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A2 Black Friday 2023 Deals: Upcoming Sale

By Aquif Shaikh

Sep 12, 2023

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A2 Hosting Black Friday 2023 Deals

  • Shared Hosting: TBA
  • Managed WordPress: TBA
  • Managed VPS: TBA
  • Managed Dedicated Server: TBA
  • Reseller Hosting: TBA
  • Start Date: TBA
  • End Date: TBA
  • Recommended For: Shared Hosting

A2 Hosting Black Friday 2023 Sale is one of the most awaited sale of the year. This is the time when A2 Hosting provides steepest discounts on their web hosting products. So, without wasting any time let us get straight to the A2 Hosting Black Friday offers.

A2 Hosting Black Friday 2023 Deals

The A2 Hosting Black Friday 2023 Sale is not yet announced. Watch out for this space for the latest updates on the deals you can grab this year.



Starting Price

Deal Link

Shared Hosting



Managed WordPress



Managed VPS



Managed Dedicated Server



Reseller Hosting



How To Get A2 Hosting Black Friday 2023 Deals?

You can follow the below steps to get the A2 Hosting Black Friday 2023 Deals

Step 1: Visit the A2 Hosting website using this link. You should be able to see the A2 Hosting home page with the Black Friday Deal details as shown the image below.

A2 Hosting Black Friday

Step 2: Click on Save Now below the hosting product you wish to purchase. This will take you to the pricing page showing different plans for that hosting type.

A2 Hosting Black Friday Shared Hosting Pricing

Step 3: Choose the duration of your hosting by switching the tab just below the pricing. Next, click the orange button towards the bottom of the plan you wish to purchase.

Step 4: Next, as shown in the image below, A2 Hosting will ask you to enter the domain details. You can either use your own domain name (Your will have to update Name Servers or A records), transfer an existing domain to A2 Hosting, register a new domain name at A2 Hosting or use temporary sub-domain provided by A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting Enter Domain Name

Step 5: Next, you will be taken to the first stage of your A2 Hosting Cart for hosting product only. This will look like in the image below.

A2 Hosting Cart 1

Step 6: On this cart page, you will find the option to select your data center location along with a couple of upsells. You can also choose to auto-install an application to A2 Hosting. I suggest leaving all the upsells unchecked and clicking on Continue below the total pricing on right side to move to the next step

Step 7: If you chose to buy a domain name from A2 Hosting or transfer it to them, you will see more upsells related to Domain Names. You can consider adding ID Protection  to avoid email and call spams. If you are transferring your domain name, you can add your EPP code here.

A2 Hosting Domain Upsells

Step 8: In the next step, you will see your final cart with Domain Name, if any, included in the pricing

A2 Hosting Final Cart

Step 9: Click on Checkout. You will now be asked to create a account or sign in to an existing account and enter the payment details to complete the purchase.

History Of A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting was launched way back in 2001 by Bryan Muthig. It is one of the best hosting company that provides perfectly configured, SSD based shared hosting servers at a very reasonable price.

With data centers in the US, Europe as well as Asia, A2 Hosting is suitable for webmasters, bloggers and businesses from across the world. They are one of the few companies which are not owned by the EIG Group.

Reasons For Getting The A2 Black Friday 2023 Deals

Below are the top reasons to get the Black Friday Offer by A2 Hosting. Please note, most of these features are for Shared Hosting only.

1. Highest Discounts

Whether you want to buy Shared hosting, VPS Hosting or Reseller Hosting, get the highest discount of the year for A2 Hosting products during the A2 Hosting Black Friday 2023 Sale.

2. Speed

Make sure your website loads quicker than your competitors with highly optimized servers from A2 Hosting. Google too loves fast loading websites which will help your website rank higher.

The Turbo Plan for shared hosting and the Turbo boost option for VPS hosting uses caching that speeds up your website load time. The Turbo plan also comes with free Railgun optimizer for caching the dynamic content. This is useful for dynamic websites whose content changes often.

3. SSD Storage

All the A2 Hosting plans come with free Full SSD servers which are faster than the traditional hard disks. This further improves your website load time and enables the server to handle more traffic.

4. Top Class Hosting Infrastructure

A2 Hosting uses top class hosting Infrastructure that includes 10Gbps redunant network. The servers use have minimum 12 cores and 64 GB RAM.

5. Pre Installed WordPress

With A2 hosting, you have the option to get blank servers or servers with WordPress pre-installed on it. You can also choose to get servers with A2 Optimized WordPress installed on it. The optimized version is ideal for beginners who cannot optimize WordPress by themselves.

6. Free SSL Certificate

A2 Hosting provides free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates which are a must from security perspective.

7. Free Back-Ups

With server rewind backups, A2 hosting automatically creates snapshots of your blog which you can restore if anything goes wrong with your blog.

8. CloudLinux OS For Shared Hosting

A2 Hosting uses CloudLinux OS that helps to isolate accounts on the shared hosting environment. This helps control server resource spikes. 

So, your website will not be affected much if another website on the server starts getting a lot of traffic.

9. Strategically Placed Data Centers

A2 Hosting has two data centers in the US at Michigan and Arizona. They also have data centers at Amsterdam in the Europe and Singapore in Asia. 

The strategically placed data centers across three continents ensure that you can find a data center close to your target audience which will help reduce the latency.

10. Customer Support

A2 provides awesome customer support which, though not best, is better than most hosting companies. Their customer support agents are knowledgeable enough to solve your queries in a quick time.

I am sure these are reason enough for anyone to grab the Black Friday A2 Hosting Deal . So hit the button below to get A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals Alternatives

Below are some of the alternatives to A2 Black Friday 2023 Deals.

1. HostPapa Black Friday Deal

HostPapa Black Friday deal is not yet announced. 

2. ChemiCloud

A2 Hosting is a great hosting. But, if you are LiteSpeed WebServer fan, A2 Hosting's Turbo plan that comes with LiteSpeed WebServer will cost you a lot.

However, ChemiCloud which is considered to be as good hosting as A2 Hosting is offering Shared Hosting plans with LiteSpeed WebServer at affordable pricing

And what's more? Unlike A2 Hosting, this plan comes with a free Domain Name. So you can save huge on your hosting bills this Black Friday.

3. Cloudways Black Friday Deal

A2 Hosting's VPS plan are quite pricey for a small website. So, if you have a smaller website and can do away with a smaller 1GB RAM or 2GB RAM VPS, Cloudways turns out to be a great option.

The base plan of Cloudways starts at $12 per month (Minimum $0.5 for offsite backups extra). However, during Black Friday you can get great discounts on their plans.

Final Words

A2 Hosting is certainly one of the best in the web hosting industry. And if you love speed, there's no better shared hosting provider than A2 hosting.

Their plans sound even more lucrative with the Black Friday offers. So, there's no reason you should hold yourself back from getting the these Black Friday Deals

If in the rare case you do not like the A2 Hosting Black Friday 2023 Deals, you can check out the Best Black Friday Hosting Deals

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