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Writecream Review 2023: Is The Writecream Lifetime Deal Worth It?

By Aquif Shaikh

Feb 24, 2023

Writecream is an emerging AI content writing tool. It isn't as famous as Jasper AI and other AI content-writing tools. However, it is quickly gaining some traction.

So, is Writecream a good AI writing tool? Is it worth your money? Let us find out the same in this Writecream review for 2023.

Writecream Review 2023

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TL;DR Review Summary

Writecream is a decent tool with a few unique content templates you can't find elsewhere. I especially liked the LinkedIn Personalization and Image Ice Breaker template, which was great.

But overall, Writecream is still a very immature product. The output from most of the content templates was mediocre. Compared to tools like Jasper, Rytr, and even WordHero, Writecream failed to impress.

However, given that most AI writing tools, including Writecream, are still in their learning phase, chances are high that Writecream will improve in the future.

The unique templates like LinkedIn Personalization, Email Personalization, and even text-to-voice converter are reasons enough for you to invest in Writecream's Lifetime Deal.

And since Writecream Lifetime Deal is up for grabs, you should definitely invest in this tool for future use.

Pros Of Writecream

  • Unique Content Templates: Writecream offers quite a few content templates that you won't find elsewhere. Most of these templates work great.
  • Decent Article Writer: Articles generated using the Article Writer template were decent, considering no manual input from my end.
  • Writecream Lifetime Deal: You can grab the Writecream Lifetime Deal on AppSumo

Cons of Writecream

  • Average Output Quality: While some of the content templates, especially the unique ones, created great output, overall, the quality of most content templates was below par
  • Average Long-Form Editor: The long-form editor lacked advanced features. The Write More function lets you select far less text; hence, I wouldn't say I liked it.
  • Shorter Articles Generated: The Article Writer template limits the number of headings to 4, and hence the article generated was only 654 words.

How To Get Writecream Lifetime Deal

You can follow the below steps to get the Writecream Lifetime Deal

1. Visit Writecream AppSumo Deal Page by clicking the below button

2. Click on the Yellow Buy Now button in the top right corner

Writecream Lifetime Deal On AppSumo Buy Now

3. On the next page, select the number of codes; you can buy up to 5 codes, increasing your Writecream writing limits

Writecream Lifetime Deal Select Quantity On AppSumo

4. Next, you can create an AppSumo Account if you don't already have one

5. Finally, choose your Payment Method and check out to get this Writecream Lifetime Deal.

Writecream Review 2023

Below is the detailed Writecream Review for 2023

What is Writecream?

Writecream is a GPT-3 based AI content writing tool that helps you generate high-quality, engaging content in minutes with limited input from your end.

Writecream offers a wide range of content templates you can use to start your writing. Several of these content templates are unique to Writecream which makes Writecream stand out from the crowd.

Writecream Unique Content Templates

Below are some of the content templates that are unique to Writecream and are the primary reason you should get Writecream.

1. Email Personalization

As the name suggests, Email personalization lets you send personalized emails to webmasters. All you have to do is enter the URL of the website, and Writecream will create a highly-personalized email for you to send to the webmaster.

Let's check out how it fares. For our example, I will be entering the URL of my blog.

Writecream Email Personalization Template

Below is the output from the tool

Writecream Email Personalization Template Output

As you can see, Writecream did a decent job personalizing the emails. It first analyzed the blog to understand what it is about, probably through the home page meta description, and then personalized the message accordingly.

Writecream also allows you to get personalized messages in bulk. All you have to do is upload a CSV file containing the Website URL, and Email Address you want to send the email to, and Writecream will then allow you to download a file containing the personalized message in front of the email.

2. LinkedIn Personalization

The LinkedIn personalization content template allows you to send a customized message to your LinkedIn connections.

To use the template, you have to enter the profile URL of the LinkedIn contact, and Writecream will automatically read the information on the profile and create a personalized message ready for you to send to your contact.

Let's check the output of the template. For our example, I am entering the URL of my own LinkedIn profile.

