15 Free And Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online in 2019

Are you looking out for Legitimate ways of Making Money Online Without Investment in 2019? Do you want to know How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything?

If that is a yes, your search should end here. In this post, I will walk you through the best and legitimate ways to make money online for free in 2019.  

These jobs are suitable for you irrespective of your location. In fact, people from all around the world including countries like USA, UK, Canada, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia ( KSA ), Qatar, Egypt, France, Spain, Greece, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya etc. have been following my advice and earning good money.

So without beating around the bush, let us get right into it.

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Legit Ways To Make Money Online Without Investment

Below are the various legitimate ways of making money online without investment. Some of these jobs may require you to have technical skills and others are for non-technical people too.

What's suitable for you may vary considerably depending on your skills, time you can devote and also your interest.

So check it out yourself and decide what is suitable for you.

1. Make Money Online By Blogging

For a lot of people, blogging is either a hobby or a medium to express their views. However, it is also possible to monetize from your blogs.

In fact, there are many bloggers who are making an insane amount of money from their blogs. According to Forbes, the top blog Huffington Post makes $14 million per month.

Of course, blogging does not give you easy money. Not every blogger earns $14 million.

You must be able to write quality articles and have enough knowledge about SEO to make good money it.

Also, with blogging, you need to be very patient. You cannot start earning from day one. It may even take you a few months to make your first dollar.

But, once your blog starts getting popular, you can start making enough money to make a living out of it.

For starting a blog, all you need is a good topic that is popular among the masses. Needless to say, you must be an expert on the topic so that you can write regular articles about it.

You can also rope in your friends and create a blog with multiple topics, with each friend specializing in a particular niche.

The reason blogging makes to this list of "Making Money Online Without Investment" is that you can either start a blog for free blog at Blogger. However, starting a free blog at blogger is not recommended as it is very difficult to manage SEO for the same.

Starting a Self hosted WordPress blog does not cost much. I started my first blog for just around $12. I used this money to buy a hosting with the Special $1 Hosting Offer that got me GoDaddy hosting and a domain name for just $12.18 for one year. Next, I installed WordPress with free themes from WordPress Repository.

For enhancing the WordPress functionality, I installed free WordPress Plugins. That is it, my blog was ready to make money.

You can make money with blogging through any of the below monetization methods.

1. Displaying advertisement from Google Adsense or other advertising networks. You get paid per Ad impression (CPI) or per Ad click (CPC)

2. Affiliate marketing, wherein you promote a company's product/services. Whenever someone uses your link to buy the product/service, the company pays you a commission for the same.

3. Paid articles

4. Selling ad space on your blog.

You can use any of the monetization methods on free blogs too. However, again as I said, it is not recommended.

2. Get Paid To Take Surveys

Blogging require you to have content writing and SEOskills. However, most people in here just have basic internet skills. So, If you are one of them, online surveys are for you.

No skills are required whatsoever for taking surveys. You just need to be able to operate your computer.

There are many companies which pay you to complete surveys. Some companies pay you as gift hampers while others pay you in cash.

However, for surveys, I always recommend registering only with Clixsense as it provides survey jobs from various companies under one roof.

In addition, there are various other ways for you to make money with ClixSense. This includes micro jobs from CrowdFlower.

Also, the minimum withdrawal amount at ClixSense is lower than other websites which starts at just $8. Because of all these, you can withdraw your money regularly.

Online survey jobs are more suitable for people from the USA, UK, Canada, etc. as there are more surveys available to them.

3. Monetize YouTube Videos

Watching and uploading YouTube videos can be fun. But did you know it is also possible to make money from the YouTube videos you upload?.

Yes, that's very much possible.

However, to be able to monetize from YouTube Videos, it should be copyrights free. So you need to create your own videos for the same.

Like blogging, YouTube has immense earning potential. There are many YouTubers who earn millions of rupees.

If you are capable of making good videos that can go viral, YouTube will be the best option for you.

There are many ways to monetize your YouTube videos. However, most YouTubers use YouTube Partner program wherein you can make money by displaying advertisements to your viewers. You can also make money through affiliate marketing and paid reviews.

4. Earn Money Online Through Micro Jobs

Micro Jobs website pays you for completing some simple tasks like sign-ups to websites, commenting on blogs, Facebook sharing, Tweeting or retweeting, finding information on the internet, classifying products etc.

