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WriterZen Review 2023: Is This Keyword Research Tool Worth It?

By Aquif Shaikh

Sep 18, 2023

If you're looking for a tool to help with your SEO efforts, WriterZen may be just what you need. This software promises to help with keyword research and content generation, two important aspects of any successful SEO strategy.

But does it deliver on its promises? In this detailed WriterZen Review for 2023, we'll take a look at all that WriterZen has to offer and see how it compares to other tools on the market.

So let's get straight to our WriterZen Review.

WriterZen Review 2023


WriterZen helps you to create content right from topic research to keyword research and then content creation. The flow of the product is great


The Topic Research and Keyword Explorer tool are quite handy and provide plenty of data. However, the content creator is unusable


WriterZen provides much more detailed data with better UX than its competitors yet it is priced very cheap as compared to them.

Summary:  WriterZen is a great tool if you use it as a keyword research tool only. The amount of keyword data you get with WriterZen is uncomporable to its competitors. The plagiarism checker too works great and seems a reliable tool.

The workflow for the content creator tool is great and it can be used for manual content generation. However, if you are planning to use WriterZen's AI assitant, you would be disappointed as it is literally unusable. If your basic requirement is AI content creation, I'd advice you to stick with established tools like Jasper AI. You can get 7-day Free Trial for Jasper AI

Pros Of WriterZen
  • Reliable Topic Research Tool
  • Massive and detailed data with Keyword Explorer tool
  • Keyword Explorer tool data is mostly accurate
  • The Keyword Cluster feature is really handy
  • The plagiarism checker is reliable
  • WriterZen is quite Affordable
Cons Of WriterZen
  • Allintitle and hence the golden ratio values can be unreliable.
  • The content generated using Content Creator isn't usable most of the time.
  • No support for .csv or .xlsx files in the Keyword Importer Tool.

Overall Rating For WriterZen

WriterZen Review Detailed

Below is the detailed review of WriterZen. Let us start with a brief introduction of the tool.

What Is WriterZen?

WriterZen is an AI-based SEO tool that promises to make your Keyword Research procedure easier by deploying AI to find the right keywords for you.

It also helps you to find keywords that are broadly related to your seed keywords so you can also target those keywords to build a topical authority

Apart from this, WriterZen also offers an AI-based content generator that helps you write SEO-optimized content.

Basic Idea Behind WriterZen

If you analyze the SERPs you will realize that for a given keyword, niche websites rank better than even high authority multi-niche or general niche websites.

Did you ever tried to figure out what could be the reason for the same? No?

Now, let me ask you; if you wanted to learn Math, would you go to a Math teacher or a teacher who teaches everything from Math to Science and English?

I'd be surprised if you don't choose a dedicated math teacher. That's because a Math teacher has spent his life learning and teaching just Math. So they have a better grasp of the subject and also better teaching capabilities.

Likewise, the reason niche websites rank better than other websites is that they have covered a vast amount of content in the niche. This sends a signal to Google that they are experts in the industry and that the content generated by them is high-quality and trustworthy.

In other words, a niche website ranks better because they have higher topical authority than a general niche website.

So, how does WriterZen help you with it?

WriterZen helps you to find the cluster of keywords that are broadly connected to each other to help you develop a topical authority that will, in turn help you rank higher up on the Search Engine Ranking Page.

So, let us find out various WriterZen tools and what each tool helps you with

Various WriterZen Tools

Below are the various tools available with WriterZen

1. WriterZen Topic Discovery Tool

The WriterZen Topic Discovery Tool is one of the most powerful features of WriterZen. It helps you find all the related keywords that are connected with your main keyword.

To use this tool, you just need to enter your main keyword that describes your topic as shown in the image below.

WriterZen Topic Discovery Tool

The tool will then give you a list of all the keywords that are connected to your seed keyword. By default, the Relevancy will be set to Medium as shown in the image below.

WriterZen Topic Discovery Tool Output

Changing the Relevancy to Widely, you can get keywords that are broadly connected to your seed keywords.

