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5 Best Comma Checker Tools 2022 (And Comma Splice Checker)

By Aquif Shaikh

Jun 1, 2022

Comma checkers are more popular than ever before especially for Bloggers. Comma checkers can also help students for writing essays as well as for professionals for writing official documents.

Therefore, I decided to put together this list of Best Online Comma Checkers in 2021, that will help you to check comma mistakes in your content. It will also help you to check comma splice and other punctuation errors along with Grammatical errors.

Some tools even claim to check Comma Splices. So let us get to the list of the best comma checker.

If you are in a hurry, I've made a summary of Top Online Comma Checker. Detail seekers can go on to read further.

Best Online Comma Checkers in 2022



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Free and Paid Version






Free And Paid Version

Language Tool


Detailed Review Of Comma Checkers

Below is the list of best Online comma checking tools. Most of these tools also check for other punctuation and grammatical errors while few of them also include Comma Splice checker.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is the best and the most popular Comma Checker that also help you with comma splice checking.  Apart from the commas, it also checks your content other punctuation errors, spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and other mistakes in sentence structure.

Grammarly has both free and premium versions. The free version is sufficient for casual writers while the premium version is more suitable for writers, bloggers, students and other professionals who want to correct advanced Grammatical errors.

Being a blogger myself, I use the premium version of Grammarly to make sure I write content free from any Grammatical and punctuation errors.

The best thing about Grammarly is that it checks your content on the go for any Grammatical errors with the Grammarly Browser extension.

So whether you are tying an important email in Gmail or chatting with your friends on Facebook, Grammarly will correct help you put the commas in the right place.

It also has an add-on for MS Office products and an online content checking tool that will also act as cloud storage for your content.

Recently, Grammarly also added an Android keyboard that helps you detect you commas and other grammatical and punctuation errors on android devices.

Grammarly also features a plagiarism checker which searches for the content in question on the world wide web and looks for any possible signs of plagiarism.

2. WhiteSmoke Punctuation Checker

WhiteSmoke is a comma checker that is considered to be the biggest competitor of Grammarly. Like Grammarly, it checks your content for any Grammatical errors and other punctuation errors include Comma and Comma splice

Whitesmoke is only available as a paid software with just a free trial. A lack of free version makes it unsuitable for most of the casual writers or people who do not frequently write.

Whitesmoke is available as a browser extension for almost every browser. There's also an add-on for MS Office and Outlook.

Apart from the Android application available with Grammarly,  they also have an application for IOS which is only are where Whitesmoke gets an edge over Grammarly.

It also features a full-fledged dictionary and translator for over 50 languages.

3. Ginger Punctuation Checker

Ginger Comma Checker is very similar to Grammarly both in appearance and features. If it wasn't for the different color in their logo, it would have been difficult to distinguish between browser extension of Grammarly and Ginger.

However, unlike Grammarly, Ginger Online Punctuation Checker does not offer a full-fledged free version. The free version is limited to correcting only 14 corrections per week. So, you can only use it to try Ginger and not for actually correcting documents as the number of mistakes in a single document can be higher than fourteen

Ginger comma checker is available as a browser extension as well as an add-on for windows. There's no support for Android or IOS yet for Ginger

4. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is another comma checker that does its job fairly well. I use the word "Fairly" because in my tests it did skip a lot of commas and other punctuation errors. 

Coming to its features, it boasts of a lot of tools including Grammar Checker, Spelling checker, Writing style checker, Repetitive Words checker, Capitalization consistency checker, Plagiarism checker among several other tools.

As for the integration, you get Chrome Extension and add-ons for MS Office, Google Docs, Scrivener and Open Office.

ProWritingAid maybe not very effective, but they are good enough for casual users. I have not tested their premium version, and there are chances that it might be better than their free version.

However, their tool looks very dated and also it is hard to replace their suggestions. So, I would personally never upgrade to their premium version.

5. Language Tool

Language Tool tool is a chrome extension that checks your content for comma mistakes among various other grammatical errors. However, even this tool did not live up to my expectations

Language Tool skipped a lot of punctuation errors in my test documents detecting just one of them. Co-incidentally the comma that Language Tool detected was skipped by ProWritingAid tool. 

My Choice For Comma Checker

Grammarly is the only free tool that was able to detect almost all the punctuation errors. No other tool even came close to detecting the errors detected by Grammarly.

To be fair, I was unable to check WhiteSmoke as their Free Trial option was not even working. So I could not try the same. 

I might be sounding like I am being partial towards Grammarly. However, I suggest that you copy paste the first couple of paragraphs from this article to each tool after removing the punctuations and see for yourself which tool works the best for you.

Final Words

While there are many free and paid comma checker tools available, only Grammarly works as intended in my tests. Ginger comes the second when it comes to checking commas and other punctuations.

Do check out these comma checker tools and let us know what works the best for you.

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