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Jasper AI Black Friday Deal 2022: Save Over $1000 This BFCM

By Aquif Shaikh

Feb 24, 2023

Jasper Black Friday Deal 2022

Black Friday Deal Details

  • Deal Details: Extra benefits on Jasper $990/year, 100K words/month Plan. Get Bonus 1: 300K extra words + Bonus 2: Get 3 Jasper Art Seats worth $600 + Bonus 3: First 100 People Get Free Tickets To Jasper's Conference worth $499.
  • Start Date: Deal is Live at below link
  • End Date: 01 December 2022
  • Deal Details: 10,000 Free Words
  • Trial Duration: 5 Days
  • Deal Type: Regular Live Deal

Surfer SEO Deal

Since you are looking for Jasper Black Friday deal, you might also be interested in Surfer SEO deal this Black Friday as it is one of the most important integrations available with Jasper AI. Surfer SEO is providing 30% off on Annual Plans + Additional Perks. The perks would be for the lifetime.

Jasper AI Black Friday 2022 Sale is around the corner. So, if you are planning to get an AI Writer on Black Friday, you should not miss out on this amazing deal. Just in case you are still wondering if Jasper AI is the right choice for you, do check out my Honest Jasper AI Review From Someone Who Is Using It For Over 9 Months.

So, without further ado, let's get straight to the Black Friday Jasper AI Sale details. 

Jasper AI Black Friday Sale

This year, Jasper Black Friday deal will go live on 25 November 2022 and End on 30 November 2022. During this period you can get goodies worth $2181 for just $990. Below are the benefits you will get with the Jasper Black Friday Deal for $990. Please note that the Jasper Black Friday Deals Page will be unlocked on Friday, 25th November 2022.

  • Access to 1.2 Million Words (I am assuming it to be $99/month plan which is worth $990 for 1 year)
  • 300K Bonus Keywords (25% Extra Credits)
  • 3 Seats For Jasper Art
  • Jasper AI Conference February Conference Ticket Worth $499

How to Get Jasper AI Black Friday Deal? (Step-by-Step)

step 1

To get the Jasper AI Black Friday Deal, click the button below

step 2

You will now see the Jasper Black Friday page as shown in the image below. Click on Claim My Discount + Bonuses

Jasper Black Friday Offer Page
step 3

On the next page, a pop-up will appear asking you to Claim Jasper Black Friday Deal. Click on Yes! Accept Promo

Jasper Black Friday Accept Promo Pop Up
step 4

Next the pop-up will close and on the signup page you can enter your personal details and click the Continue Button

Jasper AI Create Account
step 5

Next, Jasper will send you a verification code to your email. You can enter it on this page and click Verify

Jasper AI Verify Email
step 6

In the next step, enter your business details. This is not a crucial step. So if you don't have business just enter random details and click the Continue button.

Enter Business Details
step 7

Again not a crucial but compulsory step, select how do you plan to use Jasper AI and click on Next button

Enter Type Of Content Willing To Create
step 8

Complete the CAPTCHA form and click Get Started. (Irony, you have to prove your humanity to an AI tool)

step 9

This one is a crucial step for sure. Select the plan that you want to buy. I highly recommend the Boss Mode plan. I feel you are literally wasting your money if you don't choose the Boss Mode. Make sure to adjust the slider to choose the least available words (50,000 words for $59 for Boss Mode) as you can upgrade any time.

Adjust Number Of Words
step 10

Lastly, go ahead and enter your billing details to claim the Jasper AI Black Friday Deal.

Enter Billing Details


By default, Jasper will automatically upgrade your account when you run out of words. To avoid large bill shocks, head over to Settings > Billing section.

Next, in the If I Go Over My Plan Limit For The Month section, choose the Do Nothing And Wait For Me To Manually Update My Plan option as shown in the image below.

Jasper AI Plans - Which Plans Should I Choose?

Jasper AI offers two plans. So which plans is right for you? Let's find out the same.

1. Jasper AI Starter Plan

The Jasper AI starter plan is suitable for Copywriters and other content creators who don't want to create long-form content. This plan gives you access to all the Jasper AI Content templates.

