Beginner’s Guide: How To Create A Free Blog At Blogger

Blogging was once considered to be just a hobby. However, over the years, Blogging has slowly transformed into a Money Making option. There are many people who have taken up Blogging as the full-time career and are doing really well. Also, the Future of Blogging as a career looks really bright. All these factors are driving more people towards Blogging. But not everyone is confident enough to make it big in the Blogging World. Such people can start blogging by creating a free Blog.

There are various options for starting free blog viz. Blogger,, Tumblr, Medium etc. However among those, and Blogger are the most commonly used Blogging Platform. You may select any of the two, but I personally prefer Blogger over as the latter has too many restrictions with regards to customization of the blog. Also unlike Blogger, does not allow you to monetize through advertisements

In this guide am going to show you how to quickly set up a New blog at Blogger and start posting with it. If you have a Gmail ID, it hardly takes 2 minutes to create a Free Blog at Blogger. However, like me, if you are very specific about the way your blog looks like, then you may probably end up spending few days experimenting with various themes and features.


Step 1: Open Blogger in your browser. If you are not logged in to your Gmail account, you will be greeted with following screen.  Just log in to Blogger using your Google credentials.

Create Free Blog At Blogger

If you are already logged-in, you will instead be directed to the following screen. Just click on continue to Blogger.

Create Free Blog At Blogger

Step 2: In both of the above cases you will now be greeted with the following screen. Click on New Blog

Create Free Blog At Blogger

Step 3: Next, enter the Name of your Blog in the Title field and the Domain name of your blog in the address field. The Domain name will be of the format If you wish to have a domain of format, you can later buy any domain of your choice and associate it with your Blog. Bigrock offers Cheap Domains for the first year.

Create Free Blog At Blogger

Step 4: Congratulations, you blog is now created, you can now, either customize your themes or change the layout of the blog by using the links on the left-hand side. If you are not much interested in customization, you can go ahead to Create Your first post by clicking on “New Post” as shown in the screenshot below

Create Free Blog At Blogger

Step 5: Here is the Final step. As shown below, you can now write you article. After completing the article, you can hit “Publish” to post the article to the world. Alternately you can also click on “Save” to save your post as a draft if for any reason you wish to publish it later.

By default, Blogger uses your Post Title Name as your Permalink URL. If you want, you can click on Permalink and select a custom URL of your choice. Please note once published,  you won’t be able to change permalink. Though not recommended, if for some reason you forget to change permalink before publishing, you can revert the post to draft to be able to change the permalink again.

Create Free Blog At Blogger


As you can see, Setting up a Free Blog at Blogger is really easy. However, Blogger does not provide any good themes out of the box. Also to customize a theme as per your needs, you need to have knowledge of HTML and CSS. This is the major drawback of Bloggers

However, there are many websites like MyBloggerThemes which offers free as well as premium SEO friendly and Responsive themes for Blogger. You can check it to find a theme of your choice instead of spending time editing the default Blogger themes.

Am sure after reading this article, nobody would be facing any difficulty for setting up a Blogger account. But if you have any problem, do let me know through the comments below

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