Inmotion Black Friday Deals 2021 (Cyber Monday Offers Included)

By Aquif Shaikh

Oct 15, 2021

Inmotion Hosting Black Friday Deal is one of the most awaited deals of the year. It brings along with it huge discounts on Inmotion Hosting Products.

However, as the Black Friday Sale is still far off, if you want to buy Inmotion Hosting today, you can grab the special offers below that we negotiated with Inmotion Hosting. For Inmotion Black Friday Deals from previous year, you can scroll down below.

Inmotion Hosting Regular Deals

Hosting Type


Deal link

Shared Hosting

Starting $2.49

Managed WordPress Hosting

Starting $4.99

VPS Hosting

Starting $17.99

Important Note

Inmotion Hosting has not yet announced the deals for this years Black Friday. The deals in the article below are from the previous edition of Inmotion Hosting Black Friday Sale. We will update this article as and when this year's deals are announced.

Inmotion Hosting Black Friday Deals 2021

Hosting Type


Deal link

Shared Hosting

Power Plan at $4.99/month

VPS Hosting

VPS2000S at $44.99/month

Dedicated Server
(Bare Metal And Managed)

1. Double RAM on Elite and Advanced Dedicated Servers

2. Double Primary Disk Space On CC-1000 and CC-2000 Dedicated Servers

Reseller Hosting

Reseller VPS 2000S for the price of VPS 1000S

Inmotion Hosting Black Friday 2021 Details

Like every year, this Black Friday Inmotion Hosting will be offering huge discounts on their hosting products. However, the Black Friday discount is restricted to only select products this year.

The sale is expected to be divided into two parts, Inmotion Black Friday Sale and Inmotion Cyber Monday Sale. However, since the sale has not been announced yet for the 2021 edition of Black Friday, you can check out the deals below from the previous year.

Below are the deals for Black Friday Sale.

1. Shared Hosting: Get Shared Hosting Power Plan for the price of at $4.99/month

2. VPS Hosting: Get VPS2000S at $44.99/month (6 Months)

3. Dedicated Server: (Both Bare Metal and Managed Dedicated Servers)
    a. Double RAM on Elite and Advanced Dedicated Servers
    b. Double Primary Disk Space On CC-1000 and CC-2000 Dedicated Servers

4. Reseller Hosting: Reseller VPS 2000S for the price of Reseller VPS 1000S

Below are the deals for Cyber Week Sale.

1. Shared Hosting: Get Shared Hosting Power Plan for the price of at $4.99/month

2. VPS Hosting: Get VPS1000S at $17.99/month (6 Months)

3. Dedicated Server: (Both Bare Metal and Managed Dedicated Servers)
    a. Double RAM on Elite and Advanced Dedicated Servers
    b. Double Primary Disk Space On CC-1000 and CC-2000 Dedicated Servers

4. Reseller Hosting: Get R-2000S for the price of R-1000S

About Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting is a California based web hosting company that was founded in the year 2001. Since it's inception it has grown exponentially to become one of the top hosting companies in the world.

At Inmotion Hosting, you can find almost all types of hosting products including Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Managed and Unmanaged Cloud VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting as well as Reseller hosting.

It is one of the very few employee-owned companies and is known in the web hosting industry for its quality products and good customer support.

What Inmotion Hosting Products To Choose

As discussed earlier, Inmotion Hosting provides a wide range of products. And each of these products offers several plans.

All this leads to confusion as to what Inmotion Hosting Black Friday Deal they should get. So, let us go in brief about the hosting products available at Inmotion Hosting.

1. Shared Hosting

The shared hosting plans are the cheapest plans available at Inmotion Hosting. As the name suggests, in the shared hosting plan you share the server as well as server resources with other people.

Because of the above limitation, Shared Hosting is ideal for new bloggers as well as small businesses who are expecting low to medium traffic to their website.

