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Peppertype AI Review 2022: Is It A Good AI Writing Tool?

By Aquif Shaikh

May 23, 2022

One of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks for an online company is content creation. Peppertype AI, a GPT-3 based artificial intelligence writing tool promises to help you generate content easily.

So, is this AI Content writing tool the best? Is it worth your money? Let us find out the same in this Peppertype AI review 2022.

Peppertype AI Review 2022 Summary

Output Quality

The output quality of Peppertype AI is one of the best in the industry. The content templates work great and generate near perfect copies, So from quality perspective it's a must buy deal.

Content Templates

Peppertype provides you with 30+ pre-made content templates. However, it lacks long-form editor which somewhat limits its potential. (They are currently beta-testing long-form editor)


Peppertype isn't the cheapest. However, they offer unlimited words. So, if you are looking to create short-form content, peppertype is worth every penny.

Summary:  Peppertype AI is a great and affordably priced AI content writing tool. However, what doesn't work in it's favor is the lack of long-form editor. They are currently beta-testing their long-form editor which means it should come out in the near future. 

However, if you are looking for long-form editor now, you should consider going with Jasper AI (Formerly Jarvis AI). You can check my Jasper AI Review

Pros Of Peppertype AI
  • Output quality is excellent
  • Peppertype AI provides a total of 30+ content templates
  • Content generated with Peppertype is original and plagiarism-free.
  • Active Peppertype AI Facebook community
  • Good for creating short-form content
Cons Of Peppertype AI
  • It lacks long-form content creator
  • Content generated can sometimes be factually incorrect
  • Assumes all the content is being created for a product.
  • Pricing is high considering the fact that it lacks long-form content creator

Overall Rating For Peppertype AI

Peppertype AI Review 2022

In this Peppertype AI Review for 2022, let us first find what Peppertype is and who is behind the company.

About Peppertype AI?

Peppertype AI is a GPT-3 based artificial intelligence writing tool that helps you generate content easily. Peppertype is owned by the same team that owns Peppercontent, one of the most popular online marketplaces for content creators and content seekers. 

It is co-founded by two entrepreneurs, Aniruddha and Rishabh, and is based out of Mumbai, India. Peppercontent is a well-funded company raising more than $500,000 since its inception and hence there are huge chances that it will become one of the best AI Content writing tools in the near future

Who Can Benefit From Peppertype AI?

Peppertype can be used by anyone and everyone who generates content. It is especially helpful for those who want to generate content quickly or on deadlines to get their work done fast.

Below are some of the use cases where Peppertype can come in handy

  • Content marketers looking to create short-form content.
  • Content writers who are always on a deadline can use Peppertype for quick and quality content.
  • Product managers can use Peppertype AI for product descriptions, FAQs, etc
  • Bloggers who want to create content regularly without spending too much time

How Does Peppertype AI Work?

Peppertype AI is an artificial intelligence writing tool that uses the GPT-3 model to provide you with the output of your desired content. The GPT-3 text generator is trained on a large scale of publicly available data and hence it can generate almost any type of content.

You can use one of the 30+ templates that Peppertype AI provides. The content generated by Peppertype AI is plagiarism-free and unique. It can be easily edited to suit your needs.

How To Use Peppertype AI

To Use Peppertype AI, you must register with them. You can click on the below button to visit Peppertype Appsumo deal. You can then complete the registration with Peppertype

Once logged-in, you will see the list of content templates. You can use the tabs to filter content templates depending on it's type.

Next, select any template of your choice, for our example we will select Create Before-After-Bridge Copywriting template. Clicking on the template will open the below page

Peppertype AI BAB Content Template Input

As you can see I have provided inputs like Brand Name, Product Description and Target audience. I have left the Ocassion and Promotion column blank. If you are running any offers, you can fill up that too. 

Next, click on Create Content button and wait for the Peppertype AI Writer to generate the output for you. Below is the output that I got for the above inputs

Peppertype AI BAB Content Template Output

As you can see, the generated content is of high-quality and you can use as it is in your copy.

Peppertype Content Templates And Quality

Peppertype provides 30+ content templates for creating short-form content. Let us go through each of these content templates in detail and check if their output is any good.

