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5 Best Hosting For India in 2023 (Under $5)

By Aquif Shaikh

Oct 24, 2022

If you don't have knowledge of Web Hosting, choosing one can be really difficult. Therefore I thought of making this list of the Best Hosting Providers For India in 2023 that are also easy on your pockets.

For transparency, I have included the factors that I considered for ranking these hosts and how each host stands for each of these factors. I also included the pros and cons for each web hosting provider.

So let's jump straight to the list of Best Web Hosting For India in 2023.

5 Best Web Hosting For India In 2023

Web Host

Nearest Server

Monthly Price

Special Offer

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A2 Hosting








Inmotion Hosting



Starting $2.29/month
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Best Indian Web Hosting Companies 2023

Below are the top hosting for India in 2023 that are affordable and are reliable.

1. A2 Hosting

Starting Monthly Price: $2.99/Month

Nearest Server Location: Singapore

Summary: A2 Hosting is one of the most fastest hosting in the web industry. Their fine-tuned servers provide good uptime. And all this is backed up by a quick and responsive customer support team.

Overall Rating


Pros of A2 Hosting

  • Very fast page load times
  • Free website migration
  • Anytime moneyback guarantee
  • Pre-installed WordPress (As a signup option)
  • Accepts Indian debit card

Cons of A2 Hosting

  • Too many upsells during the signup

A2 Hosting Plans And Pricing

A2 hosting provides three shared hosting plans, Lite Plan, Swift plan and the Turbo plan. Apart from Shared Hosting, A2 Hosting also provides Managed WordPress Hosting,  Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Managed Dedicated server hosting for India.

They also offer Cloud hosting products in affordable budget category. If you are from India and looking to make debit card payments, A2 Hosting is one of the companies that accepts payments via Debit card in Indian Rupees. However, irrespective of your currency, you will have to shell out 18% GST.

A2 Hosting Performance

A2 Hosting is one of the few web hosting for India that focuses a lot on speed and server optimization. Their servers are one of the fastest in the web hosting industry.

As for the uptime, it was mostly stable for our test sites. Nothing spectacular to talk about, but still at par with the industry standards.

A2 Hosting Customer Support

A2 Hosting has a decent customer support with a knowledgeable staff. They offer chat support for basic troubleshooting. However, it seems they have fewer representatives handling the chat department. And in any case, unless you have a very basic query, they are most likely to create a ticket on your behalf . So you'd be better off creating support tickets which are usually answered very quickly.

However, if you prefer phone support, A2 Hosting would be the best option for you as they are one of the very few reputed companies that offer phone support in India.

A2 Hosting Server Location

If you have traffic from India, you can choose the Singapore server. Apart from that, they also have servers at Michigan and Arizona in the US and Amsterdam in the Europe.

A2 Hosting Overall Reputation

A2 Hosting is one of the highest rated web hosting company. They have been rated 9.2/10 by HostAdvice with 1100+ votes at the time of updating this article. We too rated A2 Hosting 4.5/5 in our review

Why Do We Recommend A2 Hosting For India?

A2 Hosting is a good solid host that offers you optimized servers which are backed up by a decent support team. With servers in Singapore, it turns out to be a good option if you have traffic from India, especially in South Indian cities.

Even though it is probably average in every department, it tops our list of Best Hosting for India because unlike other hosting companies, it does not lag either in any department.

2. Hostinger

Starting Monthly Price: ₹69/month (₹62.1/month with our exclusive Hostinger Coupon Code)

Nearest Server Location: Singapore

Summary: Hostinger is one of the cheapest shared hosting available in the India. Despite their affordable price tag, they offer good uptime and decent page load times.

Overall Rating


Pros of Hostinger

  • Affordable shared hosting plans
  • Good solid uptime
  • Decent customer support
  • Accepts India debit card

Cons of Hostinger

  • Low server resources
  • Suitable for low traffic websites
  • Customers may or may not get free Domain and SSL

Hostinger Plans And Pricing

Hostinger is by far the Cheapest Web Hosting in India. They are known to provide web hosting at very affordable rates.

Hostinger offers three shared hosting plans: Single Web Hosting, Premium Web Hosting and Business Web Hosting.  Their basic plan is one of the cheapest starting at just ₹79/month and is suitable for low traffic websites. The Business Web Hosting, although costlier of the all, is still very cheap when compared to other hosting providers.

