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Gravitec Review 2023: Is Gravitec Worth It?

By Aquif Shaikh

May 20, 2024

Gravitec is a relatively unknown Push Notification provider. However, off late, it's getting a lot of traction. So, is Gravitec Worth it? Let us find out in this Gravitec Review for 2023.

Gravitec Review 2023

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TL;DR Review Summary

Gravitec is a great Push Notification plugin. Even though the plugin is relatively unknown, it boasts of some great features like Twitter to Push Notification.

If you can do away with their basic reports and can take out time to understand how to create a segment based on subscription page, it is a must buy even at regular price and with AppSumo LTD, it's a steal deal.

Pros Of Gravitec

  • Quick Set-up: The registration for Gravitec was quick and the set-up was equally quick and straight-forward.
  • RSS Automation: You can send automated push notification using your blog's RSS Feed.
  • Tweet To Push: This feature allows you to send your tweet as a push notification.
  • Push Digest: This feature is really handy for large blogs and news websites to send a daily or weekly digest of your content.

Cons of Gravitec

  • Basic Reporting: Reports generated by Gravitec are pretty basic and lacks some advanced features.
  • Subscription Page Segmentation: While this feature is available, it's quite difficult to implement it.

About Gravitec

Gravitec is a relatively unknown Push Notification service provider that was started by 4 Digital Marketing enthusiasts in 2016. It has offices in Poland and Ukraine.

At the time of writing the review, Gravitec was used by more than 11,000 websites including Blogging Ocean. Some of the elite customers of Gravitec include brands like Xiaomi, Toyota and Jaguar. 

Gravitec Review: Plans And Pricing

Gravitec offers two plans, Free Plan and Business plan. The free plan is free up to 10K subscribers which is a decent number. However, it comes with Gravitec Branding and limited automation options. Another limitation with the free plan is that you cannot add users to your account. 

The Business plan of Gravitec comes with all the all features left out in the free plan. It starts at $40 per month for up to 10K subscribers.

Gravitec Review: Plans And Pricing

Gravitec Registering And Onboarding (Set-up)

Registering with Gravitec is a simple. First you need to visit their Pricing page by clicking on the button below

Next, you can choose the plan of your choice. Irrespective of what option you choose, you will be taken to their signup page where you just need to add your email and password. Next, Gravitec will send you a verification email. Upon clicking the link in the email, you will straight away be taken to their quick set-up.

On the first page, you can choose the type of integration, enter your website URL as well as upload your square logo that should appear along with notifications. 

Gravitec Review: Add Website

Next, you will be asked to enable Push Notifications, Smart Digest and Push Inbox Widget. We will talk about it later. You can either configure them now or just skip to configure them later.

Lastly, based on the type of integration you selected on the first page, Gravitec will guide you to add a subscription prompt on your website. For WordPress websites, it will ask you to install the Gravitec Plugin and then use "Connect To Existing Account" option in plugin settings to make it working. It's as easy as that

Gravitec Review: Enable Subscription

Gravitec Review: Features Of Gravitec

You'll find hundreds of Push notification providers. However, the features that they offer set the best apart from the rest. So let us check out the features available with Gravitec

1. Create A Campaign

The create a campaign option is pretty straight-forward and very much like other push notification providers. You can create a push notification by setting the Title and Text for the push notification. For URLs, you can either add manually or use the Autofill option which will try to automatically pull the link from your RSS feed.

You can also add UTM parameters and select whether to send the push notification immediately or at a specific time. The Time To Live (TTL) option is also present. So, if you want your users to see Offer for 1 day, users who access their device after 1-day won't see your push notification.

There's also a Quick Mode option wherein you just have to add the URL of your post or page and Gravitec will automatically pull the Page Title, Meta Descriptions and Featured Image and use it as Title, Text and Push Notification icon respectively for your push notification. Of course, you can edit before sending the out the push notification.

Gravitec Create Campaign

2. Push Automations

Gravitec provides more push notification options than any other plugin I've used or tested. So, let us go through each one of them.

a. RSS To Push

As the name suggests, the RSS To Push automation option sends out Push Notifications as and when it detects a new post in your RSS Feed. Users can control during what time the Push Notification should be sent and what's the maximum number of notifications to be sent.

Gravitec also allows you to set the order in which Title, Text and Icon would be pulled from your website

Gravitec Review: RSS To Push

b. Drip Campaigns

The Drip campaigns feature in Gravitec allows you to send a series of push notifications to your subscriber. All you have to do is add the URLs to the drip campaign and Gravitec will automatically fetch all the required details from your web page. Of course, here too you have the option to edit your Title, Text as well as Icon.