Pay rates for such jobs are reasonable, and you can easily complete these jobs part time, along with your regular jobs.

Since Micro Jobs do not require any skills except basic knowledge of internet, they are ideal for students and home-making women to utilize their free time effectively.

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5. Make Money Online with Fiverr

Fiverr is a website which provides opportunities for everyone to make money online. You can create a "Gig" which tells people what you are willing to do for $5.

The Gigs can be absolutely anything from professional services like technical writing, SEO, online marketing to non-professional things like blowing balloon for someone, painting, or doing all sort of unique yet creative things.

Even if you do not have any skills, you can still earn with Fiverr for your creativity. There are buyers for creativity, and if you can provide creative Gigs to people, you can earn some easy money.

6. Make Money With Online Tutoring

If you are a professional teacher or have good knowledge of a subject, you can make money by teaching online.

There are many websites where you can register to teach online. The popular ones among the are Tutor and Chalkstreet.

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7. Make Money By Selling Online Courses

Online Tutoring is an awesome way to Make Money Online. However, it only has one major drawback; you can only make money till the time you continue to teach online.

So, if you have plant to retire early or if you want your money to grow while you sleep, you should probably consider designing your own Online Courses. You can either start your own website and sell your courses there or you can start it on websites like Udemy.

Every single time someone buys your course, Udemy will pay you after deducting it's commission. Registering on Udemy is free.

In fact, at Udemy, you can also buy courses on How To Create Online Courses and How To Sell Online Courses

8. Earn Money By Selling Your Designs

If you are a designer and want to sell your products online, Print On Demand (PoD) websites would be the perfect solution for you to Earn Money Online.

After registering with these websites, you can create an online shop to display your products.

Once your shop is created, you can start designing products like T-shirt, handbags, clothes, etc. using online tools provided by the website and add them to your online shop.

When someone buys a product designed by you, the website will then print your design on the product and deliver the same to the client. You get paid a royalty for your design.

The best thing about Print On Demand websites is that you do not have to keep the inventory or buy machines for printing.

Also, the marketing part is carried out by the website. So you can fully focus on creating designs.

Another advantage is that, if somehow you are unable to sell anything, you have nothing to lose as these websites are free to register.

CafePress and Zazzle are the two most reliable Print On Demand Websites.

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9. Get Paid For Content Writing

As discussed earlier, Blogging is a great way to make money online. However, that does require knowledge of SEO and content Marketing to get people to your blog.

On the other hand, there are bloggers who either cannot write compelling content or they manage multiple blogs and so do not have enough time to create content on a regular basis.

So, if you have exceptional writing skills and do not want to get into the technicalities associated with Blogging, you can provide content writing services. And if you also possess copywriting skills, you can work with Website development agencies to write content for their clients.

In the case of blog writing, certain writers let you use your own name with the articles while other bloggers prefer ghost writers. You can easily find content writing projects through Facebook Groups and LinkedIn.

The pay rates for the articles vary greatly depending upon your skills. Most writers charge anywhere between $5 to $50 per 1000 words. The prices are higher for research-based articles. Some writers charge as high as $500 per 1000 words. 

10. Make Money Through Social Media

Most people use social media websites like Facebook and Twitter to connect with friends or to express themselves or simply killing time. However, few people know that you can also make money through Social media.

Over the years, Social Media has grown into a popular advertising platform. However, advertising through sponsored posts is often very costly for brands. Therefore, brands and even politicians take help from individuals who manage popular Facebook Pages or have large following on Twitter or Instagram.

You can register for free with websites like BlogMint which is platform that brings together brands and publishers. Once you are a member, you can check and apply for various social media campaigns created by brands. You can quote the charges for a Tweet or a Facebook post depending upon the number of followers you have.

Update: BlogMint is no longer in business

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11. Manage Social Media Accounts

If you love using social media, this is yet another way for your to make money online. As you probably know, Social Media is a great way to increase brand awareness and increase your fan following. That's the reason you might have seen almost all the celebrities, politicians and companies reach out to their target audience on Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

However, most of these people are usually busy with their respective work with no time to spend on Social Media. Therefore, they hire freelancers to manage their social medial account on their behalf.

So if you've been using Social Media from a long time and you have excelled the art of posting the right content to get more likes, you can manage social media accounts for celebrities.

However, getting to manage a social media account for a celebrity or a company may not be as easy as it sounds. This is because, your will be directly representing the celebrity or company whose social media account you manage. Any mistakes you make will affect the public image of the company or the celebrity.