Inmotion Hosting offers three different shared hosting plan. Let us briefly go through each of these plans to find out what is suitable for you.

a. Launch Plan

The Launch plan of Shared Hosting at Inmotion Hosting allows you to host up to 2 websites. This is a good thing considering that most hosting companies allow you to host just one website with their basic plan.

Like with any Shared Hosting plans at Inmotion Hosting, the Launch plan also offers Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited Bandwidth. Of course, the Fair Usage Limit (FUP) does apply.

The plan also includes free SSL Certificate, Automatic Backups as well as DDoS Protection. Inmotion has measures in place to prevent your website from being hacked.

The Launch plan is ideal for Bloggers and Small businesses who are just starting out and want to keep the investment to a bare minimum.

b. Power Plan

The power plan at Inmotion Hosting allows you to host up to 6 websites. This should be enough for most bloggers and small businesses.

Apart from the number of websites, the Power plan also offers 2x more server resources as compared to the Launch plan. So, your website will be able to handle a lot more traffic.

Everything else remains the same as in Launch Plan. So, you can choose the Power Plan only if you want to host more than 2 websites or if you think you get traffic high enough that the Launch plan won't be able to handle.

c. Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is the highest shared hosting plan available Inmotion Hosting. It allows you to host unlimited websites.

The Pro Plan also gives you access to 4x Server Resources as compared to the Launch Plan. So, this plan can handle considerably higher traffic.

This plan also includes Pro Level Support. According to Inmotion, it means, you will have an SLA of 99.9% uptime with this plan.

You can find below the special pricing of each of the Shared Hosting Plans for Blogging ocean readers. The pricing for the Inmotion Hosting Black Friday Offer may bring these prices further down.

Inmotion Shared Hostion

2. Managed WordPress Hosting

As the name suggests, in the Managed WordPress Hosting, Inmotion Hosting will manage all the WordPress related activities like WordPress Updates, Optimizations etc. will be handled by Inmotion Hosting.

When you buy the plan, the server will come pre-installed with WordPress. Although WordPress installation is easy, pre-installed WordPress can help you save a few minutes.

Unlike most Managed WordPress Hosting plans, Inmotion Hosting does not restrict the use of any specific plugins. So you can use the plugins of your choice just like any shared hosting.

Although the server cache is designed for hosting best performance for WordPress websites, you are not restricted to hosting any Application of your choice including Joomla and Drupal.

Inmotion Hosting Offers a total of six Managed WordPress Hosting plans. We will very briefly go through each one of them.

a. WP-1000S

The WP-1000S plan allows you to host just 1 website and gets you 40GB Disk space. You get unlimited Bandwidth (FUP applies) and Email Accounts. You also get a free SSL Certificate like any other Managed WordPress Hosting Plans at Inmotion Hosting.

Although Inmotion hosting does not disclose the RAM allotted with each plan, as per their sales page, this plan is suitable for approximately 20,000 visitors per month. The number of MySQL databases are limited to only 2.

b. WP-2000S

The WP-2000S plan allows you to host up to 2 websites. It's the plan that I am currently testing out and apart from the initial uptime related issues caused due to faulty servers, it has worked well for me.

The SSD storage is limited to 80 GB and is good enough to handle approx. 50,000 Visitors. You can use up to 8 MySQL databases which are more than enough for a WordPress Website, which in normal circumstances won't need more than 2 MySQL databases.

Apart from the features available with the WP-1000S plan, this plan includes Jetpack personal plan worth $39/month. You also get Automatic off-site backups which are must for any website.

c. WP-3000S

The WP-3000S plan can be used to host up to 3 websites and can handle approximately 1,25,00 visitors. The disk space is limited to 120 GB and you can use up to 13 MySQL databases.

While this plan does seem to be costly, the Inmotion Hosting Black Friday Deal is expected to bring down the pricing of this plan considerably.

d. WP-4000S

You can host up to 6 websites with the WP-4000S plan which capable of managing approximately 3,00,000 visitors. The Disk space is limited to 160 GB whereas the MySQL databases are limited to 15.