Writecream LinkedIn Personalization Template

Below is the output of the tool

Writecream LinkedIn Personalization Output

As you can see, the output was mixed bag. Here are my observations

1. The first output was nice and professional

2. The second output was factually incorrect and also not a great conversation starter.

But overall, it is a great tool to draft a quick message to your contact.

3. Backlink Personalization

Admit it; writing a personalized email for backlink outreach can be daunting, especially if you have a large list to follow up on.

However, Writecream claims to make things easier by drafting personalized messages you can send your prospects straightaway.

To get started, you need to enter the URL of the article from which you seek a backlink. For our example, I did input the link to my blog article on Jasper Review.

Writecream Backlink Personalization Template

Below is the output that I got from the tool.

Writecream Backlink Personalization Output

As you can see, the personalized messages are great, especially the second one. So Writecream can indeed help you reduce your burden of backlink outreach.

4. Audio Icebreaker

An Audio Icebreaker is used to generate a .mp3 audio file with the icebreaker. To get started, you can enter the URL of the website, language, accent and voice for the personalized message.

You can also choose the speed of reading the message and add breathing sounds to the audio to make it look more natural.

Once you have selected all the necessary options, clicking the Generate button will create the Audio Icebreaker. You can listen to the audio before choosing to download the same.

Below are the options that I selected for my tests

Writecream Audio Icebreaker Template

And below is the output audio that we got

5. Create A Voiceover

You can use this template to convert your text to voice. The settings for the Voiceover template are similar to Audio Icebreaker with one change, you input plain text instead of an URL.

For our example, I input the text from this article itself. Below is the screenshot of the text with the settings used.

Writecream Voiceover Template

Here is the audio file of the output that I got.

Writecream Quality Of Output

Now that we have checked the templates unique to Writecream let us now check the quality of the commonly used Writecream Templates.

1. Writecream PAS Framework

The PAS copywriting framework is one of the most commonly used copywriting frameworks. So, I decided to start with the same on this Writecream quality check test. Below is the input that I provided to Writecream

Writecream PAS Framework Template

Now here's the output that I got from the Writecream Pain-Agitate-Solution Copywriting tool.

Writecream PAS Framework Output

As you can see, in the first output, the Pain and Agitate points are the same. It's the Agitate part that is wrongly framed. So, the output isn't usable.

The second output generated was spot on and looked very professional. You can use it in your copy as it is with no or minimum tweaks.

In the third output, the Agitate part again sounds a bit odd. I won't say it isn't really not "Agitating" as in the first case. But I failed to make sense of the logic of the comparison used in the Agitate part.

2. Before-After-Bridge Copywriting Framework

Next, I decided to check Writercream's Before-After-Bridge copywriting template. I provided the same input to this tool as the PAS framework, and here's the output I got.

Writecream BAB Framework Output

As you can see, with this template, Writecream did a fairly decent job and the copies created were quite usable. I especially like the first output, which can be used as it is.

3. Compelling Bullet Points

For compelling bullet points too I decided to use the same input as with the PAS framework. Below is the output I got.

Writecream Compelling-Bullet Points Output

The output wasn't great but was above average and quite usable. Overall, I'd give a thumbs up to the Compelling Bullet Points tool.

4. Value Proposition

Below is the output I got for the Value Proposition tool using the same input as before.

Writecream Value Proposition Output

Again, the output was quite decent and usable as it is. But it wasn't brilliant either, and most average copywriters can produce similar output.

5. Engaging Social Posts

You can check the output of the Engaging Social Posts below for the same input.

Writecream Engaging Social Posts Output

As you can see, the Engaging Social Posts template created posts that weren't engaging whatsoever. They were plain dull.

I wouldn't recommend using Writecream's Engaging Social Posts tool for creating posts for your social media profiles.

Writecream Long-Form Content Generators

For the long-form content generation, Writecream uses two content templates. Let us go through each one of them and see if they are worth it.

1. Long-Form Editor

The Long-Form Editor of Writecream is a sort of document where you can generate and use the output from one of the several content templates available at Writecream.