12. Make Money Online Through Web Designing

As with content writing, with growing number of blogs and other business websites, web designing too, is the need of the hour. It is one of the best ways to make money online if you love coding.

You can sell your services on freelance websites. Some very talented web designers earn as high as $50 per hour at freelance websites.

And if you are capable of building WordPress themes, it becomes more easy for you to make money.

You can create the themes and then sell them at the marketplace for WordPress themes like ThemeForest. Alternately you can also create a website and promote the themes yourself.

WordPress Themes are in high demand, and people are willing to shell out $50 to $100 for a single theme. And each theme may be sold multiple times. So you can imagine the scope of web designing.

13. Offer Online Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is yet another way to Earn Money online, which is directly related to blogging.

With the increased number of blogs, there is a huge competition to get to the first page of Google. SEO professionals, through various techniques, can help the bloggers and businesses achieve that.

To make money as an SEO, you can either contact bloggers and businesses directly or start your own website offering SEO services or work with freelance websites where people can hire your services.

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14. Make Money Online By Testing Websites And Applications

There are many websites which offer you money for testing applications and websites.

For website and application testing, all you need to do is turn on screen recorder software on your computer which is usually provided by the websites. You will then have to use your mic to verbally review the website or application for various features as you browse them on your computer.

There are many websites like Usertesting, Ubertesters, and Testingbirds among others which offer such jobs.

15. Become A Virtual Assistant

Not everyone can afford to hire a personal assistant. And if the person is from the US, the UK or any Tier 1 countries, having a personal assistant becomes a luxury because of the high wages.

To overcome this problem, people hire Virtual assistants that can work for them part time and charge only for the duration they work. So if an Entrepreneur needs an assistant only for an hour's work on a daily basis, he can easily save huge money as he only have to pay for 30 hours a month instead of the monthly salary.

Also, since virtual assistants work from a remote location, people from countries with costly manpower can hire freelancers from India, Philippines, Bangladesh etc, who can work for the half the hourly wages.

As a freelancer, you too can benefit as you can work with multiple clients charging each client higher hourly rates than what you will get paid with regular salary. Also, you can save on your travelling and food expenses if you were to work in a office.

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Final Words

There are many options for you to Make Money Online. However, it's very important for you to select the right option that you are interested in. Without interest, you may soon start losing interest and eventually give up.

I hope you found my article to be very useful. If you have any queries, do let us know through the comments form below.

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Aquif Shaikh

Aquif Shaikh is a Blogger from Baroda. He loves writing, traveling and sharing his knowledge and Ideas with the world. At Blogging Ocean, he writes mostly about blogging tips, content marketing, and SEO.

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Mai - November 2, 2018


I’m a housewife from the Philippines. I’m in th process of looking for an income whether it is part time or full time.

I what to get your opinion for the starter and / or newbies who want to have an online income just like me, what would you recommend?

Hoping to get a reply from you.

Have a nice day and God bless.

    Aquif Shaikh - November 2, 2018

    Mai, as a blogger, the best I can do is list down all the possible ways of making money. It’s up to you to analyze your skills and see what suits the best for you.

Pororo - July 30, 2018

I like your article. Having an online sort of work interests me a lot but I am afraid of scams.. Can you help me out pursue my writing skills on the internet????

    Aquif Shaikh - July 31, 2018

    Glad to know that you are a budding writer. You can always start with websites like iWriter and Upwork to get going. You can also join groups related to Content Writing from where you can pick up some content writing Gigs.

    Alternately, you can also consider starting your own blog. It’s a good way to earn passive income.

mubarak - July 28, 2018

sir. thank you very much for this advice. I think i wil have to start somewhere than just waiting for a person to guide me through.

Rhea Gayo - April 15, 2018

I used to blog with blogger. It’s free. I have written a lot of articles there but i didn’t know how to monetize. I have stopped writing on that account for over two years. Now that I have read this, I am thinking about continuing to write again. You think it’s a good idea, or should I start with another account?

    Aquif Shaikh - April 15, 2018

    Rhea, as I said in my article Blogger is not an ideal platform to make money. However, if you just want to use it for part-time income, you can start writing on the same blog.