With the WP-4000S and above plans, you also get free dedicated IP and Professional version of Jetpack Plugin worth $299/year.

e. WP-5000S

The WP-5000S plan can be availed to host up to 10 websites and is capable of handling up to 6,00,000 visitors per month (Approx). The disk space available is 200 GB while the MySQL databases are limited to 25.

This plan is suitable for websites that get a lot of traffic or if you want to host several websites with medium traffic. However, since this plan is so costly, you can always go with Managed VPS plans from Inmotion Hosting or grab a VPS from Liquid Web at a discounted price with the Liquid Web Black Friday Deals.

f. WP-6000S

The WP-6000S plan can be used to host 20 websites which is twice that you can host with WP-5000S plan. Even the approximate amount of visitors it can manage is doubled to 1.2 million users.

You get a disk space of 240 GB. The number of MySQl databases are 30.

This plan is even costlier than the WP-5000S and is at par with Liquid Web Managed WordPress Plan. So it's better to go with a VPS Plan From Inmotion or Liquid Web or simply get a Managed WordPress Plan from  Liquid Web.

Important Note

If you are using WordPress for your Website or Blog, you can also check out our list of Black Friday WordPress Deals For 2021

3. Inmotion VPS Plans

VPS stands for Virtual Private Servers and is another form of hosting where the server is shared between multiple accounts. However, unlike shared web hosting, even though multiple websites are hosted on the same server, the server resources are not shared and a virtual environment is used where you get dedicated resources for your account.

VPS Servers are ideal for High traffic websites as well as E-commerce websites where security and uptime are critical factors. Inmotion allows you to go with either Self-Managed VPS or Fully-Managed VPS.

a. Self Managed VPS

As the name suggests, in the case of self-managed VPS, you will be responsible for setting up and managing your own VPS. This type of VPS is ideal for developers who'd like to have more control over the VPS configuration.

The Self-Managed VPS uses a cloud infrastructure with real-time redundancy which makes sure you have better uptime as compared to Shared Hosting or a single-server VPS.

The self-managed VPS starts at $21.04/month for annual billing and $31.34/month for monthly billing. However, Blogging Ocean readers get a special discount which reduces the corresponding prices to $19.99/month and $29.99/month. This plan gets you a VPS with 4GB RAM, 75GB SSD, and 4TB Bandwidth.

A total of 3 IP Addresses are included with the above plan. Free backups and DDoS protection are also included in the above price.

The higher plans get you 6GB and 8GB of RAM and are available at a special price of $39.99/month and $64.99/month respectively for annual billing.

You can find more information in the image below along with our special pricing for Inmotion VPS.

Inmotion Self Managed VPS

b. Fully-Managed VPS

As the name suggests, in the case of fully-managed VPS, everything will be managed by Inmotion Hosting. The VPS also comes with a cPanel and WHM license which makes it easier for you non-techy people to easily manage the VPS themselves and also makes it feasible for reselling to the clients.

Inmotion uses Apache + NGINX web servers which considerably speeds up your website load time. As with the Sel-Managed VPS, the managed VPS also uses redundant Cloud Infrastructure resulting in higher uptime.

The basic plan of Managed VPS Hosting starts at $31.34 for annual billing and $41.64 for monthly billing. As with the other plans, Blogging Ocean readers get a special discount which reduces the above pricing to $29.99/month for annual billing and $39.99/month for monthly billing.

Above pricing are applicable only for the first bill. You can find the more information about the plans with our special pricing in the image below.

Inmotion Managed VPS

4. Dedicated Server Hosting

As the name suggests, in the case of dedicated servers, you will be renting out the entire server. There will neither be sharing of the resources nor the server with anyone else.

Dedicated Servers are used by websites which get a very high volume of traffic. Also, since dedicated servers are more secure than a VPS, it may be used by websites which stores sensitive data.

Inmotion allows you to select from a wide variety of Dedicated Servers. Each server that you select is configurable where you can select the amount of RAM as well as Primary, Secondary and  Backup Storage.