Hostinger Performance

Despite it's cheap pricing, Hostinger did surprise use with their performance. Their servers seem to be well configured and the page load times are pretty quick.

As for the uptime, it is spectacular especially considering their price point. However, Hostinger offers fewer server resources with their shared hosting plans. So, if you have a high traffic website, you should probably consider going with their Cloud Hosting plan.

Hostinger Customer Support

Hostinger has a decent customer support team. However, their response times over chat are a bit slow compared to the competitors. The chat windows itself says that you can expect a response in "less than 5 minutes."

I've tried contacting their customer support on several occasions and the response time were decent at times and too slow the other times. Although, I won't rate their support as pathetic, they are not excellent either. But that's pretty much expected from a company that sells you 4 year hosting at pricing cheaper than what most hosting companies are charging for one year.

Hostinger Server Location

Hostinger has servers in the US, Lithuania, UK, the Netherlands, Singapore and Brazil. If you have your audience from India, you can go with their Singapore data center.

Hostinger Overall Repuation

Hostinger is a relative new hosting company. Howerver, they have been highly rated by several customer reviews aggregator websites. Though, as per ReviewSignal website, Hostinger has been involved in manipulations of these rating which raises a question mark over their ethics. 

Having said that, given the number of Hostinger customers, the number of negative reviews are still very low which shows people are not really complaining about Hostinger as much as other Hosting companies. So overall the overall reviews of Hostinger are positive

Why Do We Recommend Hostinger?

Hostinger's affordable price (More affordable with our Exclusive Coupon) tag along with good solid performance is the main reason it brags the second position on our list. Though their customer support is not something to talking about, it's still not a bad trade off for the pricing you get.

3. FastComet

Starting Monthly Price: $3.95

Nearest Server Location: Mumbai And Singapore

Summary: FastComet is another hosting for you to consider if you are obsessed with fast websites. They also back up their optimized servers with good solid support.

Overall Rating


Pros of Fastcomet

  • Highly optimized servers for fast page load times
  • Several data centers including Mumbai And Singapore
  • Quick and knowledgeable support team
  • Excellent Uptime

Cons of Fastcomet

  • Strict server resource restriction
  • Basic plans suitable for low traffic websites only
  • No free domains for new users
  • Does not accept Indian debit cards

Fastcomet Plans And Pricing

FastComet offers three plans for the shared hosting, FastCloud, FastCloud Plus and FastCloud Extra. The basic plan comes with a 2GB RAM allocation while the top most plan will allow you to use up to whopping 6GB of RAM. The basic plan of FastComet will cost you $3.95 irrespective of the billing period. 

Apart from Shared Hosting, they also provide Managed WordPress Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Server hosting. They also provide Managed solutions for few other applications including Joomla and OpenCart.

Fastcomet Server Performance

Fastcomet provides well optimized servers making your website load really quick. As for the uptime, they are rock solid in that department with very few downtime recorded by our test server.

However, FastComet has strict policies in place when it comes to server resources like CPU cycles. While stricter server resources ensure other websites on the shared hosting are not affected by a single website, it also means your website can go down more easily if there is sudden spike in traffic as compared to other hosts who do not have such restrictions in place. So it can be considered a pro or a con depending on what side you are.

Fastcomet Customer Support

FastComet offers one of the best customer support in the industry. They offer chat support as well as have a ticketing system depending on your preference.

The initial response time for either of them are minimal. However, you might notice a delay in response between chat which indicates that the executive is multitasking. However, that has become a trend with most hosting companies.

Fastcomet executives are able to resolve most simple queries and requests via chat. However, for complex queries they might create a ticket to escalate it to their senior team.

Fastcomet Server Location

Fastcomet has servers in India (Mumbai), Singapore, Japan (Tokyo), Europe (London, Amsterdam, Franfurt), Canada (Toronto), US (Chicago, Dallas and Newark) and Australia (Sydney). Since Fastcomet has servers in Mumbai, they are considered to be one of the Best Web Hosting Company In India especially if you have Indian audience.

Overall Reputation Of Fastcomet

Despite being a relatively new company to the Hosting fraternity, Fastcomet has gained positive reviews across the web. Both experts as well as customers have mostly positive to say about the company in general. 

Why Do We Recommend Fastcomet?