Nei - April 15, 2018

Hi. I am from philippines. I need an extra job aside from being a full time banker. Are these online jobs are applicable in our country? I’ve tried etumoney.site but i can’t get my pay until i produce 40 referals. Its kinda hard to refer if you aren’t paid yet. I want to make income that i don’t have to rely on referals. Can you suggest some.

Thank you.

    Aquif Shaikh - April 15, 2018

    Yes, Nei. All these ways of making money online are very much available in your country. If you just need part-time income, you can try ClixSense and Microworkers. ClixSense has a lot of people from your country.

Prince - March 25, 2018

Someone introduced me to immoney.win where i could view adverts and get paid. I have about $700. I wanted to withdraw and i was told to refer 40 people to register first. I now have 20ple

But could this be legit?


    Aquif Shaikh - March 25, 2018

    My gut feeling says that it is a big scam. $700 earnings from clicking ads? Most PTC websites pay no more than $0.02 per ad and such ads are limited to 4-5 per day. Rest will pay you $0.001 per click. So earning $700 with genuine PTC website will take no less than 5-6 years.

    I am sure, they are just using you to get more “Scapegoats” who can fall into their trap. With every member bringing in 40 members and these 40 members bring 40 more and so on, you can imagine the size of this scam. My advice is to forget about your $700 and start working on something legitimate.

Ofelia - March 16, 2018

Thank you for this wonderful article with many great ideas to put into action and start generating money.

    Aquif Shaikh - March 18, 2018

    My pleasure, Ofelia.

Mercy Ann Malagar - March 15, 2018

Where do I get job as virtual assistant? Thank you, you’re a lot of help.

    Aquif Shaikh - March 18, 2018

    Hi Mercy, you can try websites like Upwork and freelancer.com to get virtual assistant jobs.

Natasha Evans - January 29, 2018

Great ways to make income. I do surveys, Swagbucks and other ways to make money from home. They have been successful. I want to freelance write. Should I begin by blogging? I have a free wordpress.org account. I freelance write for a greeting card company to win a contest for cash and gain experience. I would like to increase my income. Thank you for your input.

    Aquif Shaikh - January 29, 2018

    Hi Natasha, if you are into content writing, a blog to display your work will definitely help you. And of course, if you can learn a bit about SEO and content marketing, blogging can you more money than freelance writing. Apart from that, you can also join some active Facebook Groups that regularly post requirements for content writers.

    Do let me know if you need any help from my end.

SD Sharma - December 23, 2017

Thanks for your previous reply. My last question is Do you also provide training videos of any sort, so that we can first learn and then earn. Because if we start of our own it will take more time to start our earning.


    Aquif Shaikh - December 23, 2017

    Well, I will be creating an E-course soon. Not sure if I can come up with Videos in the near future as I am a bit too occupied with my blogs.

SD Sharma - December 21, 2017

Your article is awesome. Can you please tell me which non-techical work will give me decent income from the very first month of starting. For me decent income is Rs 1000+


yonnas misganaw - December 7, 2017

Thank you for giving us the most important information but can we work in any part of the world? Is There Any Limitation?

    Aquif Shaikh - December 8, 2017

    Yes, Yonnas. You can work anywhere around the globe. However, certain websites do have restrictions in sensitive countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Syria among others. The list depends on each individual website.

Lawal quadri - November 17, 2017

I already have a free WordPress account, but was unable to mk earnings from it, kindly help me out on these?

    Aquif Shaikh - November 17, 2017

    That’s because you cannot make money on WordPress.com. It is meant only for casual bloggers who write as a hobby.

    There is a difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. The latter is the provider of the open-source WordPress CMS which is widely used for blogging. However, you need a hosting server to host this WordPress CMS.

    On the other hand, WordPress.com provides free as well as a paid hosting server for WordPress. However, all the WordPress.com plans, especially the free version have a lot of restriction making them unsuitable for monetizing. So, if you want to make money, you have to buy a hosting server and start a blog by installing WordPress on it.

Holly Kerley - September 20, 2017

Best/most helpful page I’ve seen for work-from-home ideas. I am inspired and feel safe with your recommendations!

    Aquif Shaikh - September 20, 2017

    Thanks a lot Holly.

Parthiban - August 20, 2017

Hi, i have already created blog but donno the next step where i can earn money from it.Help me.

    Aquif Shaikh - August 22, 2017

    Hello Parthiban,

    You can make money using Affiliate Marketing or CPC programs like Google AdSense. What payment method is suitable for you depends on various factors including your blog niche, whether you are on free blogging platform or self-hosted WordPress, etc. among a bunch of other factors.