Just to give you an idea on the pricing, an Intel Xeon E3-1220 server with 8GB RAM, 500 GB SSD and 6TB Bandwidth included will cost you $105.69 for annual billing and $136.59/month for monthly billing. 

A total of 5 IP Address are included in the above price along with a 2 hours consultation for Managing the server. cPanel and WHM licenses are included for free with all the dedicated servers.

5. Reseller Hosting

If you are a Reseller, Inmotion got you covered. Inmotion Hosting offers Shared Reseller Hosting as well as Reseller VPS which you can get as per your requirements.

Each of the Reseller Plan Includes the following

  • Free Domain Name
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Private NameServers
  • Free cPanel with custom branding
  • Free WHCMS Billing Software
  • Free eNom Domain Reseller
  • Free Backups
  • Malware Protection by Patchman
  • DDoS Protection by Correno
  • Unlimited Email accounts
  • Free Commodo SSL

The basic plan offer 80GB Storage and 80GB Bandwidth and one dedicated IP. The regular pricing of the plan for new purchase is $21.39/month for annual billing. The basic VPS Reselling plan comes with 4GB RAM, 75GB hard Disk and 4TB Bandwidth.

Why Get The Inmotion Black Friday Deals?

If you are confused if you should get the Inmotion Hosting Black Friday Offer or not, below are some of the reasons to get you going.

1. Black Friday Discounts

Inmotion Hosting has fairly priced their products, especially with their special offers to Blogging Ocean readers. However, the Black Friday Discounts makes the deal even better. 

2. Free Domain Name

Inmotion Hosting provides a free domain name with their Shared Hosting Plans. If you already got a domain name, you can skip buying the domain and Inmotion will provide you Domain Credit which you can use to buy a domain name at a later date.

3. Speed

Inmotion Hosting provides well-configured servers to make your website load faster. Their Managed WordPress product that comes with NGINX + Apache combo provides excellent page load times.

I've tested their Managed WordPress WP-2000S plan and it is one the fastest in the sub $10 category with A2 Hosting leading the chart (Check out the A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale)

4. SSD Storage

All Inmotion Hosting Plans come with a SSD storage which provides faster read and write operations. This again results in faster page load times.

5. Free Website Transfer

Inmotion Hosting offers free Website Transfers to their servers for up to 3 websites with their Shared Hosting Plans.

6. Free SSL Certificate

Google Chrome has started displaying Non-Secure messages for websites that do not use SSL certificates. That's the reason, using SSL certificates is a must for every website.

Inmotion Hosting allows you to install a free SSL certificate right from your cPanel. So, you do not have to shell out extra for SSL Certificates.

7. Free Backups

Inmotion Hosting also provides free Backups with their Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting as well as Fully Managed VPS and Self Managed VPS plans. In the case of dedicated servers, you get free cPanel which can be used to automatically backup your data.

8. Easy Google Apps Integration

If you are planning to use Google Apps for your email, Inmotion Hosting makes life easier for you. At Inmotion Hosting, you can install Google Apps with an easy 3-step wizard.

9. Good Customer Support

Inmotion Hosting provides support through chat, ticketing system, phone as well as Skype. The support quality is awesome and the response time to is fair quick.

10. Up To 90 Days Money Back Guarantee

All the Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting and VPS Hosting plans with a duration of 6 months or more come with a 90-day money back guarantee.

Dedicated Servers and monthly Billed VPS and Reseller Hosting plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Final Words

Inmotion is one of the very few employee-owned hosting companies out there in the market. They are not only popular for their quality hosting products, but they also back up their product with their rock-solid customer support.

As such, the Inmtion Hosting are fairly priced especially if you take into account the special pricing you can get for the Blogging Ocean readers. But the Inmotion Hosting Black Friday Sale will make the deal even sweeter.

So, there's no reason for you not to grab this Inmotion Black Friday Offer. However, for some reasons, you do not want to go with Inmotion Hosting, you consider the A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale or pick an offer from our list of Black Friday Hosting Deals

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