Top 10 Blogging Platforms To Start A Free Blog in 2016

Blogging is getting immensely popular with every passing day. Some people prefer starting with a professional Self Hosted WordPress Blog while others prefer using Free Blogging Platforms. As against most people think, selecting a good blogging platform is very critical if you want to reach the right audience. This is the reason I thought of writing this post […]

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20 Effective Tips To Get Free Twitter Followers

Social Media Marketing has become one of the most important tools for Bloggers. It not only gets you traffic but also develops a Brand Image for your blog, which I feel is far more important. With over 20 million daily tweets, Twitter is one of the best social networks to promote your blog post. However, […]

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Future Of SEO in 2016: Is SEO Really Dead?

Future of SEO is one of the most debatable topics with some experts claiming that SEO Is Dead whereas others claim that SEO Is Not Dead. Try to type “SEO is” on Google, and you will see the following results. The popularity of the keywords “SEO is dead” and “SEO is not dead”, shows how […]

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How To Find The Best Long Tail Keywords Using Free Tools

Are you struggling to get enough traffic to some mind blowing articles written by you?  Do you feel jealous when people with shabbily written articles are ranked higher than you at Google Search? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then it is high time for you to learn Keyword Research. Without using proper keywords, […]

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