WriterZen Topic Discovery Tool Output Wide Related

You can filter out the keywords based on their search volume. Also, below each of the keywords, you can see listed various ideas for the content that you can create sourced directly from your competitors.

Clicking on Show Ideas will reveal more content ideas as well as Google Suggest Insights for the keyword as shown in the image below.

WriterZen Topic Discovery Tool Ideas

You can use all this data to create an article with the chosen keyword. Mind you, the keywords that you get here are usually short-tail keywords or long-tail keywords that have considerable competition.

So, you first need to pick up multiple keywords from this list, find long-tail keywords for them using Keyword Explorer tool and then write articles around them to build your topical authority.

I suggest making an excel sheet of these keywords and then adding multiple long-tail keywords to each of these keywords. This will help you while designing an outline for your blog post.

As to how WriterZen fared with this tool, in my honest opinion, WriterZen did a fantastic job of finding broadly-related keywords which would otherwise take hours for you to research by individually visiting all your competitors' websites.

Being into SEO and having expertise in Keyword Research, I usually don't use any tools for Keyword Research except Keywords Everywhere. But this is one tool that I plan to use frequently for creating new niche websites.

2. WriterZen Keyword Explorer Tool

So, you have your keywords with you. Now you need to check its competition and find long-tail keywords for your seed keywords.

The WriterZen Keyword Explorer tool will help you do just that. To get started, you need to put your seed keyword into the tool as shown in the image below. Make sure to leave the Golden Filter and Clustering Keywords option unchecked, we will talk about it later.

WriterZen Keyword Explorer Tool

The report generated by the Keyword explorer tool is one of the most comprehensive reports you can find in any keyword research tool.

WriterZen Keyword Explorer-Keywords Data

Right at the top, you will see the Search Volume data. Apart from the Average Volume data that most tools provide, WriterZen also tells you the Volume for the last month and the highest & lowest during a 12 month period

It also shows you the CPC for the keyword. As for Keyword Difficulty, WriterZen measures it based on 4 parameters, Adwords, Content, Traffic, and Signal.

Adwords competition is pretty straightforward and can be obtained from Google Adwords. Keyword Difficulty based on the depth of content is one I haven't seen many tools provide. Ahrefs is one tool that does provide content depth data.

As for the other two, even I am not sure what do they indicate. But from what I assume, for traffic KD, WriterZen compares traffic to your website as compared to those ranking on the SERP. Likewise, it compares your Social Signal compared to the ranking websites for Signal Difficulty.

Apart from this data, you can also check the SERP data for the top 10 websites ranking for the keyword. This is helpful for experts to judge the competition for the keyword.

Scrolling below will reveal even more data. First is what they call Overview Chart which shows the search volume for the keyword for each month during the last year. This chart also has the Trends option which shows the Google Trend for this keyword over the last year.

WriterZen Keyword Explorer-Keywords Data 1

The Keyword Explorer tool also finds related keywords for your Seed Keyword. The Keywords Ideas section shows the total number of related keywords found by WriterZen and then shows the total found each for Phrase Match, Having Same Terms, and Also Search For categories.

The Total Search Volume section shows the total volume for all the related keywords that WriterZen found. This data is very similar to the one available in KeywordTool.io

Scrolling further below will reveal three tabs, Keywords Data, Insights, and Cluster. Let us go through each one of them in detail.

a. Keywords Data Tab

The Keywords Data tab will show you all the keywords that WriterZen found related to your seed keyword. These keywords data can be segregated into Phrase Match, Having Same Terms, and Also Search For categories so that you can view only keyword types you want to see.

WriterZen Keyword Explorer-Keywords Data 2

As per WriterZen, Phrase Match Keywords are those which contain your seed keyword terms exactly in the order they are. As for Having Same Terms, it shows keywords that contain your seed keyword terms in any order.

You can also set filters to include or exclude certain words in keywords or filter them depending on Volume, CPC, Word Count, and more.

