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WP Rocket Black Friday 2022 Deal You Should Not Miss

By Aquif Shaikh

May 1, 2022

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WP Rocket Black Friday Deal 2022

  • Deal Details: TBA
  • Start Date: TBA
  • End Date: TBA
  • About WP Rocket: WP Rocket is a cache plugin that can greatly speed up your WordPress Website

WP Rocket Black Friday 2022 Sale is back. So you can now make your website faster without burning your pockets. So let us check out what deals you can grab this Black Friday on WP Rocket

WP Rocket Black Friday Deals 2022 (Expected)

WP Rocket has not announced their Black Friday Deals for this year. However, looking at the WP Rocket Black Friday deals of the last few year's I am expecting the discount to be 30%. I will update this article as and when the deals are announced. So watch out for this space.

How To Get WP Rocket Black Friday 2022 Offers

1. Visit the WP Rocket pricing page using the below link

2. Next, choose the plan that best suits you by clicking the Buy WP Rocket button below it.

3. Next, you will be taken to the order page where you can fill up your details and make the payment. WP Rocket Black Friday Coupon will be automatically applied.

Features And Benefits of WP Rocket

Whether you are buying a WordPress Plugin or a Web Hosting, you need to justify the money spent on it. So, below are some of the benefits of WP Rocket that make this WP Rocket Black Friday deal worth every penny.

1. Browser Cache

When a user enters your URL in the browser, the first thing that the browser does is to check if the website is saved in its own cache. If your browser cache is turned on, your hosting provider as well as CDN, if any will be bypassed and the website will be directly loaded from the user's device making the page load at lightning speed.

2. Page Cache

WordPress, as you probably know, generates the content dynamically. So, your header, footer, content all are combined together in the backend to load the web page. WP Rocket has the Page Caching feature that converts and saves the dynamic WordPress page as a static HTML page thereby saving time required for backend processing making your page load fast.

3. GZIP Compression

The smaller the file, the faster it can be transferred from the server to the user's device. WP Rocket uses GZIP compression to reduce the size of your web page which is decompressed again by the browser.

4. Cache Preloading

Usually, the cache is built whenever a user loads a web page. However, with WP Rocket's cache preloading, the cache is built even before any user load the page.

5. E-commerce Friendly

Caching can speed things up, but it does have a downside. If you cache the cart items of an e-commerce website, items added to the cart by User A will end up in the cart of User B. WP-Rocket lets you exclude pages so that you don't mess things up.

6. CSS, JS, and HTML Minification

WordPress themes and plugin codes are written to make it easy to understand for anyone accessing the code. This means lots of white spaces and comments that make the files heavier. WP Rocket minifies the CSS, JS and HTML by removing these white spaces and comments.

7. Combine CSS and JS files

A typical WordPress consists of several CSS and JS files used by the themes and plugins. A request is sent to the server for getting each one of these files. WP Rocket Combines multiple CSS and JS files to reduce the number of requests.

8. Lazy Load Images And Videos

A web page may consist of tens of images and videos. WP Rocket makes sure when loading the page, only images and videos that are above the fold are loaded. The rest are loaded only when the user scrolls down. This process of Lazy loading images and videos can greatly speed up websites with lots of images and improve the user experience.

9. WebP Compatible

WP Rocket detects the popular WebP plugins and creates a separate cache to deliver Webp to supported browsers.

10. Google Font Optimization

Most websites use multiple Google fonts. As such, a request is sent to the Google servers for each font. WP Rocket detects all the Google fonts on the page and combines all the fonts in a single request. They also add display=swap parameter to satisfy Google Pagespeed Insight's recommendations.

11. Locally Host Google Analytics And Facebook Pixels

Google Pagespeed Insights warn you if you have lower cache expiration times. Ironically Google Analytics script uses a low expiration time. WP Rocket allows you to locally host Google Analytics and Facebook pixels to take advantage of browser caching.

12. Optimize Database

A clean and well-optimized database can help you speed up your page load times.  WP Rocket allows you to keep your database clean by cleaning up your posts, comments, and transient options. You can even schedule a clean-up process.

13. CDN Compatible

WP Rocket integrates well with CDN thus allowing you to serve your optimized website through your own CDN.

14. Good Compatibility

WP Rocket is compatible with most themes and plugins so you don't end up breaking your website.

15. Efficient Straight Out Of The Box

If the above-mentioned technical jargons scare you, then you can relax as WP Rocket is efficient and can greatly speed up your site straight out of the box.

16. Customer Support

If you mess up things or you need any help with configuring your website, WP Rocket has a dedicated customer support team to help you out.

Which WP Rocket Plans To Choose?

WP Rocket plans are very simple and straightforward. You can determine what plans to choose based on how many websites you have.

1. Single Plan

WP Rocket single plan allows you to use the plugin on just one website. This plan comes with 1 year of updates and support.

2. Plus Plan

The plus plan of WP Rocket allows you to use the plugin on up to 3 websites. Like the single plan, support and updates are limited to 1 year.

3. Infinite Plan

If you are a developer who manages several clients, the Infinite plan of WP Rocket is the best fit for you. This plan allows you to use the plugin on unlimited websites. The support and updates though are limited for 1 year after which you have to renew their plan.

Reasons You Should Not Miss WP Rocket Black Friday Deal 2022

Below are some of the reasons that make the WP Rocket Black Friday 2022 Deal absolutely unmissable

1. Quality Plugin

WP Rocket is a quality plugin that can greatly speed-up your WordPress Website. In fact, it's one of the best WordPress plugins for website speed enhancements

2. All Standard Features

WP Rocket includes all the standard cache plugin features like Page Caching, GZIP compression, browser caching, Minification and combining of JS and CSS and HTML minifications.

3. Advanced Features

Apart from the features that are standard with almost all the plugins, WP Rocket also boasts of advanced features like Cache Preloading, Lazy Load for Media files, Database optimization and more.

4. Great Compatibility

WP Rocket is compatible with most other plugins and themes. So, chances are rare that WP Rocket will break your website.

5. Optional CDN

You can also avail the benefits of WP Rocket's optional CDN called Rocket CDN. This will ensure your website loads quickly for global audience.

6. WP Rocket Addons

WP Rocket also features several addons that help you integrate Varnish cache, Cloudflare and Sucuri with WP Rocket and manage it from your WP Rocket Dashboard.

FAQs About WP Rocket Black Friday Deal 2022

When Is The WP Rocket Black Friday 2022 Sale?

WP Rocket has not yet announced their Black Friday Sale. However, I expect the sale to start on 22 November 2022 and end on 29 November 2022

How Much Discount Will I Get During The Sale?

Although WP Rocket hasn't announced their Black Friday Deal, I expect the discount to be 30%

Are the discount applicable on all WP Rocket Plans?

Yes, the discounts will be applicable on all WP Rocket plans.

Will I Get Discounts On Renewal during Black Friday WP Rocket Sale?

It's still not clear whether WP Rocket will offer any discounts on renewal. Watch out for this space for more info on that when the WP Rocket deals are announced.

Black Friday Deals Related To WP Rocket Black Friday Deals

Final Words

WP Rocket is one of the best cache plugin that can help you improve your website loading time. So, if you are planning to get WP Rocket, make sure not to miss out on this awesome WP Rocket Black Friday 2022 Deal. Also, do make sure to check out the list of Best Black Friday WordPress Deals 2022

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