Fastcomet is one of the most popular host that has been consistently rate good by it's customers all across the web. They offer well configured servers with rock solid uptime. In addition they also have a server in Mumbai.

However, the reason they could not make it to the top is that they have restriction on the CPU cycles. Newbies who cannot filter out bot traffic themselves may see their website go down due to unwanted bot traffic.

4. Inmotion Hosting

Starting Monthly Price: $2.29

Nearest Server Location: United States

Summary: Inmotion Hosting is another hosting that is on this list despite not having servers in or around India because of it's popularity. It is one among the very few non-EIG hosting companies which is probably one of the reasons for their popularity

Overall Rating


Pros of Inmotion Hosting

  • Basic plan allows you to host upto 2 websites
  • Multiple support channels including chat and Skype
  • Free Domain Name (Registration and transfer, both)
  • Free zero downtime website migration

Cons of Inmotion Hosting

  • Poor uptime
  • Their control panel looks very dated
  • Does not accept debit cards

Inmotion Hosting Plans And Pricing

Inmotion Hosting offers three hosting plans starting at $6.39/month for "Launch" plan and going all the way up to $14.71/month for their "Pro" plan. However, Blogging Ocean readers can get special discount for Inmotion hosting plan with their "Launch" plan starting as low as $3.99/month which brings their pricing at par with other hosting companies.

Inmotion Hosting is one of the very few companies that allows you to host multiple websites with their basic plan. You can host up to 2 websites with their Launch plan which also offers unmetered bandwidth and unlimited storage.

Apart from shared hosting, they also offer affordable Managed WordPress Hosting, Managed and Unmanaged VPS, Dedicated Server as well as Reseller Hosting plans. 

Inmotion Hosting Server Performance

Inmotion Hosting is quick when it comes to page load time. However, I've tested both their Managed WordPress plan and Share Hosting plan and each of them struggled a lot with uptime. 

However, I haven't heard people complaining about uptime of their websites. So, although it might be just with me on multiple occasions, I have downgraded Inmotion Hosting on this list for the poor uptime.

Inmotion Hosting Server Location

Inmotion Hosting offers server only in the US. However, if you have audience from the US, Inmotion can be a good option as they offer servers on the east coast as well as west coast. However, for Indian audience, you'd be better off using a CDN to improve page load times in India.

Inmotion Hosting Customer Support

Inmotion offers multiple channels for you to contact their support which includes chat, call, tickets as well as Skype call. The quality of support is fairly good and response times are fairly good.

Inmotion Hosting Overall Reputation

Inmotion Hosting has consistently received positive rating over the years from experts as well as end users. So you don't have to worry about them on that front.

Inmotion is one of the oldest hosting companies which has grown very popular over the years. Although they have their data center located only in the US, unlike Bluehost they offer multiple data centers.

Why Do We Recommend Inmotion Hosting?

Inmotion Hosting is a rock solid host which scores above average on almost all the fronts except for the uptime which might as well be a co-incidence with us. So, despite no servers in Asia, or even Europe, we still recommend Inmotion Hosting

5. Bluehost

Starting Monthly Price: $3.95

Server Location: United States

Summary: Bluehost is among the most popular web hosting companies and is officially recommended by WordPress. Although Bluehost does have an Indian website with Indian servers, the Global Bluehost is far more popular than it's Indian Counterpart and hence on this list.

Overall Rating


Pros of Bluehost

  • Officially Recommended by WordPress
  • Free Domain Name with annual and higher plans
  • Good uptime

Cons of Bluehost

  • An EIG Group Company
  • Free migration of website not available
  • Too many upsells
  • Poor uptime
  • Debit card not accepted (US website)

Bluehost Plans And Pricing

Bluehost offers a total of four shared hosting plans starting $3.95/month for their "Basic" plan and going all the way up to $13.95 per month for their "Pro" plan. The pricing is very much inline with other hosting companies.

Apart from the Shared Hosting Plans, they also offer VPS Plans, Dedicated Servers plans and fully managed hosting plans for WordPress (WP Pro) and WooCommerce.

Bluehost Server Performance

For our test servers, Bluehost's page load times were just about average. Add to it, our test servers performed pathetically when it came to uptime. However, we usually don't judge a host's uptime based on one server as most hosts may have a single badly configured server. But nevertheless, we do have negative sentiment about Bluehost when it comes to uptime.

