GoDaddy Black Friday Hosting Deals Real Or Fake?

GoDaddy Black Friday deals are all around the web. You will find lots of blogs promoting GoDaddy Black Friday offers that can get you hosting for just $1/month along with a Free Domain and Business Email.

But the GoDaddy website does not advertise the same. So, are these GoDaddy Black Friday Offers for real? Let us find out the same.

Are GoDaddy Black Friday Offers Real?

Well, GoDaddy does offer the Economy Web Hosting Plan for $1/month with free domain with their annual billing. However, these are NOT GoDaddy Black Friday Deals, but regular offers you could get around the year.

So, you can get this offer today, you can get it on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and you can get it even after that.

GoDaddy has officially confirmed that they do not have any special Black Friday plans. So all the websites promising to provide GoDaddy Black Friday Plans are just trying to misguide people. Below is the screenshot of the email from GoDaddy which confirms the same

GoDaddy Black Friday Deal Fake

Best GoDaddy Offers For 2017

GoDaddy offers multiple products at throwaway prices which you cannot get at their website. Below table shows the cheapest offers from GoDaddy that you can get round the clock and not just as GoDaddy Black Friday offer. 


Actual Price

Website Price

Special Price

Deal Link

Shared Hosting


(Changed Often)


Managed WordPress


(Changes Often)


Domain Names


$11.99 for first year

$0.99 for first year

1. The domain offer is available only once per user account. So you can buy only one domain at discounted price. Additional domains will be available at regular price.

2. GoDaddy Domain was earlier available at Rs.99 under this special offer in India. However, GoDaddy has hiked the prices in India and it is now available at Rs. 399.

3. The above pricing may vary in different countries. For example, both the Economy Web hosting and Managed WordPress hosting are available for AUD $1.99/month in Australia which is cheaper than US $1/month. In India, the same is available for Rs. 99/month which is costlier than US $1/month. 

Details Of Everyday GoDaddy Black Friday Offer

Below are the details of the widely publicized GoDaddy Black Friday offers for Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting as well as Domain Name.

1. GoDaddy Hosting Offer

With this offer, you get GoDaddy Economy Web Hosting worth $7.99 for just $1 per month with the annual billing. You also get a free domain worth $14.99.

Without this offer, the GoDaddy Economy Hosting with a free domain will cost you $4.99/month at the official website. So this turns out to be huge discount. Probably a reason you will never complain the lack of any GoDaddy Black Friday Deals.

Just visit the below button to grab this offer. Relevant coupon code will be automatically applied to your cart when you click the below button and you will only pay $12.18 for one year hosting along with free domain. 

The above pricing included $0.18 compulsory ICANN fee. If you do not avail the free domain name, you will only pay $12.18/year

Details Of GoDaddy Economy Hosting Plan

  • Install one website
  • Free Domain Name for the first year
  • One Free Business Email the for the first year.
  • Up to 100 cPanel Email with your domain name
  • Up to 25 sub-domains
  • Unmetered Bandwith with Fair Usage Policy
  • 100Gb Disk space
  • MySQL databases: 10 x 1GB
  • One Click Installation for WordPress and 125+ other applications
  •  Free cPanel account
  • Up to 2,50,000 Inodes
  • Up to 512 MB RAM
  • One click upgrade of resources on pro-rata basis
  • 24 x 7 phone support

2. GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting

If you are a total noob and have no idea about setting up WordPress and configuring it the right way, you can consider getting the GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting offer which again will cost you $1 per month.

With this offer, the GoDaddy Basic Managed WordPress Hosting is available for $1 per month with annual billing and comes with a Free Domain Name. Unlike the Economy Hosting offer, you will have a restriction on 25,000 visitors per month.

However, 25,000 visitors per month is often sufficient for most new bloggers and there's no reason for you to complaint about the same. 

And since this offer is available throughout the year and not limited to GoDaddy Black Friday Sale period as advertised by other bloggers, you can activate this special offer today by clicking on the button below.