1. Website Headlines/Copy

Headlines are a very important part of any website and can make or break the success of your website. Peppertype AI provides you with catchy headlines for your website.

Below was the input that I provided to Peppertype AI

Peppertype Website Headlines Input

The quality of the output is good. It is in fact great when you compare it to the popular tool Jasper that failed miserably generating headlines.

Peppertype Website Headlines

2. Brand/Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are very important part of any e-commerce website. Peppertype AI can help you create original and plagiarism-free product descriptions.

Peppertype Product Description Input
The product descriptions created with Peppertype are great out of the box and requires no tweaks as you can see below.
Peppertype Product Description

3. Google Ad Copy

Google Ad Copy is critical for any business as it can help you bring in more traffic and customers. Peppertype AI can help you create excellent Google Ad Copies that are clickworthy.

Peppertype Google Ads Input

The Google Ad copies that we created with the tool were great and again much better than Jasper AI which failed miserably to create good Google ad copies.

Peppertype Google Ads

4. Tweet Ideas

Twitter is an important social media platform and businesses need to have a strong Twitter presence. Peppertype AI can help you come up with ideas for tweets.

Peppertype Tweet Ideas Input

The tweets ideas that we generated with the AI writer were very basic. But they were good enough to get rid of your writer's block.

Peppertype Tweet Ideas

5. Social Media Post Captions

You need to come up with new captions for your social media posts from time to time. Peppertype AI can help you create original and catchy captions for your posts.

Peppertype Social Media Post Captions Input

Peppertype AI managed to generate some great captions for social media posts for Ahrefs SEO tool as shown in the image below.

Peppertype AI

6. Blog Ideas

If you're struggling to come up with ideas for your blog, Peppertype AI can help. It provides you with a list of topics that you can write about.

Peppertype Blog Ideas Input

Again, Peppertype did not disappoint me and came up with some great ideas for creating a blog post. 

Peppertype Blog Ideas

7. E-commerce Product Descriptions

Struggling to create Product descriptions for your product? Peppertype's E-commerce Product Descriptions template can help you do just that.

Peppertype E-commerce Product Descriptions Input

The e-commerce descriptions generated were factually incorrect mainly because the phone in question is yet to be launched. However, that is still a great output which you can modify and use it as per your liking.

Peppertype E-commerce Product Descriptions

8. Facebook Ad Copies

Facebook Ads are a great way to reach out to more people and increase your brand awareness. Peppertype AI can help you create Facebook Ad copies that get clicks

Peppertype Create Facebook Ad copies Input

The Facebook ad copies that we generated were again great. Nothing really to complain about Peppertype's short-form content templates yet.

Peppertype Create Facebook Ad copies

9. SEO Meta Descriptions

SEO Meta descriptions are important for any website that wants to rank high on Google. Peppertype AI has a full-fledged tool for people to create SEO meta descriptions

Peppertype SEO Meta Descriptions Input

The quality of the SEO Meta descriptions generated for Gravitec plugin was average. However, what I did not like was the fact that most SEO Meta descriptions were over the recommended 160 characters limit.

Peppertype SEO Meta Descriptions

10. Before-After-Bridge Copywriting

Before-After-Bridge Copywriting is a great way to create persuasive content. Peppertype AI can help you write Before-After-Bridge Copies that are convincing.

Peppertype Before-After-Bridge copywriting Input

The output that we got for the Before-After-Bridge copywriting template was simply awesome. You can use it to boost your conversion rates.

Peppertype Before-After-Bridge copywriting

11. Blog Conclusion

Blog conclusion is an important part of your blog post. If someone is reading your blog's conclusion it means they really liked your article. So Blog Conclusion is where you should put up your CTA for better conversions. Peppertype helps you write blog conclusions with inputs about your topic and call to action.

Peppertype Blog Conclusion Input

I was expecting Peppertype to deliver something better. The conclusions that the AI tool came up with were just not up to the mark. The first conclusion did not had the CTA, whereas in the second one there was one repetitive sentence. 

Peppertype Blog Conclusion

12. Blog Outline

Peppertype AI can help you create a outline for your blog.