Bluehost Customer Support

Bluehost is an EIG group company which is known for providing inferior quality support. Though we had limited interactions with the Bluehost Customer Support, they seem to offer decent support and definitely not as bad as a lot of reviews indicate.

Bluehost Server Location

Bluehost.com only has servers in the US. Although their sister website Bluehost.in offers Indian servers, most bloggers do not recommend it due to poor quality of servers. We have never tried their Indian servers so are not in a position to comment about it.

Bluehost Overall Reputation

Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress. They are very popular among bloggers as several top bloggers recommend Bluehost for starting a blog.

However, they are owned by EIG Group which also owns several other hosting companies including Hostgator, iPage, Bigrock etc. EIG is known in the web hosting industry for overloading servers and providing poor customer support. If you take into account customer reviews, the stats do not work in favor of Bluehost indicating that most people are not very satisfied with their services.

Why Do We Recommend Bluehost?

Despite all the negatives, Bluehost is still one of the most popular hosting companies. They are also officially recommended by WordPress.

Another factor that works in favor of Bluehost is their self-intuitive and straightforward onboarding process which makes it easier for new people to start a WordPress Website. And considering the fact that they offer a free domain name for the first year, they also turn out to be cheaper that the immediate competitors like A2 Hosting

Our Criteria For Choosing The Best Web Hosting For India In 2023

No hosting is perfect. Every hosting company has their pros and cons. So, it's important for you to understand the various factors that can affect your decision to buy the hosting.

1. Pricing

I don't really advice people to go with cheap web hosting. Still, the pricing of the host does play an important role while choosing a hosting plan. So, instead of cheap pricing, we have focused on giving preference to hosts that provide value for money

2. Server Peformance

Server Performance depends on a large number of factors including the server hardware, network infrastructure used, type of webserver, server level caching etc. It also depends on the number of users hosted on a single server and the amount of server resources each of these accounts can use.

A good quality server with the right configurations is important for fast page load times and good solid uptime.

3. Quality Of Customer Support

Unless you are going for a self-managed VPS or dedicated servers, you should look out for web hosting companies that offer excellent support. With shared hosting or fully managed VPS and Dedicated servers, you will not get root access to the server. So, even if you are an expert, you will still have to contact support to get the things right.

Some web hosting companies provide support via chat and through tickets while others also offer phone support. It's a matter of choice which of these support modes you like the most. So you can choose your hosting company accordingly.

4. Server Location

The server location is one factor people consider while choosing the web hosting companies especially if you have an audience from a specific small location. Though server location becomes less important in large countries like India where most people might end up using a CDN, there might still be people who want to cater to audience in a specific city and so want to avoid use of a CDN.

So, though we did not give a lot of weightage to server location, we did consider the same while ranking the best web hosting for India.

5. Overall Reputation Of The Hosting Company

Most people have their own perception. You might hate the hosting company which I find to be the best. So instead of recommending you a particular host based only on my own experience, I also too into account the overall reputation of the company among other customers.

6. Mode Of Payment

Not everyone in India uses a credit card or has a PayPal account. Therefore we have give a small weightage to hosting companies that accept Indian debit card.

FAQ About The Best Web Hosting For India

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Best Web Hosting For India

1. Which is best hosting provider in India?

Although it is a matter of choice, we highly recommend A2 Hosting if you have a decent budget. If you are looking for cheaper option, Hostinger is good too.

2. Which is the best hosting for WordPress in India?

Any Linux Web Hosting is good enough to host a WordPress Website. However, we do recommend A2 Hosting if you want to host WordPress website in India

3. Which is the cheapest hosting in India?

Hostinger is the cheapest hosting in India, among popular hosting companies.

4. Which server is fastest in India?

Hostinger is the fastest hosting in India as it comes with LiteSpeed WebServer and has a data center in Mumbai.

5. How much does it cost to host a website in India?

Most hosting companies will charge you between ₹50 to ₹450 per month for their basic plans.

Final Words

Choosing the Best Web Hosting for India does require you to research a bit. However, by shortlisting only the Top Hosting Companies that are cheap and reliable, I have made things easier for you.

Each of the hosting companies mentioned in this article has a different USP and are considered to be the best in the segment. Now, you just have to decide what feature is the most important for you.

Let me know which of these hosting you love the most.

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