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Liquid Web Black Friday Sale 2023 (Live Offers Included)

By Aquif Shaikh

Sep 22, 2023

Looking for discounts on Liquid Web? If that's a yes, you must not miss the Liquid Web Black Friday 2023 sale that can help you save huge on your VPS and Dedicated server bills. So, let us get straight to the Liquid Web Offer for this Black Friday.

Liquid Web Black Friday 2023 Deals

Deal Date



Deal link


Managed Cloud VPS


Managed Dedicated Server


Live Offer

Managed Cloud VPS

Starting $15/Month for 2CPU, 2GB RAM VPS including cPanel. No Coupon needed

Managed Dedicated Server

Save Up To 52% On Dedicated Servers. Starting $75/month. No Coupon needed

Liquid Web Black Friday Offer 2023

Liquid web has not announced the Black Friday deals for this year. Watch out for this space for the latest updates on the Liquid Web Black Friday sale.

1. Managed VPS Hosting

To be announced

2. Managed Dedicated Server

To be announced

How To Get Liquid Web Black Friday Offer?

To get the Liquid Web Black Friday offer, you need to first unlock the offer. 

On the page that opens, you will see the Liquid Web Black Friday Offers. You can choose the deal of your choice and checkout to get the Liquid Web Black Friday Discounts.

Coupon codes, if any, will be mentioned on the offer page. 

About Liquid Web

Liquid Web started its operations way back in the year 1997. Since then they have evolved to be one of the best Managed Cloud VPS and Managed Dedicated server providing company.

Liquid Web has over 32,000 customers in 130 countries, hosting more than 5,00,000 websites with them. They are known in the web hosting industry for their fast and quality support they refer to as "Heroic Support"

Liquid Web provides various hosting products like Dedicated Servers, Managed Cloud VPS, Managed Dedicated server, and Managed WordPress Hosting.

Reasons To Grab Liquid Web Black Friday Deals

If you are looking for Liquid Web Black Friday Deal, you must have already made a decision to get the Liquid Web products. However, if you are still at the deciding stage, below are the reason why you must not miss this special Black Friday Deal.

1. Heavy Discounts

When compared to other Fully Managed VPS services, Liquid Web is certainly on the cheaper side. However, with the Liquid Web Black Friday offer, the deal only gets sweeter. I don't think you can get such awesome deal until the next Black Friday.

2. Fully Managed Servers

Whether you are getting the Cloud VPS or Dedicated Servers, all the liquid web products are fully managed. So server configurations, software updates, server security etc. are all the responsibility of Liquid Web. You can host your website without worrying about any of them.

3. SSD Storage

SSD Servers are way faster than traditional SATA hard disks. Every Liquid Web server comes with SSD storage by default. However, if you need more storage at cheaper rates, you can opt for SATA HDD

4. Choice of Control Panel

You can choose between cPanel and Plesk Onyx depending on your requirements and comfort. Support and updates will be provided for both the panels.

5. Choice Of Data Centers

Liquid Web has two data centers at Lancing in the central US, one data center at Phoenix in the West Zone of US and one data center in Netherlands in Europe. You can choose any data center depending on the location of your target visitors.

6. Self Owned Data Centers

All the data centers used by Liquid Web are self-owned which helps in better monitoring of the servers.

7. 100% Uptime With SLA

Liquid Web is so confident about their server's uptime is that they provide 100% Uptime Guarantee that too with a Service Level Agreement (SLA). So if you face any downtime, you will be compensated for the same as per the T&C of Liquid Web.

8. 24 x 7 Monitoring

The "Sonar Monitoring Team" of Liquid web monitors the servers of clients to find and troubleshoot any potential problems even before the client notices the same.

The below pic shows services provided by "Sonar Monitoring Team"

9. Heroic Support

Liquid Web provides 24 x 7 "Heroic Support" that is quick and reliable.

FAQs About Liquid Web Black Friday Deal

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Liquid Web Black Friday Deals.

What Are Liquid Web Black Friday Deals?

During Black Friday, Liquid Web offers special discounts to its customers which is usually the lowest price that you can get throughout the year. So, if you are looking to save some bucks, make sure to grab this year's Black Friday deals.

When is Black Friday In 2023?

This year, Black Friday is on 23th of November 2023. However, most hosting companies start their Black Friday Deals early and Liquid Web too is expected to start early.

How Much Discount Can I Expect On Black Friday?

Liquid web has not announced this year's Black Friday deals yet.

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Final Words

Liquid Web is one of the best providers for Managed VPS and Dedicated Servers. It stands out of the rest with their fast, secured servers that come with 100% Uptime SLA and an affordable price tag.

With the Liquid Web Black Friday Offer, the deal sounds even better at the discounted price. So there's no reason to miss out on this awesome Black Friday Deal.

However, if you are low on budget and want to get lower end Cloud VPS, you can try the CloudWays Black Friday Deal. For cheap and reliable shared hosting, you can check A2 Hosting Black Friday Deal

About Aquif Shaikh

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