We earlier left the Golden Filter option unchecked. You can enable that option from the Golder Filter option in the filter section. Enabling this option will enable WriterZen to calculate the ALLINTITLE and Golden Score for the keywords.

WriterZen Golden Filter

Most of you might be aware of the Allintitle search operator of Google which returns all the search results which contain all the words in your Keyword in the Title. So an allintitle: SEO Tips For Beginners will return all the results with SEO, Tips, For And Beginners in the Title.

WriterZen is one of the best ALLINTITLE checker tools. It automatically calculates the number of Google search results returned by using the Allintitle operator with your keyword. Usually lesser the number of results, the easier it is to rank your website.

As for the WriterZen Golden Score, it is a complex calculation developed by WriterZen that uses Allintitle and the search volume of a keyword to find how worthy a keyword is for your website.

The lower the Golden score, the better the Keyword is for your website. Needless to say, you can filter your keywords based on their Golden score.

As for the accuracy of the number of Allintitle search results, I feel it's dicey. I did try to verify the same and the numbers do not seem to be accurate. So naturally, the golden score would be inaccurate too.

However, it still can be used as a reference point as the number were not totally off.

b. Insights Tab

The insights tab shows long-tail keywords that contain certain words including questions, prepositions, comparison words, alphabets, and numerical.

What this means is that WriterZen finds all the keywords by adding Questions, Prepositions, Alphabets and Numericals to your main keyword.

WriterZen Keyword Explorer-Insights
c. Clusters Tab

The Clusters tab groups all the keywords found by the Keyword Explorer into clusters of keywords that are similar to each other.

This is not to be confused with the Topic Discovery cluster. The former uses just your seed keyword to create cluster of ideas whereas this tool uses the long-tail keywords output from Keyword Explorer and groups them into meaningful clusters.

According to WriterZen, their keyword clusterization is 100% accurate as they use data from the SERP. The clustered keywords data can be really helpful as you can use similar keywords within the cluster in the same article. So you don't have to manually go through the list to find keywords that you can use within an article.

WriterZen Keyword Explorer-Clusters

3. Content Creator

WriterZen aspires to be one-point tool right from keyword research to content generation. Therefore as a part of the flow, WriterZen also has an in-built article writer that claims to write SEO-friendly content. So is it among the best AI Article writers? Let us find out.

To access the content creator, you can click on the Start A New Brief option located under Content Creator on WriterZen Dashboard as shown in the image below.

Access WriterZen Content Creator

You can also access the same by clicking on the Dashboard option on the top left and on the menu that opens, selecting the Content Creator option as shown in the image below

Access WriterZen Content Creator

Once in the Content Creator Dashboard, you will be first asked to create the project. Clicking on the New Project will open a popup where you can enter your project name, target location and language.

WriterZen Content Creator Step 2

Once inside the project, WriterZen will ask you to enter your seed keyword, writer's name, priority for the project, deadline for the project, and notes, if any.

WriterZen Content Creator Step 3

There's also a Google NLP option that uses Google Natural Language Processing to what WriterZen claims, predict better keywords to include in your content. However, on my WriterZen Appsumo plan, I don't have access to NLP credits so I cannot verify WriterZen's claim.

Update: I got free credits from WriterZen. I will update the article some time to show if NLP credits are actually useful.

Next, clicking on Add will make WriterZen scrape the top 10 results for the keyword and along with their headlines and brief summary of each headline as shown in the image below. This might take some time before the results are displayed to you.

WriterZen Content Creator Sterp 4

On the right side, you can enter the title and description of the article to make the AI writer understand the context of your article.

Below that you can adjust the desired length of your article and WriterZen will recommend how many headings, paragraphs, and images you should include. Also, it will show you the percentage of competitors you can beat in terms of article length.

Once you are done adding all the details click on the Save button. This will open up a new page where you can select the outline of the article

WriterZen Content Creator Step 5

There are two ways of creating outlines for your article.