ANBAZHAGAN A - June 20, 2017

Thanks Really nice and usefull article

    Aquif Shaikh - June 20, 2017

    Thanks a lot Anbazhagan

Venice - May 25, 2017

Hello sir, good thing there is an article that would answer questions to how to make money online, this may really help us how to choose a home base career. Keep it up, and thanks for sharing your insights…

    Aquif Shaikh - May 26, 2017

    Hi Venice, thanks a lot for appreciating my work.

Anis A. Siddiqui - May 4, 2017

You are really into it, Aquif. Very good work, indeed.

    Aquif Shaikh - May 4, 2017

    Thanks a lot Anis for your kind words.

betsy - April 22, 2017

Such amazing article love Amazon mechanical turk

    Aquif Shaikh - April 24, 2017

    Thanks a lot Betsy

Md. Abdul Baten - April 20, 2017

This is a very helpful article to make money online. How can I write a blog if I am not proficient in English? Please advice me. Thank you.

    Aquif Shaikh - April 20, 2017

    Hi Abdul ,
    You can consider writing a blog in your native language provided you have enough audience for it.

    Blogs in French, Spanish, Chinese etc. are more popular than English blogs in the respective countries. Likewise there might be good number of audience who would like to read a blog in your native language.

Ching Law - April 17, 2017

Great information you have here. I think the hardest part for a lot of people especially newcomers to understand is that it takes time as you pointed out.

Teresa Johnson - March 31, 2017

Have you heard of Michael Force? Is he at all legit or not?!

    Aquif Shaikh - April 17, 2017

    Well, I am not so sure about him. My advice would be to stay away unless you are very sure.

Prabhu S - March 26, 2017

Your article is very informative.
I am interested to take surveys jobs online.
Not sure if this will require in depth clarity.
If it is general point of view then it must not be difficult.
If any help required, I will contact you…If it is not a issue.

    Aquif Shaikh - April 17, 2017

    Hello Prabhu S,
    Surveys do not require you to have any knowledge. Companies will just ask you general questions to know more about you or your views about something. And sure, if you need any help, feel free to contact me.

Maria - January 7, 2017

Sorry but registering domain names and then reselling them is quite unethical if you ask me. If a business needs a domain name you are forcing them to buy it from you just because you went there before and grabbed it even while you actually did not need it. I just hate people doing that because they make the Internet a place full of scammers, it is as unethical as spam, because a genuine company instead of having the domain name they should have they are forced to choose a different alternative one just because a jerk decided to usurp it.

    Aquif Shaikh - February 4, 2017

    Hello Maria,

    I respect your view. But personally, I do not feel Domain flipping is unethical at all. More often than not, domain flippers prefer registering generalized domains which can be used by a category of business and not the names of individual companies. If a company wishes they can always look out for other Domains associated with their business. No one is forcing them to buy a particular domain. right?

    Siva - July 16, 2017


Martin TC - January 6, 2017

Sometimes fear blinds us that we can miss the right thing because we are scared.Thanks for making this very clear and in a simplest form.I want to start blogging, fear, procrastination and lack of full knowledge was my problem,but now with this eye opener article, iam fired up and ready. Thanx once again. .

    Aquif Shaikh - February 4, 2017

    Hi Martin. Glad that my article did motivate you. If you need any help from my side to start a blog, feel free to contact me.

Riyaz - December 5, 2016

Hi Aquif,

This is really a nice guide to make money online. Appreciate your list of legit earnings.

    Aquif Shaikh - December 14, 2016

    Thanks a lot Riyaz for your appreciation. It matters a lot to me :)

Yamin - October 25, 2016

I love this article!! It’s very useful for stay at home moms who wants to earn extra from our free time.

Justin - July 11, 2016

Please can you give a link for 5. MicroJobs Websites…..i think i should go for that one.

    Aquif Shaikh - July 11, 2016

    Hi Justin. I have updated the article to include a link to an article about Micro Jobs Website.

Jayanta debnath - May 14, 2016

Your article is very useful and encouraging. I am interested making money online. Can I contact u if I need help.

    Aquif Shaikh - May 15, 2016

    Sure, feel free to contact me through the “Contact Us” form.

Santanu - May 7, 2016

Thanks for such a good article. I think selling domain name is a very good business and its required very in-dept knowledge and predictions.


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