On Page SEO Checklist To Boost Your Ranking In 2016

With Millions of Blogs added to the world-wide-web daily, we simply cannot ignore the importance of SEO for getting to the first page of Google. Even a brilliant content would not get you traffic if you do not optimize your blog. On PAGE SEO is your first step towards optimizing your blog for Search Engines.

However, with the ever-changing Algorithm of search engines, especially Google, we need to update ourselves to the latest SEO techniques to make sure we stay ahead of the competition. In this article am going to provide you with an On-Page SEO checklist which you can use in 2016 ( Or at least till Google Rolls out any major update) to Improve your Search Rankings.

I generally write articles for my readers and then try to complete my SEO checklist and recommend the same to others. This way, you do not end up writing a perfectly optimized content that would be of little use to your reader. You should probably check my article about How to Write Quality Content before applying the below checklist

As the title suggests, this article just provides you with a checklist for Optimizing your Blog. If you are looking out for details about On Page SEO, you may rather want to check out my tips for On Page SEO Optimization for better search rankings.

On Page SEO Checklist For Achieving Better Ranking in 2016

Checklist For On Page SEO


  1. Are you targeting your short as well as long tail keywords?
  2. Is your keyword density between 0.5-2%? If not, get it
  3. Do you have your Keyword in First and Last Paragraph of your blog post?
  4. Is your Content is original?
  5. Is your content well researched with authentic references?
  6. Have you used Images and Videos wherever necessary, with Proper formatting?

Page Title and Meta tags

  1. Does your Page Title Contains Keywords?
  2. Can you rephrase page title to use the keyword at the beginning?
  3. Are you using Meta Description? If yes, does it contain your long tail keyword?

SEO Friendly Permalinks

  1. Are your using Keyword in Permalink?
  2. Does your permalink describe content?

Header tags

  1. Are you using H1 for Page/Post Title?
  2. Are you using H1 tag apart from Post Title? If yes, consider changing it to H2.
  3. Do you have your Keywords in H2 and H3?

Image Optimization

  1. Are you using Alt Tag with all images?
  2. Is your Image File Name SEO Friendly?
  3. Are you using Image Titles?
  4. Is your Image Size Optimum? If not, consider reducing it. WordPress users may use WP Smush

Improving Readability

  1. Is the font size easily readable?
  2. Are you using short Paragraphs?
  3. Are you using Bullets and Numbering?
  4. Checked your article for proper Punctuation?
  5. Checked your article with Grammarly?
  6. Is Your Flesch Score above 60? ( WordPress users can measure Flesch score using SEO By Yoast Plugin)

Mobile Responsiveness

  1. Is your Blog Mobile responsive?
  2. Are there any Pop-Up Ads covering Mobile Screen? If yes remove them as from November 2015, Google started penalizing websites using such pop-ups.
  3. Are your web-fonts big enough to be read on mobile screen?
  4. Have you Checked your post with Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool?

Internal Linking

  1. Have you linked to other Internal articles?
  2. Are you using proper anchor text for Internal links?
  3. Are you using Related Post Widgets? ( For WordPress Users,  Contextual Related Posts is Recommended)

External Linking

  1. Are you linking to external websites? If not, consider adding it.
  2. Consider adding No-Follow attribute to external links with low Domain Authority
  3. Check if you are linking to external websites using anchor text containing your keyword. If so, change it to remove your keyword.

Site Load Time

  1. Is your Google PageSpeed Insight Score more than 80?
  2. Does your website load in less than 3 seconds?
  3. For Photograph rich pages, consider using Lazy Load Plugin to make sure images are loaded only after readers scroll down.


This checklist covers all your On Page SEO Factors that are considered Important as of now in 2016.  Following it may feel a bit tedious, but it is definitely worth it. By correctly using this checklist, you will definitely be a step ahead of your competitors.

You can also download this checklist in Excel Format.  Take a printout of the same or just use it online to check if you are following all On Page SEO optimization suggestions or not.

Download Excel Checklist

Please note, you are free to use and distribute this checklist, but you are not allowed to remove the credits from the checklist.

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