  •  Use the Add Line option to manually enter the heading or bullet points
  • Select any SERP result and on the page that opens double click on any heading or bullet points to add it to the outline

The second option is not just convenient, it also allows you to select the best headings from each article so that you can create a more comprehensive article that has higher chances of ranking on SERPs.

Once you have the outline ready, click on Save And Setup Keywords to move to the next step.

In this step, you can add the keywords you want to include in your article. On the left side, you can see a list of keywords that your competitors Ranking on the top ten positions are using. The list also includes the frequency of appearance of these keywords across all articles in the top ten.

WriterZen Content Creator Step 7

There's another tap titled Opportunity Keywords. These are the keywords that your competitors in the top ten aren't targeting.

WriterZen Content Creator Step 8

By default, WriterZen will select a few keywords which you can see on the right-hand side. These keywords are also highlighted on the left side list of keywords. Of course, you can add or remove keywords as you deem fit.

Once you are done selecting keywords you can move on to the next step of creating content by clicking on Save And Begin Writing.

The WriterZen AI writer looks like the one shown in the image below. By default, the writer is in the manual mode wherein you can manually create content using the outline on the right side that you created earlier.

WriterZen Content Creator Step 9

The outline can be easily copied to the editor using the Copy To Editor button. You can switch between showing outline, keywords, competitors, and questions depending on what you need to manually create the content. The questions are available from Google People Also Ask section as well as Reddit.

To switch to AI Assistant mode, you can use the AI Assistant toggle switch below the editor. The AI Assistant Editor looks like in the image below.

WriterZen Content Creator Step 10

The AI Assistant comes with several auto-write templates, outline templates, and rewrite templates for you to get started.

Another way to reveal the AI assistant options is by right-clicking within the editor as shown in the image below. This option is more preferred when you want the AI to write from a certain point of the content.

Access WriterZen AI Mode

For our sample article, after inserting the outline, I first chose to write the introduction for the article using the Blog Introduction tool. The output from the tool was unimpressive and just 25 words long.

WriterZen Content Creator Blog Introduction

Next, I decided to use the AIDA outline template to create the introduction hoping for better results this time. However, again, the output was unimpressive.

WriterZen Content Creator AIDA Introduction

Just for a comparison, I used Jasper AI to create the introduction of the article using AIDA.

Jasper AIDA Introduction

As you can see below, Jasper did a fabulous job. All that I needed to do was to tweak the Action part to make it suitable for the article instead of the e-book.

Next, I copied the outline that I created in the Outline Creation step and decided to write a paragraph for my first heading using WriterZen. But WriterZen messed it up big time.

WriterZen wrote everything that wasn't expected. The first point was absolutely meaningless and incomplete. Instead of completing the point 1, WriterZen chose to move to point 2. You can check it out for yourself.

WriterZen Content Creator Step 12

Also, previously I was working on Keto Diet articles and WriterZen actually wrote people on Keto should avoid meats whereas it is exactly the opposite. So, you can't even trust the correctness of the article generated with WriterZen.

WriterZen Content Creator Additional Output

Coming to my opinion on the WriterZen content creator tool, I really like the flow of creating content, right from outline selection to keyword selection and then finally content creation. Everything is very streamlined.

So, the tool can be used extensively for manually creating content after going through the entire process. But if you are hoping to write content using AI Assistant, you'd be disappointed big time. 

By the name, WriterZen, one would feel that it is more of a writing tool that also manages SEO. However, that's not correct. In fact, to me it's just a keyword research tool.

The AI Assistant is not ready for the prime time. Forget about writing the entire article, it can't even write a few sentences without messing it up. So, if you are planning to get WriterZen for writing your content, you better stay away from it and instead go for established tools like Jasper AI that can write amazing content. If used right, Jasper AI can write content that exceeds human quality.

4. Plagiarism Checker

AI tools aren't human. And with so many people using the same tool for generating similar content, there are chances of plagiarism.

That's the reason WriterZen also features a dedicated plagiarism checking tool that allows to quickly find out if the article generated is plagiarised.

