WP Engine Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deal 2019

WP Engine Black Friday Deals are very popular among Small Businesses, Developers as well as Bloggers as it allows to get them steep discounts on almost all the WP Engine plans. This discount runs for about a week and covers the

So without wasting your precious time, let us skip straight to the deal. For more details about the deal, you can read the article further down.

WP Engine Black Friday offer

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Deal Status

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Black Friday/
 Cyber Monday

5 Months Free With Annual Plan
(3 Extra Months)


28 November 2019


02 December 2019

WP Engine Regular Offer

If you don't want to wait till Black Friday, you can get the regular WP Engine Offer below. This offer is Live right now.

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Regular Offer (LIVE)

10% Off on first Payment for any duration
(Total 3 Months Free for Annual Plan)

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About WP Engine

WP Engine was founded in the year 2010. Though, it is not as old as some other hosting companies, it did not take long enough for WP Engine to become one of the most reputed Web Hosting Companies in the industry.

The backbone of WP Engine's success is their quality of servers and their incredible support team. As expected, quality does not come cheap. WP Engine only provides premium hosting services that focus on quality over price.

WP Engine restricts their services to Managed WordPress hosting. They do not provide any additional hosting product, not even Linux based servers. So, their support team is specifically trained for troubleshooting WordPress related issues.

WP Engine Black Friday Deals For 2019

Like every other hosting company, WPEngine too offers massive discounts on their hosting products during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale. 

The WP Engine Black Friday deal is scheduled for full one week this year. The deal will go live on 28 November 2019 and run through the entire week covering Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The deal will end on 02 December 2019.

With this offer, you get Annual WP Engine hosting for the price of 6.5 months, that is 5.5 Free Months. So the savings are huge, especially with their higher end plans.

How To Get This WP Engine Black Friday Offer

Below are the steps to get this deal

1. Click the button below to visit the WP Engine offer Page

2. Choose the WP Engine Plan suitable for you.

3. Choose your plan duration. I recommend choosing the annual plan to get total 5.5 Months free.

4. The coupon cyberwknd30 should be automatically applied if you followed the above link. If not, apply the coupon manually and proceed to checkout like usual.

Selecting WP Engine Hosting Plans

WP Engine offers five different hosting plans to match the requirements of different people. The main difference between these plans is with regards to storage capacity and the number of visitors allowed in a month.

However, there are also some other factors which you might want to consider before shortlisting your plan. So I thought of enlisting the various benefits you get with each of the WP Engine hosting plans.

1. Startup

The Startup plan by WP Engine is suitable for individual bloggers and small businesses who just want to host one website. Developers can also use this plan for testing of websites.

The personal plan comes with 10GB of SSD storage and free SSL certificates by Let's Encrypt. There is a restriction of 25,000 visitors per month with the Personal Plan of WPEngine.

In addition, the Bandwidth is also restricted to 50GB. The GeoTarget as well as WordPress Multisite option is not available out of the box, but can be used as an Add on.

Also, custom SSL certificates is not available with the basic plan. This makes it nonviable option for E-commerce websites owners who want to use EV SSL.

The Startup plan of WP Engine usually is priced at $35/month. We will have to wait and watch for the pricing of Startup Plan for WP Engine Black Friday Deal

2. Growth

The Growth plan is suitable for bloggers who run multiple blogs and for developers to host their client's website. This plan is also suitable for E-commerce websites as it allows you to install custom SSL apart from the Free Let's Encrypt SSL.

The Growth plan allows you to host up to 5 websites. The total traffic to your websites is restricted to 100K visitors per month.

The Growth plan offers 20GB of SSD storage which should be sufficient unless you are hosting a lot of high quality images. As for the Bandwidth, it is restricted to 200 GB.

With this plan, you get free CDN and 24x7 Phone support along with the 24x7 chat support available with the personal plan. The professional plan also supports WP Multisite.

As such the WP Engine Growth Plan is available for $115/month. With the WP Engine Black Friday Offer, it should come down considerably. We will update this as and when the deal is announced.

3. Scale

The Scale plan is the highest plan by WP Engine that is hosted on a shared server. This is recommended if your website is getting a lot of traffic as it supports up to 400K visitors/month.

With the Scale Plan, you can run up to 15 WordPress websites with the total storage capacity limited to 30GB. The bandwidth is restricted to 400 GB.

As for the features, this plan offers the same features as with the Growth plan. So, unless you want to host more websites or get more traffic to your website, this offer does not add any value.

The Scale plan at WPEngine will cost you $290/month. Like with other plans, you get 2 months hosting free with the annual hosting. This, in addition to the discount you will get during the WP Engine Black Friday Sale.

4.  Custom Plan

The Custom plans at WP Engine are designed for high traffic websites or for webmasters who handle more than 15 websites. The custom plans takes things a notch higher and provides clusters of dedicated servers that are fully managed and configured to handle WordPress websites. 