Peppertype Blog Outline Input

Peppertype did fail to generate a good blog conclusion for me, however, it managed to create a great outline for Semrush Review.

Peppertype Blog Outline

13. Blog Intro

Peppertype AI can help you write blog introductions that are catchy and will keep your readers hooked.

Peppertype Blog Intro Input

The blog intro too came out to be good for the Semrush Review blog post. That only shows how capable Peppertype is.

Peppertype Blog Intro

14. Pain-Agitate-Solution Copywriting

Pain-Agitate-Solution Copywriting is a great way to create persuasive content. Peppertype AI can help you write Pain-Agitate-Solution Copies that convert well.

Peppertype PAS Template Input

As I expected, the results from the Pain-Agitate-Solution (PAS) copywriting template were excellent. And Peppertype once again came across as a winner.

Peppertype PAS Template

15. Value Proposition

Value Proposition is an important part of any business and Peppertype AI can help you come up with a strong Value Proposition that will help your customers understand why you are better than others.

Peppertype Value Proposition Input

For my sample content, yet again, Peppertype came out with flying colors. The Value proposition create for the Gravitec tool was great. (Don't forget to check out my Gravitec Review)

Peppertype Value Proposition

16. Engaging Social Posts

You need to come up with new social posts from time to time and Peppertype AI can help you do just that.

Peppertype Engaging Social Posts Input

Not all of the engaging posts suggested by Peppertype were engaging. But that's understandable. But what's not understandable is limiting the output length to just 120 characters. Even Twitter now allows up to 240 characters. And LinkedIn posts can run into several hundred words.

Nevertheless, there's only limited application for this content template given that it only generates short social media posts.

Peppertype Engaging Social Posts

17. Blog Heading Expander

Peppertype AI can help you extend your blog heading by writing a paragraph about it.

Peppertype Blog Heading Expander Input

For this content template, I willfully entered the section heading as just "Blogging." I wanted to check how does the AI react to such vague headlines and if does actually write in context to the Blog Topic.

Suprisingly, one of the Peppertype's output was what I wanted to get. While the first output was slightly off, you'd expect that from an AI writer when you provide limited input. Thumbs up here again to Peppertype.

Peppertype AI

18. Feature To Benefit

Feature to benefit content template from Peppertype can help you convert your product's features to benefits.

Peppertype Feature To Benefit Input

If there's one tool in the market that can compete with Jasper, it has to be Peppertype. Here again Peppertype did a fantastic job for me by converting the features of Semrush to Benefits. 

Peppertype AI

19. Website Sub-Headline

Website sub-headline is the next most important thing after headlines. And peppertype does have a content template for creating website sub-headlines.

Peppertype Website Sub Headlines Input

The content output for this template was mediocre. Peppertype could have done better here. 

Peppertype AI

20. YouTube Video Descriptions

YouTube Video descriptions are important for your SEO. Peppertype AI has a content template that creates an SEO optimized description for YouTube Videos

Peppertype YouTube Video Description Input

The first description is SEO-optimized but not catchy. It first uses the phrase content is the king and then, in the next sentence, says content is becoming the King. 

As for the second template, it does not use the keyword AI Content Writers, though it uses Peppertype. Qualitywise, it is better than the first content, but still it could have been better.

Peppertype YouTube Video Description

21. Product Review Generator

Want to write a review for a product you love? Use Peppertype's Product Review Generator content template to write a review in about a couple of minutes.

Peppertype Product Review Generator Input

The output of the template was good considering that it is still in Beta at the time of testing it.

Peppertype Product Review Generator

22. YouTube Video Topic Ideas

YouTube is a great platform to promote your brand. Peppertype AI can help you come up with new YouTube video topic ideas

Peppertype YouTube Video Ideas Input

The YouTube Video ideas generated were great. However, I liked how Peppertype explained in detail what could you include in the videos.

Peppertype YouTube Video Ideas

23. Compelling Bullet Points

Bullet Points are a great way to highlight important parts of your content. Peppertype AI can help you come up with bullet points for your content

Peppertype Compelling Bullet Points Input

The first output created by Compelling Bullet Points template was great. However, the second one wasn't up to the mark according to me. Also, the first and fourth points in the second output are similar.