You can also select existing text to reveal 4 long-form editing options, including Expand, Rewrite, Paraphrase and Write More. The names are self-explanatory, so I will not discuss them in detail.

For creating a blog post, you first use the Blog Idea template to get a list of Blog Titles you can use. You can select the one that you find exciting and delete the rest.

Next, you can use the Blog Intro Template to write an intro for the blog post. Of course, you will get a list of several such introductions. You can keep the one you like and then delete the rest.

Next, use the Blog Outline template to create an outline for the blog post, and then use the Blog Heading Expand template to expand each of the headings in the outline.

As discussed earlier, you can also select existing text to write more content or rewrite the generated content. However, I found the Write More function quite unusable as it often generated junk text.

Add to it that you can select only a few words using the Write More function. So, there will likely be a continuity issue.

Finally, you can use the Blog Conclusion template to write a conclusion for the blog post.

Let's check how the article that I chose turned out for me. I did not write an entire article but just a few headings to give a rough idea of the quality.

Writecream Long Form Editor Output

As you can see, the article wasn't great. But that is the case with most article writers when you use them as standalone writers and not as writing assistants. 

I won't recommend using Writecream Long Form Editor unless you want to use it for generating text for non-important pages.

But even in that case, you better use Writecream's other template, the Article Writer template, which we will discuss now.

2. Article Writer

The Article Writer is a completely automated article generator by Writecream. All you have to do is enter a topic for your article and then follow the instructions to get a complete article.

Let's check out that in action.

As you can see, when you open the Article Writer template, you will first be asked to choose a topic.

Writecream Article Writer

Once you enter the topic, you can click Generate Idea to generate up to 5 ideas for your article. You can select the tab with the idea you like and click Next Step to move to the next step.

Next, as shown in the image below, Writecream will automatically take your selected title as its input for generating the intro of the blog post.

Writecream Article Writer Step 2

You can edit the title if you wish at this point or simply click on Generate Intros to generate up to 5 introductions for your blog post. As earlier, you can select the intro of your choice and click on Next Step.

In the next step, your Blog Intro and Blog Title will be used as input to generate the outline for your blog post.

Writecream Article Writer Step 3

In the final step, your Blog Title, Blog Intro, and Blog Outline will be used as input, and the AI writer will automatically write the complete article.

Writecream Article Writer Step 4

One thing to be noted here is that Writecream can currently accept a maximum of 4 headings. Since our chosen outline contained 10 headings. Writecream removed the last 6 headings and wrote the article with just 4 headings.

The output article I got was just 654 words long, which is too short by any standards.

As for the quality of the article, it wasn't very impressive. But when you consider that the article was generated with minimal input, it was quite decent. You can use it as a fill-up article on your blog.

Writecream Pricing

Writecream offers a total of 3 regular plans and 1 special plan.

1. The Free Forever plan, as the name suggests, offers 20 credits per month free for the lifetime.

2. The Standard plan is priced at $49/month and offers 200 credits per month

3. The Extended plans is priced at $69/month and offers 750 credits per month

However, for a limited time, Writecream is offering one additional plan called Unlimited Plan. This plan is priced at just $29/month and offers unlimited content generation.

Writecream Lifetime Deal

AI Writing tools can be too pricey. However, currently, Writecream Lifetime deal is up for grabs. With this deal you get access to 200 credits per month for lifetime for just $59 one-time payment on AppSumo.

If you have higher requirements, you can stack up to 5 AppSumo codes for $59 each. Each code will give you access to 200 Writecream credits. So, you can have up to 1000 credits per month for $295 one-time payment.

Writecream Alternatives

We have covered most of the important parts of our Writecream Review so far.

Now, let's compare the commonly used templates with other tools to compare the outputs.

For our example, I will be using the PAS framework. I will provide the same input to the competitor tools as I provided to the Writecream tool earlier. Then I will compare the output received from each of the AI Writers with Writecream.

You can quickly check back the output of the Writecream tool and come back so that you are in a better position to compare the output yourself.

1. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is hands down the best AI content writing tool I have tested thus far. So, it would be interesting to see how Writecream fares in this Writecream vs. Jasper AI comparison.