As per WP Engine, the custom plans can be designed to handle millions of visitors each month. With the custom plan, you can host a minimum of 25 websites.

Servers are available with a storage capacity of 100 GB  to 1 TB. You can get custom plans with up to 5000 GB+ Bandwidth.

The GeoTarget feature of  WP Engine as well as WP Multisite is available for free with any custom plan. You also get the Content Performance feature of WP Engine for free.

The other free features include Dedicated Managed for the first 30 days, launch readiness assessment and SSH Gateway. You also get 24x7 Ticket support and better uptimes with a redundant network.

Since the plan can be customized as per customer's need, you can contact the WP Engine Sales team for pricing.

Below are the details of all the WP Engine Plans available at the website.

WP Engine Plans

Reasons WP Engine Is Better Than Other Hosting

If you are here reading this article, you probably have your own reasons to choose this WP Engine Black Friday Deal. However, if you are not sure, below are some of the top reasons which set WP Engine apart from other Hosting companies.

1. Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

WP Engine is a Fully Managed WordPress Hosting. You can start a website with them even if you have zero knowledge of hosting servers.

With WP Engine, you will never have to fiddle with the code to get the things right. They will manage it all for you.

2. Free Genesis Themes

You get free access to all the Genesis themes with any of the WP Engine plan. So, you do not have to shell out anything extra for WordPress themes.

3. Designed For WordPress

Unlike other hosting companies who offer Managed WordPress hosting as one the many products in their portfolio, WP Engine focuses solely on WordPress Hosting.

So, their servers are fine-tuned with a configuration that provides the best performance for WordPress websites. Also, their support team is trained to troubleshoot WordPress specific queries.

4. Quick And Reliable Customer Support

The WP Engine Customer support is another reason this WP Engine Black Friday offer sounds so attractive. As you probably know, WP Engine provides one of the best customer support in the Web Hosting Industry. Their executives are quick to respond and are well-trained to handle queries related to WordPress.

You get 24x7 chat support with all the plans. The Professional and other higher plans also include 24x7 phone support while the Enterprise Plan offers the additional option of 24x7 ticket support.

5. Security

Over 30,000 websites were hacked each day in 2012. This number is likely to have increased multiple folds since then. A hacked website will make you lose all your hard work which might cost you millions of dollars.

However, WP Engine takes your security very seriously. They have firewalls installed to protect your website from attacks. They also monitor your website regularly for potential threats.

6. Daily Back Ups

WP Engine backs up your data on a daily basis. So if in a rare case your website is compromised or if your website goes down due to any Theme or plugin related issue, you can always recover your website from the daily backups.

7. Free SSL Certificates

With WP Engine you get free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate, so you do not have to spend extra money to buy SSL. With a professional and upwards plan, you can easily install your own SSL, if you prefer using a paid SSL.

8. Fast Page Load Times

WP Engine is one of the fastest Web Hosting that I have tested thus far. When tested from San Jose, California where there servers are located, the Pingdom tests recorded TTFB of around 40ms and page load times close to 600ms which is nothing but spectacular considering that most other hosts recorded over 1 second of page load time.

WPEngine Speed Test

9. Caching

Fast loading websites are essential for improving the user experience. Website load time is also an important Google Ranking factor. WP Engine uses an in-house caching system called Evercacher which speeds up your WordPress website.

10. Easy Migration

If you are planning to migrate your website from another host to WP Engine, the WP Engine Automated Migration Plugin will make the transfer easier for you.

I am sure, the above reasons are sufficient for anyone to be sure that WP Engine is indeed one of the best hosting companies and there's no reason for them not to grab this WP Engine Black Friday offer. But below is one more reason you should not miss this deal.

Why Not To Miss This WP Engine Black Friday Deal 2019

Black Friday is the time of the year when WP Engine offers their best discounts. So if you miss this Black Friday deal, it is highly unlikely that you will get a better deal or even similar deal anytime soon. So grab your offer now.

The below table clearly explains the benefits of WPEngine Black Friday Deal





Original Monthly Price




Monthly Discounted Price




Monthly Savings




Original Annual Price




Annual Discounted Price




Annual Savings




Link To Deal

Final Words

WP Engine is indeed one of the best web hosting companies. Their pricing is definitely on the higher side compared to cheap Managed WordPress Hosting Companies, but in the Premium Hosting Category, they provide affordable products.

So if you are looking out for Premium Managed WordPress Hosting company, you should not miss out this WP Engine Black Friday Deal.

However, if you are tight on budget and looking for cheaper hosting companies, then you must try the A2 Hosting Black Friday Deal.

For Cloud-Based Managed WordPress solutions, you can also try CloudWays, who provide top-notch customer support at affordable prices much cheaper than WPEngine. You can use CloudWays Black Friday Coupon to get special discounts.

The WP Engine Black Friday Deal Does not sound convincing or looking for more deals? You can check out the other Black Friday Web Hosting Deals

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