Peppertype Compelling Bullet Points

24. Content Rewriter

Peppertype AI can help you rewrite your content and make it unique and more engaging. For our example, I use the Blog Introduction template to create a introduction for a blog post and then entered the output in the content rewriter tool

Peppertype Content Rewriter Input

As you can see the first output is great and to the point. The second article has some grammatical blunders. But given that the content writer template is still in beta, I would like to give it some more time before passing a negative comment on it.

25. Amazon Product Descriptions

Amazon Product descriptions are important for the SEO of your products. Peppertype AI can help you write Amazon product descriptions that are engaging and optimized for Amazon SEO.

Peppertype Amaazon Product Descriptions Input

The output for the Amazon Product descriptions was mind blowing. It did not feel like a typical AI writer output. To me it seemed like the content was written by professionals from the company. A big thumbs up to Peppertype here.

Peppertype Amaazon Product Descriptions

26. Content Expander

Need to expand your sentence? While wordiness is not always great, it is sometimes useful for adding the emphasis. And Content Expander template from Peppertype will help you do the same.

Peppertype Content Expander Input

The first output from the template was decent. However, the second one was totally off topic. But again, content expander is still in its beta. So too early to judge it's real potential. 

Peppertype AI

27. Engaging Questions

Questions are a great way to start a conversation with your readers and Peppertype AI can help you come up with engaging questions for your users to answer

Peppertype Engaging Questions Input

The template's output is decent. Some of the questions are though provoking and engaging.

Peppertype Engaging Questions

28. Quora Answers

Want to get traffic from Quora? Peppertype AI can help you write amazing answers that will fetch upvotes and drive more traffic to your website.

Peppertype Quora Answers Input

The first output was great. The second was about average. Plus there are a couple of grammatical mistakes in the second sentence. This has somewhat become a regular thing with Peppertype. The Peppertype should work on rectifying the issues ASAP

Peppertype Quora Answers

29. Customer Review Response

When you get a customer review, it's important to respond quickly. Peppertype AI can help you write customer review responses. For our example I tried searching for negative Peppertype Reviews and was able to find just one. So I used it as an input to the Customer Review Response template.

Peppertype Customer Review Response Input

The first reply was short and precise. However, Peppertype again messed up with the second response. It again looked grammatically off towards the end.

Peppertype Customer Review Response

30. First To Third Person Converter

First to third person converter from Peppertype can help you quickly convert your first person content into third person.

Peppertype First To Third Person Converter Input

This template was one of the easiest in my opinion. And Peppertype AI did not mess it up this time.

Peppertype First To Third Person Converter

31. AIDA Copywriting

AIDA copywriting is a great way to write persuasive and engaging content. Peppertype AI can help you come up with AIDA copies that will convert.

Peppertype AIDA Copywriting Input

The outputs from the AIDA template were decent. However, nothing exceptional about it. There is still scope for improvement.

Peppertype AIDA Copywriting

32. Personal Bio

Peppertype AI can help you write amazing personal bios that will help you attract more followers and make a great first impression.

Peppertype Personal Bio Input

My personal bio turned out to be great. Although Peppertype did add some content on it's own. But the AI wasn't wrong either. But I loved the output.

Peppertype Personal Bio

33. Email Subject Lines

Email subject lines are a great way to get more people to open your emails. Peppertype AI can help you come up with decent email subject lines that will get more people to open your emails.

Peppertype Email Subject Lines Input

The email subject lines sounded too basic. But that's probably the best we can expect from an AI tool. Afterall AI's won't be able to write creative email subject lines like AppSumo does.

Peppertype Email Subject Lines

34. Cold Emails

Want to start a cold email campaign? Peppertype AI can help you write amazing cold emails that will get more people to respond.

Peppertype Cold Emails Input

Again, the cold email generated by Peppertype AI turned out to be great. So no complains here.

Peppertype Cold Emails

35. Content Simplifier

Peppertype AI can help you simplify your content and make it easy to read and understand.

Peppertype Content Simplifier Input

The first output made me feel that the AI tool is making the content more complex than simplifying it. Forget about 8th grader, I was confused for a moment. As for the second and third outputs, they were great.