Below are the features you get with Jasper AI Starter Plan

  • 64 AI Content Templates
  • 25+ languages supported
  • 600 characters look back
  • Up to 5 users
  • Email Support
  • Access To Jasper Community
  • Training Bootcamp
  • Live Video Call Onboarding

Recently, Jasper has also introduced the Jasper Commands content template that writes content as per the inserted command. Previously, the Jasper Commands were exclusive to the Jasper Boss Mode plan.

In addition, now you also get the One-Shot Blog Post Content template with the Starter Plan that allows you to create long-form blog posts in a single click. This makes one wonder if the Boss Mode is at all needed.

However, despite the addition of these two new features to the Starter Plan, it still isn't good enough for long-form content creation. This is because the One-Shot Blog Post template creates extremely small articles of around 300 words.

From the SEO perspective, these articles are not ideal and are usually considered to be thin content by search engines. While the commands are still useful, they might not be able to create great content without Content Lookback.

Jasper AI Starter Plan Pricing

Jasper AI Starter plan starts at $29/month. The pricing includes 20,000 words per month with access to up to 5 users.

2. Jasper AI Boss Mode Plan

The Boss Mode plan is a premium offering by Jasper AI that includes a long-form content editor along with several other features.

Other important features include an extended content look back, Google Doc style full-fledged content creator cum editor, and Jasper.

Below is the list of features you get with Jasper AI Boss Mode Plan

  • 64 AI Content Templates
  • Access To Long Form Editor
  • 25+ languages supported
  • 2000-3000 characters look back
  • Up to 5 users
  • 3X Faster Email Support
  • Surfer SEO Integration
  • Grammarly Integration
  • Copyscape Integration
  • Access To Jasper Community
  • Training Bootcamp
  • Live Video Call Onboarding
  • Revision history
  • Jasper Certification

The Jasper AI Boss Mode includes a Google Doc style editor wherein you can use Jasper Commands as well as Compose button to write more for the document. So, this plan suits the best for Bloggers and other long-form content creators.

Jasper AI Boss Mode Pricing

The Jasper AI Boss Mode plan starts at just $59/month. The pricing includes up to 50,000 words bundled in for free. Up to 5 users can use the tool and consume the words quota for creating content.

Benefits Of Using Jasper AI

Some of the benefits of using Jasper AI for content creation are listed below:

1. High-Quality Content At A Reduced Cost

Jasper AI uses GPT-3 technology to generate high-quality content. So, you can be rest assured that the content generated will be of good quality and readable. And all this at a fraction of a cost of hiring a content writer.

2. Reduced Content Generation Time

Jasper AI can help you save a lot of time as it can generate articles in a really quick time. Their One-Shot Blog Post content template allows you to create articles with just a click and in a few seconds.

3. Plagiarism Free Content

Jasper AI mostly generates a different output even if the same input is fed multiple times. As per Jasper AI, the content generated using the tool is 99.9% unique.

However, if you still want to be on the safe side, Jasper integrates with Copyscape to check your content for Plagiarism so that plagiarism and duplicate content issues are completely ruled out.

4. Get SEO-Optimized Articles

Jasper AI integrates with Surfer SEO which allows you to create SEO-optimized articles that are more likely to rank on the SERP.

5. Jasper Commands

Jasper Commands are what makes Jasper AI so special. Unlike, other tools that mostly rely on Write More or similar functions to generate content, with Jasper you can write commands in plain language instructing the AI to write the content exactly as you want.

For example, you can tell Jasper to Write an introduction to a blog post on Best AI Content Writing Tools using the AIDA framework with the target audience being experienced copywriters.

6. Maintain Topical Relevancy With Boss Mode Plan

Jasper AI Boss mode Plan can look back at up to 2000-3000 characters before writing content. So, the AI does not write out of context and maintains topical relevancy.

