Startup plan starts at $29/month and includes 20,000 free words. Of course, if you need more words, you can move to their higher tier for the same.

b. Boss Mode Plan

The Boss Mode plan includes the long-form editor apart from short-form content templates. This is the most popular plan of Jasper AI.

If you are planning to buy Jasper, I highly recommend the Boss Mode plan. Even for short-form content, the Boss Mode plan gives out better outputs as compared to the short-form content templates.

The Boss Mode plan starts at $59/month and includes 50,000 free words. Like with the startup plan, if you need more words you can always move to the higher tier.

One thing worth noting here is, that by default, Jasper will automatically upgrade your plan if you hit the limits. Of course, you can change this behavior in the setting section to disable automatic upgrades.

But this is something you should keep in mind if you don't want to shocking bills.

Winner: WordHero

My Verdict: The WordHero AppSumo deal is too good to be true. And with Jasper being priced very high, there is absolutely no competition here when it comes to pricing.

9. Value for Money

WordHero's AppSumo deal is just insane. At $89 for the lifetime with unlimited words for short form content template, WordHero is not just value for money, but a steal deal. Even $178 to get access to long-form editor is not a bad deal. True, the product isn't completely mature as of now. But it might just become one of the top AI tools in the market in the near future.

So make sure to grab WordHero before the AppSumo deal is gone.

As for Jasper AI, it isn't the cheapest of the tools. In fact, with the limit on words generated, it could as well be the costliest tool in the market.

However, with price, also comes quality. And, trust me, Jasper is worth every penny spent. That's the reason, even though I have a lifetime deal of WordHero, Rytr, Peppertype AI, and Writecream, I still pay for Jasper AI.

Winner: Tie

My Verdict: While Jasper AI is worth every penny, WordHero's lifetime deal too is too good to be true.

Final Verdict

Jasper and WordHero both are great AI tools. In this WordHero vs Jasper AI comparison, I did my best to compare these tools with a neutral mindset based on my experience with these tools as well as the live quality tests that I carried with them

Given that the AI writing industry is still in it's initial phase, you can't expect these tools to replace your content writer. 

WordHero has it's share of problems. It did struggle somewhat with PAS template as well as long-form content. Jasper on the other hand was rock solid with short-form content, especially with Boss Mode. However, it too struggled with long-form content when you don't use any human inputs.

However, as I said, these tools aren't meant to replace your content writers. When you use these tools, especially Jasper, as a helper for a human content writer, they do a great job. You just have to make sure to edit the output as and when the AI writer strays out of topic and you will be surprised by the output you get.

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