Details Of GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Host one WordPress Website
  • Free Domain name for the first year
  • Free one Microsoft 365 Email for one year.
  • 10 GB disk space
  • 25,000 monthly visitors
  • Pre-installed and pre-configured WordPress
  • Automatic updates for WordPress core installation and plugins
  • Free Temporary Domain Name
  • Daily Back-ups with 1-click restore option.
  • 24 x 7 phone support

3. GoDaddy $0.99 Domain

With GoDaddy, you can avail a domain name with .com extension for just $0.99 per month. The prices for other domain name extensions will be different in most cases.

However, considering the fact that .com TLD is the most widely used and prefered domain extension, it is indeed a good deal. You can register an online presence for your business for the price of a coffee.

To activate this offer, you can click the below button

Why Choose GoDaddy Special Offers?

Though the offers mentioned above are not GoDaddy Black Friday Deals, rather regular offers, this does not change the fact that they are awesome. Here are the top reasons why you should go with these GoDaddy Offers.

1. Cheap Pricing

As far as I know there is no reputed hosting company that provides Hosting plus domain for just $12 per year. So GoDaddy is by far the cheapest hosting company. They also offer very affordable .com domains. Even their other domain extensions have competitive pricing.

2. Reputed Company

GoDaddy is world's largest domain registrar and one of the largest hosting company in the world. They are also listed on the NYSE (GDDY). So you know they won't wrap up the business wasting all your hard work.

3. Good Hosting Uptime

I've used their hosting for more than a year. Despite their cheap rates, their uptime is in line with the industry standards.

4. Awesome Page Load Times

Cheap price does not always means cheap quality. I've tested several hosting companies last year for their page load times.

Surprisingly, GoDaddy beat the likes of Hostgator and Namecheap quite easily. In few of the tests, GoDaddy was quicker then the likes of Inmotion Hosting and Interserver.

5. Clean Products Control Panel

Their control panel for managing their products is clean and self-intuitive. Even a noob can easily get hold of things.

6. cPanel Hosting

Their shared hosting comes with a free cPanel hosting which is considered to be the best in the industry. Considering all the companies have their own versions of cPanel and having used cPanels for various companies, I really like the one by GoDaddy as it is clean and easy to navigate.

7. Easy Plan Upgrades

For GoDaddy hosting, if your blog starts getting more traffic and if you want to add more resources, you don't have to contact the customer support. You can easily upgrade your resources from the cPanel. Also, you will be charged on a pro rata basis till the date of expiration of your hosting.

So if your hosting is going to expire in 1 month and you decide to upgrade, you just pay additional charges for 1 month.

8. Data Centers In Three Continents

GoDaddy has data centers in the US, Europe as well as in Asia. So, you can choose a data center that is close to your target audience for better latency.

9. Extensive Knowledge Base

If you are not sure about anything related to GoDaddy, you are most likely to find an answer to your question in their Knowledge Base. This is by far the most extensive Knowledgebase provided by any web hosting company with only Digital Ocean being the other company which even comes to close its class.

10. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

GoDaddy offers 30 days money back guarantee for it's hosting products in case you are not happy with their services. Of course, if you wish to get their free domain name along with hosting, you will end up getting nothing back as the cost of domain name is more than $12.

That shows the beauty of this so-called GoDaddy Black Friday Deals. You get Hosting, domain name as well as free email for the price of a domain name.

Final Words

It doesn't really matter if there are no GoDaddy Black Friday Deals as their cheap hosting deals makes every day a Black Friday. You cannot find such cheap deals from any other reputed hosting company.

Even though GoDaddy lags behind with regards to customer support, you cannot really complain about it at the price tag you are getting their products.

However, if you are willing to pay higher for fast servers and good support you can consider the A2 Hosting Black Friday Deal. And yes, unlike the GoDaddy Black Friday offer, the A2 hosting offer is official and genuine.

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