Apart from the Product Name and Product Description input, Jasper also allows you to set the Tone of Voice and select the Input and Output Languages.

You can also choose the number of outputs as shown in the image below.

Jasper AI PAS Framework

Below is the output from the Jasper AI PAS framework content template. As the outputs were longer and could not fit in a single screenshot, I used two screenshots.

Jasper AI PAS Framework Output 1
Jasper AI PAS Framework Output 2

As you can see, all the outputs from Jasper AI were very professional and can be used as it is. I really liked their second output. It goes beyond what I had input and discusses what the Semrush tool can do.

Though, I am not sure if it was more of guesswork or a placeholder from Jasper AI or if Jasper AI just killed it with the right output. Don't forget to check my detailed Jasper AI Review

2. Rytr

Rytr is another popular tool on this list. As of the time of writing this article, Rytr had over 1 million users. So let us check out how it fares in our test.

As an Input, Rytr demands quite a few additional inputs compared to Writecream. Apart from the product description, you will have to enter the language, tone of voice, number of outputs, and creativity level. The lesser the creativity level, the more factual the output.

Higher creativity levels can be used for fictional stories, while the lower creativity level can be used for technical articles. I chose to go with medium creativity, as shown in the image below

Rytr PAS Framework

Below is the output from Wordhero Copywriting Framework: PAS tool.

Rytr PAS Framework Output

As you can see, all three outputs were unique, and the copies were much better than one created by an average copywriter.

It's tough to choose between Jasper AI and Rytr, though I might give Rytr an edge. This, of course, makes Rytr much better than Writecream, at least for the PAS framework.

3. Wordhero

Wordhero is another tool that I feel is growing fast and evolving into a great tool. So, I wanted to put up this Wordhero vs. Writecream comparison.

Like Writecream, Wordhero only allows you to enter your product name and product description. You can check the input below.

WordHero PAS Framework

And here's the output I got from the WordHero PAS Copywriting Formula tool.

WordHero PAS Framework Output

The outputs were concise and great for shorter copies. But I still feel Wordhero lagged way behind Jasper AI or Rytr.

However, on the positive side, the outputs looked much more polished than Writecream. Although I won't say the difference is huge, it's still better.

And since WordHero is also offering a Lifetime deal with an option for unlimited words, WordHero is a much better choice.

You can also check out my detailed Wordhero Review

4. Peppertype AI

PepperType is another AI writing tool on this list that got popular after being listed on AppSumo.

As an Input, Peppertype asks you to enter the product name and product description. Advanced users can also enter the target audience.

However, for some unknown reason, they have put up Occasion and Discount options. This could have made sense for the AIDA framework. But not sure if they were needed for PAS Framework.

Anyway, below is my input to the Peppertype Pain-Agitate-Solution Copywriting template.

Peppertype PAS Framework

And here is the output that I got from Peppertype.

Peppertype PAS Framework Output

I had higher hopes for Peppertype AI. However, Peppertype AI disappointed me big time.

The first output was great in parts, but when put up as a whole, it contained some unrequired sentences that killed the effect of a good copy.

The other outputs weren't good either. Overall, Peppertype AI was a big disappointment. I'd say it is comparable to or worse than Writecream.

Final Verdict

Writecream is a decent tool that comes with some unique and useful content templates. It does struggle to create good content with its regular templates, but as we all know, Writecream is a relatively new tool and is still in the learning phase. 

Writecream does have the potential to be one of the best tools in the AI Content Writing industry. And with Writecream's Lifetime Deal live on AppSumo for just $59, there's no reason you should not invest in this tool for future use.

However, if you are looking for a tool to create content today, I'd highly recommend you go with Jasper AI. It is definitely on the expensive side when you compare it to other tools in the market. However, quality-wise it is way ahead of the competition and is value for money. 

Writecream Review 2023: Is This Lifetime Deal Worth It?
Writecream Review

Looking for an honest Writecream Review for 2023? Check out this detailed review of Writecream to know everything you must know of this AI writing tool.

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