Peppertype Content Simplifier

36. Amazon Product Bullet Points

Amazon Product Bullet Points are a great way to highlight the features of your product and Peppertype AI can help you generate the same.

Peppertype Amazon Product Bullet points Input

The trend continues. The first output is totally wayward and does not follow the input. The second one was amazing. It's upon you to judge if you'd like to buy Peppertype for the good output or pass it for the weird one.

Peppertype Amazon Product Bullet points

37. Amazon Ad Headline

Amazon Ad Headlines are important in driving more traffic to your product listing. Peppertype can help you create Amazon Ad headline with few inputs

Peppertype Amazon Ad Headline Input

Same input as the previous template and similar is the output. I don't know why Peppertype is making up things when I have already provided necessary details in the input. This time though, apart from the changed details, everything else looks great.

Peppertype Amazon Ad Headline

38. Amazon Product Title

Peppertype AI can also help you come up with Amazon Product Titles

Peppertype Amazon Product Input

This time I reduced the input to the Amazon Product Title content template. However, yet again, Peppertype changed the details at its own will. AI bot out of control?

Peppertype AI

39. Polls Questions And Answers

Polls are a great way to get engagement from your readers and Peppertype AI can help you come up with engaging poll questions that will help you get more responses.

Peppertype Poll Questions And Answers Input

Peppertype ended their content templates on a good note. The poll questions and answers were really engaging.

Peppertype Poll Questions And Answers

Peppertype AI Pricing

Peppertype AI offers 3-different plans, the starter plan, Growth plan and the enterprise plan. The starter plan starts at $35/month and packs in almost all the essential things that most businesses might need. You also get a discount if you pay in advance for a year which brings down the pricing to $25/month.

Apart from what you get in the Starter plan, the growth plan also offers the ability to collaborate and share the results, offer controlled access and the ability to download the result. The last option, I honestly feel is a marketing gimmick. As for the other two options that's only needed if you are big organization who have multiple content creators working on a same project at different levels.

As for the enterprise plan, as the name suggests, its for large enterprises. It comes with advanced features like custom trained AI models and Human quality check. Again, this isn't for small to medium organizations with a few employees.

Peppertypes isn't a Free AI Writer. So there's no free plan. Though it offers a 10,000 words trial for you to check out Peppertype's quality.

Peppertype.ai Customer Support

Peppertype has an extensive Knowledge Base (KB) which you can use if you get stuck. However, if you still need help, they do offer support through a ticket system. I haven't contacted their support yet, so can't comment on their responsiveness.

Apart from that, they also have an active Peppertype Facebook Community wherein you can seek help from the fellow Peppertypers. 

Alternatives To Peppertype.ai

Peppertype is far from being perfect. So here are a few of the alternatives to Peppertype AI

1. Jasper AI

When it comes to quality of content, Jasper is way ahead of Peppertype or for that matter, any other AI Content writing tool in the market. Its output is close to humans both for short-form and long-form content.

For short-form content, it might even beat some of the good human copywriters. So, if you are looking for an AI content writer that you can use today, Jasper AI should be your go-to tool. You can check out my Jasper AI Review

2. WordHero

WordHero isn't backed by large organizations but the quality of output for its short-form content is as good as Jasper. Though it struggles big time with long-form content.

Unlike Jasper AI, which limits the number of words, WordHero offers unlimited words for a lower price point. Plus they are currently running a Lifetime Deals (LTD) on AppSumo with which you can get unlimited short-form content for just $89/month. With another $59, WordHero also includes it's long-form editor for lifetime.

3. Rytr

Rytr is another tool that was initially launched on AppSumo. Although it does have the long-form feature, it is not as friendly as Jasper or even WordHero. 

So, if you are looking for short-form content and don't like the Lifetime deal of WordHero, you can go with Rytr as it is very cheap starting at just $9/month. 

Final Words About Peppertype.ai Review 2022

Peppertype.ai is a decent tool that offers good output for short-form content. However, it lacks a long-form content creator. So, if you are looking for a long-form content creator, I highly recommend going with Jasper AI.

What do you think of this Peppertype AI Review? Let us known in the comments section

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