To use the tool, WriterZen will first ask you to create a project. I am not sure why do you need to create a project for something as simple as a plagiarism checker.

WriterZen Plagiarism Checker

Anyway, once you click on the New Project button, a popup will ask you to enter the Project Title. As for the content, you can either manually copy-paste it or upload it through a file.

For testing the tool, I picked up a random article from the web and copy-pasted a few paragraphs from the article within the WriterZen Plagiarism Checker.

WriterZen Plagiarism Checker 1

Upon clicking the Add button, WriterZen looked for the content on the world wide web and correctly stated that the article was 100% plagiarized. Apart from the website from which I copied the content, WriterZen correctly provided the links to other articles that had been copied from the original article.

WriterZen Plagiarism Checker

Next, I picked up the random text from this very article while still in the writing stage, the plagiarism checker correctly said the article isn't plagiarized.

WriterZen Plagiarism Checker

So, the plagiarism checker tool of WriterZen is reliable and works as expected.

5. Keyword Importer Tool

WriterZen also features a Keyword Importer tool that can be used to import keywords to check their Allintitle and Golden Ratio or just cluster them into groups.

You can access the tool from the Dashboard option on the top left corner as shown in the image below.

WriterZen Keywords Importer

Once you open the tool, you can click the Import Keyword option as shown in the image below.

WriterZen Keyword Importer

Next, you can enter the project name and either copy-paste your keywords or upload .txt file containing keywords. Why WriterZen doesn't support a .csv or .xlsx file is a mystery to me.

WriterZen Keyword Importer 2

Once the keywords are added you can see all the relevant data. You can also enable the Golden Filter option as well as Cluster the keywords into groups. I am not showing this step because of course, I don't want to reveal my keywords.

As for my opinion, the Allintitle and golden ratio although not very accurate are great metrics to have. So you can easily pick up keywords from your search console and feed it to the tool.

This way, you can get a list of keywords from within your search console that you can easily rank for. Plus you can easily group this keywords using the Clusters feature of WriterZen. So you don't have to go find relevant keywords in search console.

Overall this is a simple yet very handy tool from WriterZen.

WriterZen Pricing

WriterZen offers four different plans that gives access to one or more features of WriterZen. While the plan names are self-explanatory, let us still go through each of these plans

1. Cluster Only

As the name suggests, the Cluster Only plan gives access to only the Keyword Cluster feature of WriterZen. So, if you are looking for a tool that can create Keywords Clusters, you can get this plan which is priced at $23/month with monthly payment and $19/month with annual billing.

2. Cluster And Research

The Cluster And Research feature gives access to WriterZen's Keyword Research, as well as Keywords Cluster feature. This plan is great if you are looking for a complete keyword research tool for your business. This plan is relatively costly priced at $69/month with monthly billing, and $61/month with annual billing

3. Cluster And Content

The Cluster And Content plan gives you access to the content briefing feature, as well as unlimited content generation with the AI content writer. Of course, this is in addition to the Keyword Cluster feature.

This plan priced at $69/month for monthly billing and $61/month for annual billing, is ideal for content creators for creating SEO-friendly content. 

4. All-In-One

As the name suggests, the All-In-One plan gives access to all the WriterZen features. You should consider getting this plan if you want to invest in a single tool that handles everything from keyword research, content planning, content briefing, to content creation.

Of course, with all the features packed in, this plan will set you back $119/month for monthly billing, or $99/month for annual billing.

WriterZen Free Trial

WriterZen used to offer a 7-day trial for its product. However, the WriterZen trial is long longer available.

WriterZen Lifetime Deal

WriterZen was running an AppSumo Lifetime deal. However, the WriterZen Lifetime Deal is no longer available. 

Alternatives To WriterZen

Below are some of the few alternatives to WriterZen

1. Surfer

Surfer also known as SurferSEO is one of the closest competitors of WriterZen. However, it does focus much on the Keyword Cluster part.