Gravitec Review: Drip Campaigns

c. Push Digests

The Push Digest feature allows you to send daily and weekly digests of the top content posted on your website. This feature is useful for News websites and blogs who publish several times each day

Gravitec Push Digests

You can even preview how your test digest would look like. Since I publish once in a while, there's nothing in my test push digest

Gravitec Push Digest Preview

d. Tweet To Push

If you are an active Twitter user, Gravitec can create push notifications from your Tweets. However, for this feature to work, the Tweet must contain an external URL.

You can also choose to send push notifications for Tweets that contain a certain hashtag. If you Tweet too often, you can restrict the number of Tweet To Push Campaigns per day.

Gravitec Tweet To Push

e. Welcome Message

Last, but not the least, Gravitec allows you to send a Welcome Message to your new subscribers.

Gravitec Welcome Message

3. Prompt And Bell Option

The prompt and bell option allows you to manage your permission prompt notification, Block Override and the Bell option. Let ius go through each one of them in detail

a. Permission Prompts

A Push Notification provider would be incomplete if it doesn't let you control the appearance and location of permission prompts. Gravitec here too won't disappoint you as it allows you to seamlessly control Permission Prompts

You can easily manage the Appearance and Location of the permission prompts separately for Mobile and Desktop. You can also delay the permission prompt till a certain time or after the user scroll certain percentage of the page. You can also show the prompt to users who browse a certain number of pages on your website.

Of course, you can change the text as well as customize the appearance of the permission prompt. Another thing that caught my attention was Gravitec's option of adding the text in multiple languages.

Gravitec Permission Prompt

b. Block Override

The Block Override tab allows you to show a bell icon to your visitors who have either manually or automatically blocked your push notification. Clicking on the bell icon will guide your visitors how to re-subscribe to your push notifications.

Within this tab you can also adjust when or if you want to show re-show subscription prompt to subscribers who have blocked your notifications.

Gravitec Block Override

c. Bell

The bell option is one of the most interesting options from Gravitec. It allows the visitor to see all the notifications that you sent him just like an email inbox. You can also allow the user to select the categories of push notifications they want to receive.

Gravitec Bell Option

4. RSS

The RSS option shows you all the pages on your website including details like the number of visitors to each page and if you have sent a notification for the URL in question.

You can click on the arrow in the Action column to send a push notification for that page or post.

5. Reports

The reports option in Gravitec is very basic. It allows you to see the number of notifications sent, delivered, seen, opened and closed. If you are looking for advanced reports, Gravitec isn't the right choice for you.

6. Campaign History

As the name suggests, the Campaign History option allows you to see all your past campaigns along with the basic report data for them.

Gravitec Campaign History

7. Subscribers

In the Subscribers option, you can see all the details of your subscribers including their Country, City, Browsers, etc. You can even filter the number of subscribers based on specific criteria.

Gravitec Subscribers

8. Segments

As the name suggests, in the segments section, you can create segments for your subscribers based on your Browser, Country, City, OS and Language.

Strangely, you cannot segment your audience based on page where they subscribed, out of the box. Though you can implement it if you have some basic coding knowledge. Though for me, that's one but a big con of Gravitec.

9. WordPress Settings

Apart from the Gravitec Dashboard, you can also find a couple of options on Gravitec WordPress Plugin Dashboard. From the WordPress plugin, you can select an option which will automatically send out a push notification whenever a new post is published on your website.

You can also create push notifications straight from your WordPress Dashboard.

Gravitec Customer Support

Gravitec provides support only through ticketing system. The turnaround time for my query was around 3 days which is on the slower side. On the positive side, you'd barely have to contact their customer support team.

Gravitec Review: FAQ's About Gravitec

Below are some of the few frequently asked questions about Gravitec.

What is Gravitec (Gravitec.net)?

Gravitec.net or Gravitec is a web push notification provider that sends out notification on desktop as well as mobile browsers.

Is Gravitec a good Push notification provider?

Among all the push notification providers I tested, Gravitec is one of the best. The setup is very straightforward and the features are great.

Is Gravitec a reliable Push notification provider?

Yes, Gravitec is high reliable. Their team is constantly working to make the tool better.

Final Words On Gravitec Review

Gravitec is a great option for push notifications. It has some useful options which you won't find in any other plugins. However, it does miss one useful option of segmenting the users based on their subscription page, out of the box. Also, it's reporting is very basic.

So, if these aren't much of an issue for you, Gravitec is a must-buy push notification provider.

Gravitec Review 2023: Check Out These 4 Pros and 2 Cons
Gravitec Review

Is Gravitec worth it? Or is it just another Push Notification provider? Let us find out the same in this Gravitec Review for 2023

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