Pros Of Jasper AI

  • Great Quality Of Output: The quality of output provided by Jasper AI is really good. The grammar, sentence structuring, and overall readability are on par with human-written content.
  • Readymade Content Templates: As of the time of writing this article, Jasper AI is offering a total of 64 content templates. These templates include One-Shot Blog Post and Jasper Commands template.
  • Languages Supported: Jasper AI Supports over 25 Languages. You can even input in one language and get the output in a different language. Great if you have a multilingual website.
  • Jasper Commands: The best thing about Jasper AI is the Jasper commands. It does take time to get used to. However, when used properly, they can help you craft the content exactly as you want to by asking the AI to use a certain tone and target a specific audience.
  • Plagiarism-Free Content: Jasper AI uses GPT-3 technology to create unique and original content every time. So, you don't have to worry about plagiarised and duplicate content. And just in case you want to be sure, Jasper also integrates with Copyscape to run a plagiarism scan.
  • Topically Relevant Content: The Boss Mode of Jasper AI check the last 2000-3000 characters before generating new content. So, in most cases, it does not wander away from the core topic.
  • Jasper AI Bootcamp: Using Jasper AI isn't as straightforward due to the features it offers. There is a steep learning curve. However, Jasper AI Bootcamp consists of several videos that walk you through all the features of the tool and how to use them the right way to get the best output from the tool.
  • Good Customer Support: My experience with Jasper AI's customer support team has been great so far. They are quick to respond. However, I am on their Boss Mode plan which claims to offer 3x Faster support. So, it might be slightly slower for Startup plan users.
  • Active Facebook Community: Apart from customer support, Jasper also has an active Facebook Community where you can discuss with fellow Jasper users how to make the most out of the tool. You'll also get the latest updates from the Jasper AI team through this community.

Cons of Jasper AI

  • Pricing: Jasper isn't the cheapest tool out there in the market with their most basic startup plan priced at $29/month and getting you access to only 20,000 words. Competitors like Rytr offer unlimited content generation at that pricing.
  • Content Templates: Some of the content templates, especially the ones that are required to generate shorter output do struggle to create quality content. Examples of these include Facebook Ad Headline, Google Ad Headline, and more.
  • Factually Incorrect Content: Jasper, at times, uses placeholder text in place of actual statistics while other times it uses real figures. So, it kind of becomes difficult to know if the quoted statistic is real.
  • New Technology: Jasper uses GPT-3.0 technology which is still in Beta. So, there are bound to be some issues with the tool.
  • Similar Sentences: While writing long-form content, Jasper repeats the style of the previously written sentence in the next sentence. So, you might see a lot of repetition in longer pieces.

FAQs About Jasper AI Black Friday Deal

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Jasper AI Black Friday Deal

What Is Jasper?

Jasper is an AI-powered content generation tool that uses GPT-3 technology to create original and unique content.

When Is The Jasper Black Friday 2022 Sale Going Live?

Jasper has not yet announced the Jasper Black Friday Deal. I will update this article as and when Jasper announces their deals for this Black Friday.

How Much Discount Will I Get During Jasper Black Friday Sale 2022?

Jasper Black Friday Deals are not yet announced. I will update this article as and when I get more information.

What Are The Various Jasper AI Plans?

Jasper offers two plans, the Startup plan which starts at $29/month for 20,000 words, and the Boss Mode plan which starts at $59/month for 50,000 words.

Where Can I Get A Discount On Jasper Now?

If you don't want to wait till Black Friday, Jasper does offer discounts on their annual plan. With their annual plan, you get 2 free months on both the Startup plan as well as the Boss Mode plan.

Where Can I Get Jasper Lifetime Deal?

Jasper does not offer a lifetime deal. You can instead get a 5-day free Jasper AI trial.

Does Jasper Offer A Free Trial?

Yes, Jasper offers a 5-day, 10,000 words free trial. You can sign up for the free trial by visiting this link.

Final Words

Jasper is a great AI-powered content generation tool that can help you save a lot of time in creating unique and original content. So, if you're looking for an AI-powered content generation tool, Jasper is definitely worth checking out.

Though Jasper isn't the cheapest tool out there, it is worth every penny. And this Jasper Black Friday Deal will help you get Jasper AI at a discounted rate. So don't miss out on this deal.

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