Rather, it focuses on optimizing your content for NLP Keywords. Though WriterZen is more advanced when it comes to content optimization as it allows you to optimize your content for NLP keywords as well as keywords used by the top 10 competitors.

Like WriterZen, Surfer does not have an AI writer. However, Surfer seamlessly integrates with Jasper AI wherein you can optimize the content with Surfer while using Jasper to write the articles for you.

Surfer's plans start at $89/month when paid monthly or $69/month when paid annually. So, it's clearly on the costlier side when compared to WriterZen

2. Frase

Frase is another alternative to WriterZen. It can help you create well-researched content briefs within no time using AI.

If you are facing writer's block, you can use Frase to generate content for you. However, just like WriterZen, Frase does not fare well with content generation.

Content curation is another great feature of Frase that helps you curate content around a topic to insert into your Newsletter.

As for the pricing, the base plan of Frase starts at $14.99/month for monthly billing, and $12.66/month

3. MarketMuse

MarketMuse is a tool similar to Frase that can help you with content planning and optimization. Using Compete Application, you can analyze how your competitor's content fares compared to MarketMuse standards.

It can help you find content gaps and thus allowing you to create a more comprehensive article. Add to it, the MarketMuse Content Score grades your content for quality and how well it matches the user intent.

Unlike other tools on this list, Market Muse offers a free plan for light users or for someone who wants to test their tool. However, its paid plans are very costly starting at $149/month.

4. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a great tool if you are looking for an alternative to WriterZen solely for content generation. It is by far the best AI content writing tool in the market.

I especially like its Boss Mode commands that can help you generate highly fine-tuned content. And as said earlier, it integrates seamlessly with Surfer to give you more control over your SEO.

Whether you are going with WriterZen, Surfer, Frase, or MarketMuse, Jasper AI is a must-have tool as the other tools either don't support AI content creation or create a pathetic quality of content.

The base plan of Jasper AI starts at $49/month. For more info, you can check out my Jasper AI Review or check how to get Jasper AI Free Trial

FAQs about WriterZen

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about WriterZen

What are the limits on the WriterZen tools?

The limits on the WriterZen tool depends on the chosen plan. You can check the limits on WriterZen Pricing Page

Do I get access to all tools with WriterZen's basic plan?

Yes, with all the plans you get access to all WriterZen tools although their usage limit varies with each plan.

Is the data on WriterZen Keyword Explorer accurate?

The data obtained from the Keyword explorer is mostly accurate except for the Allintitle values and hence the golden ratio value which were also slightly off.

What file formats are supported by WriterZen Keyword Importer Tool?

WriterZen Keyword Importer Tool Support .txt format only

Is WriterZen worth your money?

WriterZen is a great tool and is worth the money. It has some great features like the Keyword Explorer Tool and the Keyword Cluster feature.

How much does WriterZen cost?

WriterZen offers plans starting $23/month. With annual discounts, the pricing goes down to $19/month.

What is the WriterZen free trial period?

Writerzen no longer offers a free trial.

What is the refund policy for WriterZen?

WriterZen does not offer any refund. They, however, offer a 7-day free trial.

Final Vedict About WriterZen

There are several keyword research tools out there in the market. But WriterZen is unique and a more comprehensive tool that any tools in the market. In this WriterZen Review, I have tried my best to cover all of its features, pros, as well as cons.

To summarize this review of WriterZen, the keyword research data provided by WriterZen is unbeatable. Apart from Keyword research, the plagiarism checker of WriterZen too works pretty well.

Its content creator too has an excellent flow. However, the quality of content generated by the AI assistant is a big let down. Forget about creating content on it's own, the AI assistant cannot even assist you in your content creation process without messing it up.

However, WriterZen is still a growing tool and I expect it to only get better from here on. If the founders handle the tool well, it can be a big threat to the likes of KeywordTool IO.

WriterZen Review 2023: Check 6 Pros And 3 Cons
WriterZen Review

Check out my WriterZen Review for 2023 to find out the pros and cons of WriterZen. Also included, tips on how to make the most out of this tool.

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